Reds to make Majewski permanent?

If reports are to be believed then Forest are mobilising to buy out the Polish international’s contract with Polonia Warszawa.  The midfielder has shown some fantastic glimpses of his capabilities and has really hit the ground running in English football, so this will be news of considerable delight to Forest fans, certainly this one!

Certainly it is gratifying to hear comments like these from the player himself: “Negotiations with Nottingham is currently ongoing and being done through my manager.  He will inform me if anything is considered to be a done deal.  If there is a chance for me to stay in England, I would gladly take it, I feel like a new player here.  Fortunately, there is a good chance for that to happen.

Given his influence on our squad even when suffering with illness recently, it’s quite an exciting prospect to see him develop as a full-time squad member, so let’s hope that the parties involved reach an agreement as soon as possible. 1.5m Euro (or about £1.3m) is a steal in my opinion.

In other midfield news we’re being linked with 21 year old Ipswich midfielder Owen Garvan, with Cardiff and Scunthorpe also apparently interested.  I’ve only seen him play a couple of times and been impressed, and if Roy Keane has decided he’s no suitable for his quest to turn perpetual playoff contenders into relegation fodder, then that could well be a smart move for the Reds, although if you follow the link above you’ll find Ipswich fans’ views are predictably varied.

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  1. Bite their hands off. Madge is a class act.

  2. Yes – defo one to try and keep. Raddy is a class act and one for the future!

  3. I sincerely hope we don’t mess this one up as I feel we have yet to see the best of Magic. Would be a very good buy at quoted prices!

  4. Yes a bargain ! I hope we keep Maloney too as he showed promise. Can´t wait for the next game !!!!

  5. Madge makes a massive difference to the side – its him + Blackstock that turns those draws into wins – here’s hoping the aquisition board dont ballex it up like they have done before (ill never get over not signing Robbie Blake for 500k).

    Garvan’s an interesting target as well. I think king Billy has one eye on the Prem with this – A young talent who can hold onto and pass a ball that he can mould a bit first as well.

  6. I like the way Billy is giving no comment on the Scotland job.
    Wind up Doughty to give him a new long term contract and get rid of pleat !!!
    You have to smile…….

  7. […] Raddy Majewski will hopefully become a permanent fixture at Forest, although there are implications that he could be holding out for a bit more money (who said that Polish workers are content with low wages?) […]

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