Moussi’s goal!

Some fortuitous camera work by webbo2604 in the Upper Brian Clough Stand (thanks to DeepingRed for pointing it out in the comments on the Match Report) gives you an early view of the Moose in action, latching on the flick Dele puts onto McKenna’s frankly hopeful lob into the box!

It’s amusing to see him disappear into the Lower Trent End afterwards too!  Apparently even the referee admits such a thing shouldn’t warrant a booking, but rules is rules, and we should know better really.  It’s still quite funny, though!

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  1. Ha Ha, how bad are d*rby?

    Southgate leads m’boro to a 2 nil home win against them and he still gets sacked, oh and to ‘ram’ it down their throats, lowest ever attendance at the riverside!

    Taxi for Nigel.

    • taxi for non-league nigel ! should have stayed at burton for at least a season to get the league experience under his belt – instead in my opinion he took the worse job in the world to simply have a go at forest for whatever reasons he had hidden in his darkest depths

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  3. why mention derby? we shouldn’t give a s*** about them at the moment… wish i was there to see the moussi goal :(. 5 wins in a row! U REDS!

  4. The Moose is a legend already, it’s very clear his rapport with the fans is already paying dividends

  5. Who are derby ???????

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