Forest vs. Blackburn Rovers preview..

Saturday’s defeat to Blackpool at home brought a five game unbeaten run to an end for Forest, and in disappointing circumstances.  So a chance to make early amends against Premier league opponents will be more than welcome – and it is perhaps not inconceivable that Rovers attention won’t be fixated on the cup given their own slow start to the league season.

They’ve amassed just four points from five games so far in the Premier League and have just had a convincing defeat courtesy of Everton to contend with.  Their cup run so far has seen them defeat Gillingham – whilst the Reds of course have already played two rounds, despatching Bradford and Middlesbrough to get to this stage.

I could’ve sworn it was this game Garner was suspended for – but as he missed out at the weekend he is available to feature against the team where he started his career.  I would expect to see a few changes – Smith is likely to start in goal, and there are suggestions that Kelvin Wilson is likely to feature in the line-up.  I wouldn’t expect Billy to risk Majewski who is still struggling with a knee injury.

Allardyce is likely to take the opportunity to field his fringe players to mix things up a bit ahead of Blackburn’s weekend fixture with Aston Villa – although even a side like that will present a fairly big challenge for the Reds.  We are kind of playing without pressure – certainly given the likelihood of a small crowd with only the lower tiers open at the City Ground.

It’s disappointing there isn’t more demand given the frequency of us reaching this stage of the competition in recent years, but I at least am looking forward to it!

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  1. lets hope we start with Earnie, Blackstock and Anderson in the side and I will enjoy the commentary with a more relaxed attitude…Come on You Reds !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have to be honest , I don’t expect us to win this one. But I do expect a good performance.

    The gulf between us (and the majority of the championship) and premier league clubs is vast. You only have to look at the top 3 in the championship to see that. West Brom are flying and even Newcastle and M’bro are doing well. Although I expect the latter to fade given the amount of their better players they’ve got rid of.

    I find it quite depressing that the 3 relegated clubs are the ones to set the early season form. They are playing for their lives though as if they don’t get up then they can virtually kiss the premier league goodbye for at least a few more seasons. For Newcastle I doubt thats an option. (They have Leeds written all over them if they’re not careful)

    Just something I was thinking of earlier today, but have English lower league football supporters got to the point of the Scottish where by a bad result against our rivals is greeted with almost as much pleasure as a win for our own team? Is this purely down to the sustained lack of success we experience or is it also something to do with the nagging thought in the back of our mind that success in the Premier League is no longer a realistic proposition? Seeking out a consolation for this seams all the more a viable option.

    Sorry to go off on one, heavy weekend… pretty depressed.

  3. Apparently the rules have changed so a suspension for too many yellow cards starts immediately, not with a week’s delay as in previous years.

    However, I am surprised that it was only for one game, not two, given how quickly our Joseph has amassed his cautions!

  4. We are obviously playing without a lot of luck judging by tonight’s performance and the missed penalty etc….
    That has to change and i am sure it will change against Plymouth

  5. Is Garner that good to keep Anderson out until the last 7 minutes?

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