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Like it or not, Newcastle are the team that everyone wants to beat this year in the Championship – and they’re wearing their media mantle of ‘big club in the second tier’ rather well by sitting pretty at the top of the pile at present.  Forest are of course in a good vein of form – however, that run has come against largely low-lying league table dwellers meaning Saturday will present a very different kind of challenge.

A near sell-out attendance is expected despite the Sky cameras also broadcasting the game, so the atmosphere should be pretty good – particularly from the large travelling contingent expected from Tyneside.  There will of course be the added interest for Forest fans that this will mark the return of both Marlon Harewood and of course Smoulderwood to the City Ground – neither of whom I can imagine garnering a negative reception.

So, on to team news – Earnie will be unavailable due to picking up an injury with Wales, although he’s had to largely content himself with a place on the bench of late anyway.  He’s expected to be out for up to four weeks.  Gunter has also been on duty with Wales so hopefully he can come through unscathed.  Raddy Majewski returned from a Poland U23 fixture with no problems, so Earnie aside we have no new issues.

Our visitors have doubts over both Steven Taylor and Fabricio Coloccini – giving them a bit of a headache in central defence.  Enrique has recovered from a hamstring injury so could feature at left-back.  Key players Barton and Ameobi are both expected to be sidelined by injury, although the bad news for us is that Marlon Harewood has apparently recovered from a foot injury and will be available (no offence, Marlon – but I don’t want you scoring past us!!).

The official preview points at Alan Smith as the man to watch.  The former striker-turned-midfield-stalwart has only missed one game for the Geordies this season (through suspension), and has put in a number of eye-catching performances.  Maybe that’s where Billy got the idea to play Joe Garner in midfield?  That said, they boast an impressive squad for this level all over the park, without singling out one player – and despite their injury concerns.

The Reds need to be prepared to take the game to Newcastle if they are to prevail, I think.  I’m not the most naturally optimistic person in the world anyway (arf, understatement or what?) so unfortunately my spider senses are pointing at a reasonably comprehensive defeat – however, if we can take the battle to them then it could go our way.  If Forest at their best turn up we could just do it.

But I won’t be betting on it!

On a completely unrelated note, I noticed a further example of The Daily Mirror being a bunch of abhorrent c**ts.  Although I shan’t further dignify their vitriolic nonsense with any further comment.

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  1. All the mainstream media have a downer on Forest, especially Richard Keys at Sky. Just see how excited he gets when we conceed a goal compared to scoring one.

    • I don’t habitually observe Richard Keys – but he must have spent the last decade or so in a state of perpetual excitement!

  2. Hmm, it would appear they’ve deleted aforementioned article.

    Basically it was a badly researched and badly written diatribe referring to Brian Clough as a mere ‘Tin miner’ that that he can hardly be considered a legend given he won more ‘crap’ cups than good ones.

    They ignored his League Cup wins, and the fact that during the Simod/Zenith cup era we were unfortunately unable to compete in European competitions…

    Twats. At least it’s gone now. It was an insult even to a paper as poor quality as the Mirror.

  3. Change of subject, but we know all how the notts director of football,our famous swede,does nothing except spend a lot of money,now wants to get his pal,Mancini to notts for only 12 million pounds contract. Anyone must have too much money and take bad advice to bring sven on board. It reminds me of the dreaded pratt bring the Italian pals to play for us.
    .A top football league manager,I´m sure,with the financial backing, could get notts promoted. Notts has turned into a circus,that´s sure.
    I can´t wait for the Newcastle game. but no one is mentioning the barnsley game. I hope we don´t fall flat on that one…..

    • One game at a time, Alan! 😀

      From what I hear Sven is quite heavily involved from the grassroots upwards at Notts, which is certainly a far cry from where they have been.

      Whether or not he’s worth his astronomical wages, it will partly be down to him to prove – as a chunk of his contract is tied to the progression of the club, I understand.

      It’s certainly interesting as an observer!

  4. Don’t give Sven too much credit for spending every sunday morning watching the under 16’s. He apparently doesn’t actually do any actual coaching, he just watches – and he is paid around a zillion pounds a year to ‘direct football’ – ahem!

  5. I don´t expect us to lose this one .
    Newcastle have been defeated.I expect a draw but obviously would be over the moon if we win.
    We weren´t expected to beat boro in the cup…
    .Anything can happen in this league,and lets hope we get the breaks tomorrow,and then make it a double with Carl having a victory too !!!!!

  6. I had a dream on Thursday night that we win 4-2, one of our scorers bags a brace but I can’t remember who!

  7. Have a good journey over the moon Alan! U BEAUTIFUL REDS!!!!!

  8. I did Vassilis, and am just coming down to earth.
    I even saw the whole match as it was streamed on the net. Did you watch it in Greece?
    It was a good performance .I was surprised,and a bit worried about the inclusion of Wilson,but it seems he had his best ever game in a Forest shirt.
    Well done everyone and now for the boxing …………

  9. I did Alan, thank goodness for live streaming!
    I was surprised about the inclusion of Moussi, but there were moments the Mousse was again on fire indeed!
    nffc where r u? still recovering from the hangover like the rest of us? 🙂

  10. excellentee!

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