Jeremy Clarkson in praise of Forest fans..

I already made mention of the Top Gear presenters appearing on the pitch at half time at the Riverside Stadium yesterday, but it’s perhaps worth dwelling on for a moment – the full story is on the Middlesbrough website, but my favourite bit was naturally this quote from Clarkson himself:

The noise was incredible, while being slagged off for my size by 3,000 fans was amazing, so I thank the Forest fans too for that!”

It would appear that they were filming the stunt and presumably the exhibition they held at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art – and it is due to be broadcast on 20th December 2009.  Hopefully the stadium appearance will make an appearance, and the barrage of banter from the Reds fans, be sure to tune in!

Perhaps we should send them some Forest memorabilia!

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  1. Didn’t Clarkson or his Mum or something live in the North Notts area anyway? Let’s send him a Forest shirt. Set up a gift aid account and I’ll chip in.

  2. He is from Tickhill. a small village just on the outskirts of Doncaster

  3. Is that for sure? Cause the urban myth when I lived around the way was that he lived in a big house just outside Retford in a village called Welham… or was that his Mum? Can;t remember.

    Either way, no reason to be a Chelsea fan, let’s get that shirt in the post!

  4. Clarksons mum lives in Newark

  5. If you do, it could be personalised with Fat Bastard on the back.

    They probably won’t be able to wear it on TV if it has VC sponsoring the shirt – or have I got the rules about gambling sponsorship wrong?

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