150 BC Competition: Last chance to win!

The deadline for this competition is tomorrow at midnight, so that’s 28th October 2009.  To enter just drop me an email with the answer to this simple question: What was the name of Brian Clough’s faithful labrador? Please ensure you include your name and address should you be the lucky winner – who will receive a signed copy of ‘150 BC: Cloughie the Inside Stories‘ as soon as Royal Mail permits!

Thanks to those of you who have already entered.  I’ve quite a few things on this week so will probably get around to completing the draw and contacting the winner (I will try to drop a line to all of those of you who have entered too).  Although obviously I can easily check when emails were sent to make sure there aren’t any that sneak in after the deadline!

I can only reiterate what a rewarding read this book was to read through – certainly with the amount of free time I’ve had of late it’s been a veritable boon to have a book you can literally rattle through sections of in a few minutes as and when you have the time.  And that’s before we get into the subject matter which is, of course, Brian Clough and more often than not the mighty Reds!

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  1. Labrador or Golden Retriever? It was his golden retrievers name you asked for in the original post. Did he have a labrador as well?

  2. Oops! Same dog, my mistake! 🙂

  3. Thought for today. Do you think Billy ever gets his midfield options mixed up?

    McKenna, McCleary, McGugan, McGoldrick, Majewski & Moussi

    Perhaps if Chris Cohen became ‘McCohen’ he would get moved back to midfield?!

  4. Off topic…..did everyone know Robin Chipperfield the BBC Radio Nottingham sports presenter collapsed last night???

    He’s ok now and back home but if you follow him on Twitter (sportchippers) why not tweet him a get well greeting.

  5. What on earth are these rumours about Billy saying top clubs can take our players in january,,,,but we are not encouraging it !! What´s that all about ??
    A sheepshagger stiring ? Our defence is certainly going to be well tested on sunday !
    I´ll be happy with a draw on this one
    ,But you never know ……………

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