Rest in peace, Cloughie.

I hadn’t realised it at the time, but I inadvertantly spent a few moments sitting at the feet of the great man as the fifth anniversary since his passing ticked around waiting for the bus.

So today marks five years since the great man passed away.

What struck me was at all hours of the day his statue on the junction of King/Queen Street doesn’t ever seem to fail to draw admirers at any hour of the day.

What more can we say about him?  He’s so well known to us all – indeed, this year we had his debut on the silver screen courtesy of Michael Sheen’s excellent portrayal of him in ‘The Damned United’.  Whilst the Clough family understandably shunned the film based on the book’s depiction of the great man I think the film paints a much more favourable picture of him.

I’m caught between disappointment that nobody seemed to mark the occasion at the City Ground yesterday, but also accepting that at some point we need to move on.  It was nice to see a few fans who had chosen to mark the moment by donning a green jumper for the game – maybe Forest should publicise that idea, I’m not sure a minute’s silence is called for.

The good thing about perhaps citing the recent DVD release of ‘The Damned United’ is that this is a film that depicts as well as I can imagine (being too young to have ‘been there’) the essential dynamic between not just the greatness of Brian Clough, but the foil with which most of his achievements were in conjunction with – the one, the only, Peter Taylor.

I’ll probably be putting the film on later and feeling all maudlin about it.

Rest in peace, both.

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  1. here,here nffc………..nice touch.

  2. Nice post nffc.
    they broke the mould when they made cloughie, mores the pity.
    wish he was still here…

  3. i am of a certain age , but when he died ,i shed a few tears , but everyday without exception my mind reflects on his achievements and his presence on my life , Brian Clough and NFFC will always be interlinked with success.
    The recent debacle of the proposed stadium for the World Cup at Gamston with the Nottingamshire County Council ,only reflexcts how quickly past glories and adulation are forgotten .How many of those counillors of yesterday “wine and dined “on his achievements and hoped they would benefit frown the success of NFFC.

    BC you were simply in a different league .

    God Bless

  4. With Sir Brian it wasn’t just how successful he was in his time with the mighty Reds; it was the way his teams conducted themselves. Watching the reds yesterday I harked back to the days when we took quick free kicks & picked footballers who-daft as it sounds-actually played football. Rest in Peace Sir Brian.

  5. I will always remember one game when standing in the Trent End and trying to hide from the pouring rain (that roof was never very good), we all started singing “Cloughie, Cloughie, stop the rain, Cloughie, stop the rain ….”

    And it did!

  6. I saw the Great Man a few months before he died sitting on a chair next to the till at Central News in WB.

    I said “Hello Mr Clough” and after I had paid for my goods, he said “Look after yourself Young Man” as only he could!

    Like him or loathe him, you have to respect him for what he achieved in football. Managers will come and managers will go, but no one will have the aura that the great BC had,


  7. Why did he have to go before he got his Knighthood? 🙂
    More seriously though, I missed his last days at the CG. I could only follow it through the papers at the time. Same with his death. Can’t find the right words to express myself now, but I will say this. A long time ago, when I was doing my National Service in Cyprus, on my last days as a Soldier before taking leave before finishing my time we had an inspection by the top head of my section. Anyway, to cut it short, standing outside as he came along, he came up to me and after announcing my name he asked where I was from. Nottingham I replied – Brian Clough ruined us was his reply (in a light humoured manner it was said) & he moved on.!! He was Greek.

    That’s how famous he was & still is. I posted on FB RIP “Sir” Brian Clough. A female friend of mine in Australia marked it as like. Says a lot doesn’t it.

    R.I.P. Sir Brian Clough. Gone but always remembered.

  8. What can be said about the great man that hasnt already been said. He truly was an insperation, a hero, a football genius, a gentleman, a family man……..
    We were very lucky to have witnessed one of the greatest managers of all time at the city ground.
    as one of the other posts said, he was remembering when we could play football, not only with skill and passion, but with a sence of pride that the great man instilled in everyone.
    I can remember that a group of NFFC munster supporters traveled to nottingham for the game against west ham the sunday after he died. The west ham fans even sang” Brian clough football genius” that was the esteem that other fans held for him aswell.
    He may be gone but he will always be remembered

    RIP Sir Brian.

  9. I’ve just finished watching ‘The Damned United’. It took me back to my days as a lad standing watching from the Trent End, Cloughie in his green sweatshirt and the ‘gentlemen no swearing please’ sign. What a shame the film didn’t go on to detail the glory days at the club he took from being nobodies to Kings of Europe. Now that would have been an ending and shown Revie a thing or two. The greatest manager England never had, but the greatest we’ll ever have.


  10. Yes, good post. It would have been nice to have the 5th anniversary of Cloughie’s death marked at Saturday’s game in some way. I’m sure many fans though did mark it in their own way. We drank a toast to him at the TBI before the game – “gone, greatly missed and never forgotten”.
    Edinburgh Red

  11. Just finished watching “The Damned United”. I was in tears and laughs together in the scene where they reunite in Brighton… And they both are incredible actors… Credit to the guy playing Billy Bremner, he made me absolutely hate him!
    There will be only one Brian Clough and one Peter Taylor.
    Let’s win tonight for both of them, now that they are -as we say sometimes here- in the angels’ neighbourhood. They will always be in our hearts (and Leeds will of course be out in the cold.)
    Stand up for Brian Clough! Stand up for Peter Taylor!

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