Dex’s goal against Newcastle..

It’s a shame they don’t quite show the whole build-up – but most of it, along with a few angles.  Makes you wonder why Alan Smith was the man tracking Dexter, with Enrique coming across too – where were their central defence?!  I’ve definitely seen plenty of those given offside erroneously in the past – but it looks to me like the rightback plays him on.

The video was removed by YouTube – they’re getting quicker I’m afraid!

Lovely finish though, if he meant it!

Of course, I hadn’t mentioned it before – but Saturday evening was capped off from a Nottingham sporting perspective with a win on points for Carl Froch in the Ice Arena against Andy Dirrell too – well done, Carl!

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  1. Tragically no trace of the Dex Bomb chant…

  2. If we have faith in BD and this team continues to gel, things can begin to look very, very good for us, for the first time in years.

    Love Dexter, an incredible signing, absolutely love his comments about mr.mediocrity Kevin Nolan’s patronising “small club” comments, “Kevin Nolan might think beating Newcastle is a big deal for us, but that’s not how we see it, We don’t have to be in awe of Newcastle, or anybody else. Two European Cups, man. How many times have Newcastle won the European Cup? I think we all know the answer to that.”

    Yes, Dex, yes! Suddenly we have a lot of heroes at the club and no villians, this is a good ratio.

  3. The build up was the best part of the goal. 12 passes from our penalty area, one touch and two touch passing moving the ball through Newcastle like it was a pinball. That final defence splitting pass from Majewski – MAGIC!

    They should do that more often, let the ball do all the work!

    As for Kevin Nolan’s comments, perhaps he should take a closer look at our badge, got two stars on it the last time I looked!

  4. Forest winning, and then Forest fans Carl and Lee westwood both winning !!
    Nottingham is the place to be !!!!!

  5. oh-oh-oh, My dex is on fi-re!

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