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Most of us won’t remember Tommy Capel – he was part of the Forest team of 1951 that won the Third Division South.  He scored 24 goals that season from the position of inside left (I have no idea what an inside left is – but given I surmised an outside left was basically a left winger when discovering about Stewart Imlach – perhaps an inside left is a  left sided central midfielder?  Or more advanced?).

In one game – a 9-2 demolition of Gillingham, he bagged four goals.  Indeed, over four years with us he amassed a haul of 72 goals in 164 appearances – forming a lethal goalscoring partnership with Wally Ardron – who netted 36 goals in that promotion season, a record that still stands today, I’m sure he had Tommy to thank for a few of those goals, too.

He passed away at the age of 87, and naturally I would like to extend sincere condolences to his family and friends at what must be an upsetting time.  Mark Arthur said: “The club would like to extend sincere condolences to Tommy’s family and friends at this sad time.  Tommy’s contribution to the club’s promotion success in the early 1950s won’t ever be forgotten.”

Rest in peace, Tommy.

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  1. Absolutely, we should always remember the players that are woven into the fabric of Nottingham Forest, whether we loved them or ended up loathing them (a couple spring to mind), they and the fans are what makes a football clubs history. Whether the average fan knows Tommy Capel now (I must admit I did not until today), he is as important as any player in the side now. Had we not got promotion then and gone on to win the FA cup in 1959 etc… maybe we would never have got Clough, maybe we have ended up a small club like County, who knows, but one thing leads to the next and Capel and Ardron are as important as any figures in Forest history for delivering us promotion away from the lowest point in our history and planting the seeds that would eventually deliver the highest honours available in football.
    Thanks forever Tommy.

  2. 72 goals in 164 appearances is quite some record.

    RIP Tommy.

  3. I remember going to watch that team with my dad who defected from County. Don’t remember details, I was 7, but remember my Dad banging on about Capel and Collindridge.
    Wally was my boyhood hero and my replica shirt bears his name. Heady days indeed and the start of a very roller coaster Forest ride.

  4. The inside left position is from when teams used to play 5 up front. The outer most players were the wingers, with the central player the centre forward. The other two positions were the inside left and inside right, who would play in a slightly withdrawn role.

    This is why pundits and commentators will often refer to a player running from deep either side of the central channel but not quite on the wing as “coming from the inside left position” or something similar.

    • Thanks for that – I guess that must’ve been ‘an attacking W’ then 🙂

      • Sometimes I think we should try that formation with England. We’ll never be good enough to out-pass the latin sides so why not just play to our strengths? Hard blokes with big elbows. I’ll ring Capello when I get home from work.

        • I am pretty certain that Billy has been trying out the 2-3-5 formation with Forest:

          – Two centre-halves
          – Cohen and Gunter getting forward as much as possible with McKenna holding
          – A “front five” of Majewski, three from Tys/Garner/Ando/Goldie, with one of Dex/Dele/Earnie as the centre forward…

  5. tommy capel workrd with my mum for a few years and he signed the back of my six aside school photo and sent his medals home with my mum for me to see, i never met him myself but my mum said he was a very nice man. R.I.P. Tommy.

  6. I played inside left at school! So now I know I’m old!!

    Didnt see Capel play but agree 100% with stevehodge8myhamster, we need to honour those players who wore the Garibaldi with pride.

    Sent his medals home with frustratedred’s mum?! Wow – Like you can really see that happening these days can’t you??? Sounds like a lovely man.

    RIP Tommy

  7. Tommy Capel. Yep, I fall into that category of who is he & why is he mentioned on the Forest website. He lived a full life I see at 87 so it’s just a passing away which is rightly remembered.

    As some of you have said, they should be remembered as Forest is one of the oldest clubs in the World and have fans who do know this Gentleman as he was.

    So, R.I.P. Tommy, though I never knew who you were there are others who do & do so well. Condolences to your Family who though will be sad know you lived a long & good life & brought joy to others through playing football. 🙂

  8. Hi nffcblog, I added a link here from Tommy’s Lasting Tribute page:

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