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Discussions between the City and County Councils are not going well...

I must admit I’m rapidly losing interest in 2018-World-Cup gate in Nottingham.  A few weeks ago Councillor Kay Cutts of the County Council spread her odiousness around the local media, and attempted to unbalance the scheme the City Council, Rushcliffe Borough Council and Forest have been concocting.  Of course, it was all about protecting green belt land and not at all to avoid any financial commitment from the recently Tory-fied county council.

As if this brazen and childish political wrangling across the local media wasn’t bad enough, this week the latest rat to desert the rapidly sinking ship of Nottingham’s bid was Rushcliffe Borough Council (also a Tory authority).  Basically, without getting into too many of the ins and outs, it’s a mess – and it’s a mess that’s being played out in the national media whilst Leicester and Derby wait in the wings probably to lay claim to a World Cup hosting spot.

Taking all biasedness out of the equation they have less stadium-based infrastructure issues, and don’t appear to have councils comprising of a bunch of school children engaged in a pathetic bout of petty point-scoring from one another.  Mark Arthur’s been on a charm offensive to say that the plans are still very much marching ahead – but surely this stream of damaging media coverage is affecting our chances.

And all this without me even opining on what I may think of the proposed move – given the lack of information about a confirmed site, the design of the new ground and all the other multitude of variables that would be a factor, I don’t think that we can – as mere fans – possibly have an informed view.  That’s where I leave the matter, to be honest – as things stand I want to stay where we are, but that’s because I know so little about the alternative.

Clough and Taylor's rehearsal at Derby is to be commemorated in statue form..

On a completely unrelated note, Derby have been on a further distract-everyone-from-matters-on-the-pitch charm offensive, but quite a nice one I think.  They have officially announced plans to have a statue of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor that will be placed at Pride Park in the future.  A nice gesture, and well, my views on Forest’s stance on the subject of Peter Taylor are well-documented already.

Good on you Derby.  Ooh, that felt weird, I’m off to wash my hands now, but seriously – whilst I realise many of you find it discomforting I will be keeping an eye on proceedings down the A52 on this.

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  1. I have to say, for me, Derby can have him. I was born the year we won the second European Cup so I can’t recall the feeling of being European Champions like some of the older fans can, however there are a lot of the City Ground faithfull who wouldn’t welcome a PT memorial at Forest.

    I started going to games with my Dad when I was about 12 and Taylor had only recently passed away, and I can’t say the feeling towards him around me was very good. My old man hated him. He passed away himself a couple of years ago so I can’t ask his opinion now, but it was mainly based on the fact (I have no idea if it is a fact actually, but seems to be what a fair few of the old boys still think) that Cloughie had sorted him out a generous retirement package only for PT to completely screw him and Forest over by going back to the sheep. To all my Dad’s friends that I still see every week at the match, that is still an unforgivable slight and they’d hate to see any memorial to him at the CG. It would only serve to be a reminder that the feelings and the experiences of the older fans have been forgotten.

    I’m obviously biased because I’ve well and truly inherited this perhaps strong repulsion for the memory of the man from my Dad, but I do think there’s a massive case for not just pulling him out of the history books as we want to remember him, like they’re trying to do at Derby with this statue, and for listening to those who were there and looking at things through their eyes.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Steve. You’re definitely not alone in those feelings so perhaps it is best that such notions are left to lie.

      I’m a wee bit younger than you so hadn’t really experienced some of that residual hurt and negativity before.

  2. As I say, it’s a grudge I inherited to be honest but a lot of the old boys up in the BC upper around me really do feel the same.

    I think if you look back without understanding how people felt at the time sometimes you get quite an airbrushed version of what happened.

  3. Fair point if that is true but we’ll probably never know for sure. What we do know is that Forest were kings of Europe for 2 years & enjoyed a period of unbridled success under Clough & Taylor, so maybe that should take precedent.
    Further to that Robbo played an integral part in the two falling out, but for my money he’s still the greatest Tricky of all time.
    I’m just about old enough to remember those days & just think we should rise above petty money sqabbles. Clough was/is a legend but he himself liked to cut a deal did he not? Anyway lets not let money cloud our judgement/memories- Clough would say just let the football do the talking!!
    Brian Clough & Peter Taylor!

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