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It wasn’t a classic by any stretch, but a 1-1 is a result I’m quite content to leave Selhurst Park with. And let’s face it, leaving that place is always a highlight!

Whilst the Reds probably enjoyed the lion’s share of possession, chances were limited so it was no small relief to see David McGoldrick get on the end of a drilled Lewis McGugan cross to equalise early in the second half.

It was third time lucky fir Darren Ambrose as he lined up his third attempt from a freekick (which should never have been given by yet another horseshit referee). He took it very well though, Camp having no chance.

There was controversy too to end the first half, Anderson was felled infront of the technical area. Hard to see from the away end, but I thought I saw an elbow. Billy certainly saw something, as he went mental.

All in all, a good point. Camp was the busier of the two keepers and it was a hard graft. Well done lads.

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  1. thanks for the quick update.

    Did journey to selhurst from notts couple of times in 90s (against dons!!).

    Sad winning streak ended but good work by forest it seems.

    off to rake leaves!!

    from eliot in new hampshire, USA

  2. By all accounts our mate “Colin Wanker”‘s mock indignation made when Hill felled Ando saved his man from getting a red card.

    I really dont like that cheating bastard!!

  3. “leaving that place is always a highlight”…………………
    Save your money next time, we really wouldn’t mind and your support will be just as loud if none of you turned up.

    • Sour grapes? I was only referring to the nuisance location and poor facilities in the away end 🙂

      Fans were pretty subdued, but still louder than the tribe of kids and a drum that seemed to be the basis of the hone “support”

      Remember “The scorer for the Eagles is Darren Ambrose… DARREN!…”. I felt embarrassed on your behalf!

    • I was certainly happy to leave the ground alive – the burger I brough there before the match was trained by Neil Warnock … makes you bend over double as though you’ve been kicked!

      And as a by-note why are there so many German/Dutch/Polish or other east European fans supporting Palace?

  4. A good point, well done boys. Sounds like NW was up to his usual tricks. Just finished watching DIreby getting stuffed by QPR…ha ha …made my day. Looked like it was snowing T-Shirts at the end!.

  5. scrappy, but well earned point

    just the small matter of Cardiff next…

  6. Had to laugh at the sign near the bar at the forest end where it said spectators may be ejected if they stand up and “inconveneince” others! Yes, that WAS how it was spelt!!!LOL

    Though, I guess I loved the understatement – I mean if somebody stand up in front of you and you miss a goal – it is somewhat of an inconvenience haha.

    Quite liked the view though from the halfway line and the big video screen – but NO FOREST REPLAYS AT ALL – not even the goal!!!

  7. The only thing that Clint Hill connected with cleanly all day was Paul Andersons face. If that had happened another 25 yards down the touchline, and not in front of Colin and his bunch of clogging reprobates, then the decision from the referee may have been different.

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