It’s raining t-shirts in Derby..

Hallelujah it’s raining t-shirts.. tacky gimmicks like this (and the sheep masks before them) rarely ever turn out to be a good idea in my experience.  In case you weren’t in Pride Park for the downpour, there’s a few popping up on eBay!

Having been busy whilst the game was on, I might just have to fire up iPlayer and watch it again, just to watch this look gradually being wiped off a certain someone’s face:

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  1. Just asked one of the sellers if the result is printed on the top. Might ask if they have a Forest V’s Derby T-Shirt, or do they have any flags for sale to wave at savage……….

  2. HILARIOUS! :))))))))))))))

  3. The highlights on the beeb are worth checking out for more comedy moments- savage protecting his ‘pretty’ face in the wall before qpr’s equaliser (1:46), and the young lad’s anguish behind the goal when the third goal goes in (3:20).

  4. Ive just asked one seller if they are suitable for wiping your arse on. He has failed to respond just yet…!!

  5. Best comedy show Aunty Beeb has screened in years. I laughed until I cried! :-))

  6. I went to the filming of “A Question of Sport” in Manchester this evening and guess who was on one of the panels? None other than “Smiling Savage” – whose total contribution all show was one point, no humour and nothing else – bit like D*rby’s current form!!

    • Wow! I reckon if that had been me I would’ve been the first person to be ejected from the QoS studio!!

      • Just think – you wait 3 years for tickets and end-up watching Robbie Savage – thought about leaving, but it might have been difficult trying to explain it all to the rest of the family!

        Also, was concerned that if I kicked-up too much of a fuss the FA might find out and suggest to NFFC that they would have to pay the whole fine now??

  7. 18 months ago came on this website and said they’re goin bust …. their fans know it.
    The 8m loan repayment earlier … do you believe that? I don’t and why would a bunch of foreign owners care?
    If I were them I’d go in Administration now, get the big earners off their payroll, Fat Boy and Savage, take the 10 point hit now.
    They ain’t the bottle.
    As the Americans say “Sit back and Enjoy”.

  8. Anyone hear what Savage had to say on the radio last night, regarding fans attacking players?
    Basically he’s worried that a fan will end up getting on the pitch and doing serious damage to a player.
    Hmm, Robbie, maybe if you antagonised the oppostion fans a little less they’d be less inclined to want to kick your head in!! There is a reason why you’re one of the football leagues most disliked players, you thick t**t

  9. of theme – does anyone know if the reserve game against coventry today at the CG is behind closed doors ?

    • I believe the ground will be open to spectators, but it would be worth checking.

      Shame I’m stuck at work, I’d have popped down for a gander otherwise!

      • 0 – 0 so did’nt miss anything spectacular ! was interested in having a look at perchy and where he would be played,weather he’d carry on at the back or push up into a more familiar role in midfieldeport on the official site he did’nt even make the squad – funny when i thought i’d read he’d been named as a sub against crystal palace !!!!!

  10. Has anybody got Savages address,i will gladly slap the slimy Bastard…

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