The joy of Dex..

Since I’ve had no football to watch I’ve naturally been mentally reviewing the season so far (as in reviewing it in my mind, rather than doing so with a mental illness!).  Early though it is, I must admit I’ve got to concur with one of Billy’s post-Peterborough comments.  I couldn’t find the quote, but he commented on Forest’s unsung heroes, and he named a few of them.

Dex and Chambo celebrate after the second goal against Scunthorpe

Dex and Chambo celebrate after the second goal against Scunthorpe

Paul McKenna was one – and whilst I think his last couple of games have been disappointing from a use-of-the-ball point of view – his workrate and positioning has been great, and his breaking up of play.  Not to mention his much needed leadership of some of our younger players.  However the other name he listed I can very much agree with – Dexter Blackstock, what a signing he looks to be.

It’s unusual to describe your current top scorer as an unsung hero – indeed, most of our players are literally unsung as only about three of our first team squad seem to actually have chants from the supporters.  Dex is so much more than just your archetypal striker – he grafts, usually for the full ninety minutes, and he’s rapidly becoming my favourite player by far.

Not only does the frontman have an eye for goal, he has an eye on the team picture – and without being disrespectful to his striking colleagues – that’s unusual for a striker.  Dele is in a similar position, I think, but we’ve seen less of him because Dex’s on the pitch performances have made him difficult to leave out in a very competitive position in the Forest squad.

Dexter is walking the walk on the pitch – and after the Peterborough game he was talking the talk in the Evening Post.  Whilst the ‘fighting talk’ and making the City Ground a fortress might be considered a bit naive, our players must have a winning mentality to stand a hope in hell of making it reality – but the best comments of all, which underpins why I rate Dex so highly:

“It has been nice to get goals, it is always good to score goals, but it is more about the team and how the team is getting on.  It is not about personal glory, it is about the team winning promotion.

“We have quality throughout the strike force and when games are coming Saturday and Tuesday, it is demanding on the legs.  It is difficult to play back-to-back matches at the tempo we do, with the way that the manager wants us to play.

“I can see why the manager does rotate the team.  You want to play in every game, that goes without saying.  But if the manager chooses to rotate, so be it.”

Keep up the good work Dex, and City Ground/away travelling songsmiths – get this guy, and indeed the rest of our team, some songs sorted out – I long for the days when I started watching Forest when every player had their own song, and generally they were all reeled off whilst they warmed up.

Whilst looking for a suitable picture, I also discovered Dex has his name to a Soccer School for kids!