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Do you have family or friends on Ops with the Armed Forces overseas?  If so here is an opportunity to send them some Forest Festive Fun to remind them that the folks at home are thinking of them at Christmas.  With the kind permission and support of Nottingham Forest, a couple of fans have arranged to set up a collection point in the car park behind the Brian Clough Stand (look out for vehicles marked with RAF logos) to collect packages at the Forest vs. Doncaster game on Saturday 28th November between 10.30am and 2pm.

If you are a Forest or Doncaster Fan and have a family member, relative or friend serving in the Armed Forces on Operations overseas then all you have to do is drop off a package with goodies in and it arrangements will be made to send it overseas.  The packages must:

  • Be a shoe box sized package.  Bigger boxes will not be accepted.
  • Weigh no more than 2Kg.-  Be marked with the recipients NAME, RANK, NUMBER
  • Marked with British Forces Post Office (BFPO) number where they are serving.
  • Not be sealed so that goodies can be added.  String tied is ideal.
  • Not contain any prohibited items:
    • Aerosols
    • Liquids
    • Perishable Goods (Fruit etc)
    • Glass etc
  • All prohibited items are detailed at: http://www.bfpo.mod.uk/mail_prohibitions.htm
  • Good items are boiled sweets, socks, gloves etc
  • Condoms are also good to put over rifle nozzles to keep the sand out (honest) !!!!!

The Club have been very supportive of this initiative and are providing a selection of Forest Goodies to go in every package, even for those heathens who support other teams, so the recipients can be cheered by the thought of the Mighty Reds and their fans supporting them at Christmas.  It is also understood that some of the players will be submitting packages for their friends and families out in theatre.

If anyone cannot make it to the ground on the day to drop off a package, or if anyone wants to check out the details of the BFPO Free Packet Service run by the Post Office before putting their box together then check out the following link:


Ed: This is a great initiative, and will be really welcomed by those folks out in hostile places when we’re all enjoying the festivities and hopefully the ongoing good performances of the mighty Reds.

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  1. I should have mentioned to nffc that the collection vehicles will be marked with RAF logos and so should be easy to spot in the BC Stand car park.

  2. Forest have just e-mailed me to make this point:

    If you bring your parcels BEFORE 12.00 pm then you can drive into the BC carpark leave your package and drive out again. After 12.00 you’ll have to walk!!!

    That is all. Thank you

  3. DepingRed – are the collectors happy to collect stuff, even though I don’t know anyone on operations personally?

    Stuff like Haribo sweets is apparently always welcomed by the chaps at the sharp end, and I (& others) would be happy to send some sweet Christmas goodwill if the collectors are happy to receive it?

    Info greatly appreciated, please.


  4. Alex

    As Reg says, if you bring it we’ll send it out and have enough contacts out there to ensure someone gets it. I have been out but on return have just sent a similar massage back to LTLF.

    Thanks for all your interest and support.

  5. As a member of the RAF, and a Red, feel both humble and proud at this. Humble, as a Serviceman, that Forest are doing this for all the lads and lassies out in Afghanistan, and proud, that as a Forest fan, I can say that my club is doing something for all those who are away from home doing a difficuilt job at this time of year. Also, I’ve got a good mate out in Afghanistan who is a Derby fan, sure he would love a gift from Forest!

    • AFR speaking as a fellow crab, we didn’t set this up just for Afghanistan but for the guys and girls wherever they are. As a lifelong tree dweller, I too was well chuffed at how accomodating Forest were in supporting this request.

      PS Have also got some programmes of the Toon game for the geordies I know out on ops!!! 😉

  6. Air Force Red

    Don’t worry if you let us know who you are on the day we will make sure you direby mate receives something very,very appropriate!


  7. Reg I reckon we should get some sheep stickers to put on the packages for any Direby boys! Bless em, all heroes and deserving of a treat one and all.

  8. Nah…..DP lets just send them the direby programmes …a little reminder that normal service has been restored.

  9. Hello,

    I’ve been collecting things for soldiers at work and was planning on sending through another collection site, however if I could bring my box of goodies down to you on Saturday that would be great. I haven’t made individual boxes, would this be a problem?


    • I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’m planning on getting a job lot of Haribo to take down there, I don’t know anybody in theatre at the moment but happy to contribute to make someone’s day hopefully a little more cheerful.

  10. Hopefully we’ll have some spare boxes but if not we’ll try and redistribute. So please bring what you have.

    Santa Claus is a RED is a RED.

  11. Nffc. No probe at all. May not have spare on the day but we will make up extra boxes back at Cranwell if need be. Will also ensure any unmarked boxes get to someone on ops!

  12. Some of you may have heard on the News that the MOD has asked people not to send Welfare Packages out to Afghanistan as the mail system cannot cope. Don’t panic we will still be collecting packages on Sar as planned. Those addressed to troops in Afghaninistan will be sent out after Christmas whilst those for other BFPO will be sent as planned.

  13. […] remember that before the match you can contribute Festive Forest packages for the forces, and bring either boxed addressed packages for servicemen and women  – or […]

  14. ..and everyone else that was involved in sending my three huge parcels full of goodies. You have absoluetly no idea have much it means to me and how it has brighten up the day of a few Forest fans on here – who I’ve shared the keyrings, Posters and programmes out with. One of the Chef’s is a Derby fan so I’ve slipped one of the Forest / Derby programmes under his pillow and stuck one of the posters up above his bunk. I’m sure he’ll be chuffed!

    Can you tell little James that his picture not only has brought tear to my eye but now has pride of place next to my childrens pictures in my office. The Ship’s company are all growing beards at the moment. On the last day (It’s a competition) we can style it any way we want. Mine will be like the one on James’s picture.

    We have one week left of a five week Defence Watches stint and then we get in to Dubai for 10 days for Christams – so not all bad, though I’d rather be home. At sea for New year’s eve though. 😦

    Anyway, again, many, many thanks for the wonderful gifts and words.

    Ravin reg -You are a true gent.

    Best wishes

    Dutch Forest. (Cam)

    Posted this as a thanks to everyone. perhaps the interesting think is the parcels took 2 days to get there??

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