Moving on up?

After ten league games last season we only had five points.  We were bottom of the Championship.  We were yet to pick up any points on our travels, and had won only one game in total.  So we are already eight points up on the deal – and that feels like progress to me!

Sometimes we can get caught up in the desire to see the jigsaw completed to realise that it is something that needs to be worked upon.  But with the most basic of benchmarking we can start to see that we appear to be moving in the right direction.

Whilst we have eight more points than we had at this point last season, the same can’t be said for our wooly neighbours.  I know it’s too early to get too excited – but they have three points less than they had at this point last season.  Again, indictative only – but ten games is usually the waypoint at which league tables start to be looked upon.

Bear in mind though that the bottom three of the Championship after ten games last season was Nottingham Forest, Barnsley and Doncaster – all of whom are still competing in the Championship; so don’t be jumping to any early conclusions – but let’s hope the Reds are keeping up the momentum!

Continuing at our current point-rate would be good for around 60 points, for them they would end up with 46 points.  46 points is how many points Norwich City ended up with last season.  A total of 60 points would have secured a top half finish without really threatening the playoffs last season.

Of course, as Disraeli probably didn’t say – but is oft quoted as doing so – there are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.  In reality all of this is utterly meaningless, but fun to ponder.  If you didn’t think it was fun, try clicking on this link instead.

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  1. Food for thought !!!
    On another subject I see Adebayor received a fine and suspended 2 match ban for winding up the Arsenal supporters. What happened to Tys ??? did I miss it ?
    Or do the f.a. give priority hearings to premiership players?

    • I guess the Adebayor case was more straight forward to deal with. No other players were involved.

      With the Tys incident Forest immediately submitted quite a body of evidence which rather implicates the Derby players. There’s been a few whispers (no idea how reliable) that they will be punished more than us.

      But I guess it’s just a case of watching this space.

  2. Foof for thought nffc from a footballing standpoint i think we are streets ahead from last year.This is a tough leage to get out of and as a club we lacked bottle on so may occasions.

    We bottled it at home to leeds ,yeovil,derby twice. i could go on that was an inexperienced side with a poor manager now we have a bit of backbone and some decent pace and talent in the side.

    I or 2 additions and i really fancy us to start to knock on the door and davis has run the course before so he knows what hes doing.Enjoy the game at peterborough i have very fond memories aswell in fact if im honest the tears flowed after the whistle mainly for cloughie as i thought he should have been there to take us back up.

    U reds

  3. Well its the first time in 5 years we’re above them, and that we can say we are clearly ahead of d*rby, and heading in the right direction. And i dont think it unreasonable to predict it will be another 5 years at least before d*rby have sorted their house out and be in a position to even claim east mids supremacy!

    AND THEY KNOW IT!!!!!!!!

  4. Quality link. Who the heck is their No.21? He’s hilarious in that game.

    Keep up the good work Agent Clough.

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  6. Spot on with the analysis nffc, I think most right minded, considered fans had realised this already although it is good to see it stated factually, stats or no stats. Sadly, many do not consider such facts and I still sense unwarranted expectations from many areas of the stadium. It is of course a game of emotion and passion so perhaps this is understandable – indeed, I also fall foul of this at times and have to remind myself at such moments that we are making progress. At the beginning of the season I would have settled for a top half finish and, to be honest, I haven’t changed my view. Good point about who was in the bottom three at this point last year and we must continue to understand that even 60 points is not that far above the twitchy zone so there is no room for complacency. In this respect, I would still feel a lot happier when we strengthen the back four but the bottom-line is well done thus far Billy, encouraging signs, more please!

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