Patience pays off for Reds..

Nottingham Forest – 2
Scunthorpe United – 0

Patience was in abundance from fans and players alike tonight, and Forest needed it to break down a bullish Scunthorpe side intent on holding on to a point.  An element of luck was ours too, because whilst one would never wish injury on an opponent, the substitution of Iron goalkeeper Joe Murphy was a big moment for us – as he’d been playing a blinder!

All in all, a thoroughly deserved win by the tenacious-but-still-a-bit-wasteful Reds – and welcome respite for those of you who couldn’t help but gloat too early to the Derby fans you know.  i decided to wait ’til tomorrow – and I shall enjoy myself now!  Anyway, back on tonight, a few changes by Billy to the side that beat Plymouth at the weekend:

Gunter    Morgan    Chambers    Cohen
Garner    McKenna    Majewski   Anderson
Blackstock    Tyson

Sort of, anyway.  Garner, Anderson and Tyson were all over the place for much of the time!  The Reds immediately started on the offensive and a sequence of three corners saw two good ones – followed by the inevitable poor one, but a good statement of intent early doors.  The first goalbound effort was a weak header from range by Garner from a Gunter cross.

I thought was had scored when Cohen put a fantastic ball into the box from a freekick, Chambers met it powerfully with his head but Murphy was equal to it in the Scunthorpe goal, making an excellent reaction save which prompted a scramble which eventually saw the goal safe.  Dex had a chance in the air too but put it just wide after beating Murphy to Tyson’s cross.  Dex again latched onto a throughball from Raddy, but the finish was disappointingly weak.

The visitors had the odd foray forward too, though – Togwell brought the ball forward and set up Hayes who really should have hit the target despite the tightness of angle.  Former-Forest target Rob Jones was threatening in the box too, but Wes was on hand to sort out the danger for a corner.  At ‘the right end’ another good corner from Raddy was met by Anderson who powerfully headed.. wide.  I was convinced it was in at the time!

Murphy put his first foot wrong shortly after, handling the ball outside the box for which he was rightly booked.  He was lucky the referee didn’t take exception to the ball-throwing-away immediately after, nor the refusal to approach the referee to receive the yellow card, and the volley of verbal abuse.  The resulting freekick ended up with a goal kick to them.

Half time was a broadly positive mood – Forest helped this by including the Cardiff vs. Derby game on the half time scores which raised a cheer.  The general concensus was that we were dominating and unlucky not to be winning – of course, the problem with that is we’ve said that before more than once this season!  Even a Scunthorpe fan my season ticket neighbour knows concurred with this view via text message.

The second half saw McGoldrick on in place of Joe Garner.  Almost immediately (it seemed) Tyson had burst between two defenders but Murphy was equal to his shot and gathered the ball.  His save of the game came shortly after when a poor clearance was pounced on by Gunter from close range – but somehow he made the save when it looked a certain goal.

His last action was to save at Tyson’s feet, then collide with Blackstock.  Amidst suspicions of timewasting he was actually substituted – although the time taken to get off the pitch and get his replacement on did somewhat take the piss.  The much smaller Josh Lillis eventually took the field and McGoldrick threw the ball out for a goal kick.

The Reds upped the pressure and the fans upped their backing – well done folks – and eventually the desperate blocks and saves of the visitors was broken.  Cohen took a corner (another good corner!) which found Luke Chambers who rose at the near post to head the ball into the roof of the Trent End net and cause the City Ground to erupt into a combination of relief and celebration!

Majewski’s last action of the game was to play Tyson through who did everything right until his shot.  The young Pole had faded somewhat in the second half so was withdrawn by Billy to be replaced by Guy Moussi presumably to add a bit of muscle to the midfield battle.  Raddy received a great reception from the Reds fans.

And then it was two.  Anderson worked hard to chase the ball down, it looked like he’d taken it too wide to evade the Scunthorpe defence but he drilled an excellent cross right across the six yard box where Dex was on hand to slot the ball home from close range to give the Reds a cushion with around a quarter of an hour left on the clock.

Whilst they didn’t offer much, Scunthorpe did have one excellent chance to pull a goal back – Jonathan Forte beat Morgan unusually.  Camp got a bit lucky as he ran out an got a touch on the shot, looping over him and off the post and back into his arms – bit of a let off, but all’s well that ends well!  Camp, it should also be noted, picked up a silly booking for grabbing the ball when he’d conceded a throw and running back to his area with it.

The Reds continued to press forward though, McGoldrick had a shot goalward but a deflection took it Dex-ward.  The Reds striker got his head to to it and sent it goalward, but unfortunately to the bit that Lillis was standing in!  Whilst six minutes of added time might sometimes cause a degree of consternation – by this stage it was clear that Scunthorpe had pretty much given up so the clock wound down and the Reds triumphed.

This puts us up to the lofty heights of fourteenth in the Championship table – just three points away from the playoff places – and six points away from the relegation zone.  I still think it’s too early to worry too much about league tables (take heart, Derby fans!), but well, we can’t help ourselves sometimes, can we?

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  1. McGoldrick turned the game when he came on, giving Tyson a more central role, we looked far more dangerous in my oppinion. I just hope that the team can build on the 2nd half performance… 2 on the trot fella’s and things are looking good… again though, i just hope Billy boy sticks by a team for a few games, drop player when necessary!!! well done Forest

    Youuuuu Redsssssss

  2. All in all a good win with some lovely angles and sharp passes made through midfield which really opened up Scunthorpe on several occassions. To be honest, I did think they were poor but stubborn. Given our previous home results and our profligacy in front of goal, again, it was not too surprising many fans, including me, were getting nervous and the relief after Chambers goal was palpable.

    I was bemused, again, by the starting formation, which never seemed to take shape in the first half, and I was pleased that Billy took Graner off, who I thought had an innefectual game again and was peased McGoldrick made an instant difference. I also thought Camp was very positive on crosses and corners tonight and, amazingly, thought we delivered some excellent cornes for once, so no surprise one led to a goal. Still moments of panic at the back which still alarms me a little and I wasn’t too impressed with standing too farr off and handing the initiative in the last 10 mins. Couldn’t quite see Wes as MoM, for me it was Dex, however, don’t begrudge Wes the accolade one bit.

    As for their goalie, whilst I never like to see anyone injured, what a farce of substitution which he initiated, so tough.

    Overall, as Billy says, its a results business and I for one would have settled for 2-0 beforehand. I also bided my time before gloating but now for my mutton meddling friends..He He!!!

    You Reds!

  3. I agree that Billy should stick with the 2nd half team for a few games now.
    Mcgugan and Earnie will be getting upset though with their egos.
    We should be confident on saturday and then the Newcastle game will be a cracker and a great atmosphere,with 4000 geordie fans here !
    I hope that is being streamed on the net !

    • Alan – I think I’m right to say that the Newcastle game’s on Auntie Beeb. I’m sure it’s televised given the late kick off. It better be, i’m up here in Newcastle going out to watch it in my local…. it’ll be a tough game mind.

      Hopefully now we’ll start to turn the corner, a bit of confidence in front of goal is what we’ve needed, given that creatively we’re the best we’ve been for donkey’s years. It would still be nice to see another defender turn up… but hey it would be weird if everything was going swimmingly.

  4. Excellent result – very happy.

    It took us 19 games to get to 13 points last year – so we are ‘9 games in hand’ – the improvement continues!

  5. Great 2nd half, McGoldrick coming on was the key, he played some lovely football. Not that I think Garner was at fault, but the poor lad didn’t know whether he was playing up front or centre-midfield, the mixed messages shouted from the coaching staff baffled me!

    One hilarious moment…a guy just up from us (we sit behind the dugout) went absolutely mental when Billy was getting Moussi ready to come on. He was ranting and raving “why change a winning system Davies you *****r” ” here, have my effing season ticket, you ***ck” and waving his season ticket book about. Well, this confused BD, as we’d not long scored, and to be fair this guy was alone in his views!
    So when Dex scored our second shortly after, Davies celebrated like a madman right in front of us, shouting “I’m the gaffer, not you, see that, did you see that, that was my effin decision, mine ha ha ha”.
    Put this guy right in his place and we were chuckling about it for ages.

    Right, carry this momentum into the Posh game and we’ll be ready for them thar geordies

    • I honestly believe that if Cloughie’s reincarnation came to manage us there’d be people booing him after 3 games.

      Davies should have taken his ticket and lobbed him out.

  6. End of the day, it was a solid effort from the Reds last night. We still seemed to make wrong choices on occasion, but Scunthorpe seemed to just want to frustrate for long stretches. I suppose we should be happy that we didn’t panic for once and resort to the long hoof, as some of the football we played was absolutely fantastic, and wouldn’t have looked out of place at a higher level.

  7. Last 6 league games: Won 3, Drawn 2, Lost 1. Not bad Forest. Thats play-off material. You reds!

  8. Excellent second half and a well earned result.

    Interesting poser though is the inclusion of Chambers over Wilson. Chambers does give you more of an attacking option at corners and would the deadlock have been broken if Wilson had been playing? Probably not.

    It was good to see Forest dangerous at corners and set pieces (for a change!). With all these big men in the box its amazing how many times our poor delivery wastes these great opportunities. Majewski’s corners in the first half were causing chaos and Cohen’s quick and accurate corner lead to the Chambers goal. Lets keep that up.

    Mattyboys comments are fascinating too as it was obvious in BD’s post match interview he was p*ssed off by someone’s comments even saying that despite a minority thinking otherwise, he does know what he’s doing!! Now we know, who and what he was referring too !!!

  9. […] man alluded to the moaning minnies in the crowd, and Mattyboy has left an interesting comment on NFFCBlog about the, erm, “interaction” between crowd and manager. Actually, although it was a […]

  10. OK, what have you done with the real Forest and who the hell were that bunch of imposters at the CG last night? 😉

    At times, there was some really, really good stuff being played. Funny how everyone on here has been screaming out for pace in the side and when it arrives, we look a hundred times better! Good job Billy knows best 😉

    I was a little dissapointed that after the second goal (which looked like an og, not Blackstock, have to see the replay), we chose to close out the game – they were there for the taking and we could have given our goals-for column a heck of a boost if we’d kept up the momentum. Never happy us Trees, are we? 🙂

    Nevertheless, a great performance. Well done lads.

  11. Anybody know why Camp was booked?

    • He was trying to be a bit clever when he’d come out to meet the ball outside his box. He took it past an attacker but ended up conceding a throw-in.

      He then grabbed the ball and ran off with it toward his goal to prevent a quick throw-in being taken whilst he was wildly out of position – so a deserved booking, although given he’d already conceded the throw in a stupid place, probably worth it.

      He should have simply cleared the ball rather than fart about with it though.

  12. Well done lads we are maturing and improving with every game its brilliant to see.If we can be in and around the playoffs come the turn of the year i really fancy this side to shock us.

    Well done to billy too what a difference a year makes.Lets all spare a thought for the sheep eh ???????????????????????????????????

    • Yeah redric, u r right. May there be maaaaaany more wolves out there besides Cardiff this season! hahahahaha

  13. One thing I forgot to add – I thought last night’s ref was superb. One or two silly mistakes but he got all the big decisions spot on.

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