Evening with Billy: Postponed!

Those of you interested in ‘an Evening with Billy Davies‘ should note that the date has unfortunately had to be pushed back a couple of weeks due to Billy’s scheduling; so will now take place on Thursday 26th November.

Which is good news for me as subject to checking what I’ve got on I think I should be able to make it now, it will be interesting to hear what the wee fella has got to say.  If anyone has tickets already and can’t make the new date then I’m told they will, of course, be refunded.

I’m told tickets are selling fast, so snap one up if you’re wanting to go!  Available online via Gigantic.com or by either popping in to The Approach or calling 0115 9506149.

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  1. A question for Billy Davies… What would Billy Davies say has been Billy Davies’s greatest achievement since Billy Davies arrived at Billy Davies’ Nottingham Forest?

    All questions on the evening should be asked in this format!

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