McGugan celebration inspired by the West End..

I’m sure Mr Lloyd Webber would be disgusted with my crass re-rendering of one of his more famous musicals, but it made me chuckle so there!

For those of you who’ve yet to catch McGugan’s dramatic injury time leveller, then you could do worse than click on this link right here!

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  1. great goal from lewis, the second clip here follows our polish international whose name we all seem to pronouce incorrectly

  2. My-ev-ski
    Thanks Geoff!

  3. I was trying to think of a good headline to sum up the match, and came up with this:

    Phewy! Lewis and the Blues – The Power of Subs

  4. NFFC on a completely different subject did you see the NEP World Cup bid pull out in last night’s edition.

    In the centre pages it states the club formation dates for both Forest & County.
    County’s date is stated correctly as 1862 but Forest is stated as 1867!!
    Now unless I have missread this or our formation date has changed recently(?) it should be 1865.
    How could the local paper get this so wrong?

  5. The reporting at the NEP is shocking and generally full of mistakes. I reckon they’d be best placed offering Mr NFFC a serious chunk of dough and let him run it!!!


    Good highlights from Aunty Beeb. Show’s it for the exciting game it was plus Interviews where I thought both managers put a balanced view but especially Dave Jones who paid Forest some nice compliments.

  7. Its not just the Evening Post that don’t know what they are talking about in respect of our World cup bid. According to whoever wrote the section on Nottingham on the Official bid website thinks that we won 2 ‘European Championships’. And there was me thinking the European championships were just for countries to play in!
    (See bottom paragraph)

    ‘Nottingham’s footballing history is cherished and celebrated – Notts County is the oldest football league club in the world and our other famous legend in green Brian Clough led Nottingham Forest to two consecutive European Championship wins in 1978 and 79.’

  8. I’ve been basically ignoring the whole world cup bid furore because frankly nobody seems to know what’s happening, and I think it’s making Nottingham look rather amateurish in its bid.

    Forest are clearly a bit-part in the whole thing and hoping to piggy back a new ground into the bargain, but I can’t imagine anyone from FIFA wanting to choose a city bidding who can’t even get the support of their own County Council or the borough in which the proposed ground is to be cited.

    As for the calibre of the Evening Post’s coverage, no comment! They make less typos than me, though!

  9. His body shape as he strikes that ball is absolutely tehcnically perfect. We need to keep this lad under wraps as long as possible…

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