Mark Arthur’s real reaction to the new ground debacle?

Okay, so it isn’t – but despite the slight discomfort at the suggestion our beloved club is being run by the Third Reich, I did find this video an amusing take on the on-off-on-off plans to move to a new stadium as part of the 2018 World Cup bid.  Credit to YouTube user 19mjohns91!

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  1. Kind of appropriate, the two probably enjoy a similar level of popularity.

  2. made me cry with laughter, thanks alot 19mjohns19 !

  3. seen this done with loads of stuff still funny as f***

  4. I thought the resemblance was uncanny!!!


  5. Laughed out loud at my desk…everybody now thinks I understand German…very funny

  6. Thanks for that¡¡¡¡
    Brilliant !
    Coming from Chilwell made it even funnier .


  8. Quality!
    Really funny mate, good effort.

  9. Even though this has been done before it still works well. The info about the bus route is what cracked me up.

  10. fetch me crayons..

  11. Hilarious!

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