Seasiders grab the win..

If there were a cow's arse handy, Forest would have missed it with this prop

Nottingham Forest – 0
Blackpool – 1

Apologies for the tardiness of the match report, but having a few consolatory beers turned into a lot of consolatory beers and – no offence – that seemed like more fun than coming home and recounting a frustrating afternoon’s viewing at the City Ground!  The reports I’m reading seem to suggest Forest were in some way unfortunate, but from where I was sitting there couldn’t have been many complaints at the scoreline.

The line-up was both surprising and in some ways a bit baffling, Billy held good on his words of encouragement to Earnie by including him in the starting eleven – but didn’t really pair him up with a favourable partner – and indeed, for much of his time on the pitch he seemed to be operating as a  lone striker.  At home.  When we were losing.  The team was this:

Gunter    Morgan    Chambers    Lynch
Cohen    Moussi    McKenna    Tyson
Earnshaw    McGoldrick

The first real opportunity of the match was for the Reds when Moussi – looking like someone who had been first introduced to a football this morning – was late in playing the ball through to Earnie who was in a great position – as such the chance fizzled away into nothing.  Earnie was closer after, evading Baptiste but finding Rachubka alert at the edge of his box to claim to ball.

At this point Forest looked comfortable but unpenetrative – kind of our standard state these days.  Tyson was doing well down the left, having the beating of the right back time and again but balls into the box weren’t really finding anyone in decent positions – until he found Cohen who couldn’t really get any pace on his header – which he deigned to aim straight at the ‘keeper anyway.

Earnie had the same problem from a Gunter cross, unable to get any power behind his header which was on target but – again – easy pickings for the Tangerines goalkeeper.  Tyson had a shot from a tight angle which – whilst decent enough – never really looked likely to yield a goal and Rachubka dealt well with it to keep it safe.

Then the break – Adam evaded Moussi in the middle and powered towards goal – with the Forest defence parting like the red sea allowing the midfielder to plant a decent striker into the bottom corner past Camp who had little or no chance.  At least it wasn’t a deflected goal, I suppose – it was just well taken and very badly defended from our point of view!

Another good cross from Gunter was missed by Cohen, but found McGoldrick who shanked it into the Blackpool fans.  Probably the best chance(s) we fashioned came shortly after – Cohen did well to avoid straying offside to find Earnie whose shot was blocked, the rebound fell to Moussi who struck goalward only to illicit a save from Rachubka, another rebound, falls to Earnie who had his final effort cleared off the line.

Half time was met with much bemusement at the performance and selection.  I thought personally that Moussi looked out of sorts and lacked either match fitness, sharpness or basic ability.  We lacked much coming down the right except when Gunter overlapped and basically it wasn’t working particularly well – I was hoping to see Anderson and either Blackstock or Adebola on for the second half.

Alas, neither happened.  Blackpool started the second half brightly and Camp had to be on his toes to save well from Euell.  Forest created chances too – Lynch crossed to Tyson who found Earnie who conspired to shoot straight at Rachubka.  I thought we’d equalised when McGoldrick was felled in the box, the ball fell to Earnie who tapped in – but the linesman’s flag was already up for offside against McGoldrick.

Dex came on for Moussi – again, without a sponsors logo on his short – and after no real dramatic change in fortunes Billy put on Adebola and McGugan on for Earnshaw and McGoldrick respectively.  That didn’t really make much difference either – and as I noted on Twitter – we really didn’t look like we would be able to score a goal if given an hour or more to do so.  Dele had a late chance but was well blocked by Edwards.

All in all, a disappointing performance from the lads – certainly chances were created, but we never really looked dangerous.  Blackpool took their chance well which we largely gifted to them – and they largely played a containing game on us thereafter but did look capable of breaking.  So well done to them, I think it has to go down as a well earned victory to the Seasiders.

Still, at least Derby lost!  I keep saying that, don’t I?  We really do need to get our own house in order, though.

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  1. What a depressing afternoon!

    I travelled over to Nottingham with real expectation of seeing a good game with a few goals and mostly for Forest.

    There are two things about Billy’s team selection which still leave me completely perplexed – having said for so long and so many times that we shouldn’t be playing “Square Pegs in Round holes”, he chose to play Cohen in Right Midfield AND then partnered Earnie up front with ……. exactly no-one.

    Now I am just a simple fan and therefore probably don’t really know anything, but it was SO obvious that the game had no width, that Anderson would have had a field day and that Blackstock or Adebola would have offered a far greater threat up-front with Earnie.

    Blackpool’s goal was laughable and how our defence can continue to allow such elementary errors is quite disturbing.

    Through a combination of work and holidays I probably won’t get to see Forest again until November, still no problem, as Billy’s programme notes today said “.. the teams I manage have a habit of kicking-on in November/December …” I’m not really sure that I want to wait that long.

    Billy; today was really poor and I lay the blame squarely at team selection – I think us fans deserve some inkling of an explanation!

  2. Good point. I think we are all surprised at his team selection today. Let´s hope he learns that Earnie needs a partner and Anderson should be playing on the right.
    I´m not having doubts about Billy yet. After all McKenna left high flying Preston because he believed he had a better chance of achieving premiership status with us….So let´s see.
    I expect Anderson to start on tuesday !

  3. I agree with the general oppinions of my fellow Reds, was really surprised that Anderson was left out and a not match fit Moussi was included. Had we have had a reserve team, then he would have been able to get a few games under his belt before being thrust straight into first team action. I know he took part in the freindly against Villa but is it enough?

    I personally would have had Ando out wide and then Cohen in the middle along side McKenna.

    I didn’t think we were very good at all today, our passing was woeful the whole game and the final ball even worse! The defending for their Goal was very amatuerish and the lad Adam just waltzed through far too easily, again this highlight our defensive frailties.

    All this said, we still could and maybe should have had a couple and if there is any positives to come out of today’s game, it’s the fact we still created 19 chances whilst playing poorly.

    I don’t know what it is about Earnshaw, to me he looks like he doesn’t want to play for Forest, he just doesn’t look interested at all. maybe it’s a lack of confidence, i don’t know but i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the bench for the next game.

    i’m hoping Billy starts to play the same team for the next 4 games, have them settled and see how we fair… injuries permitting of course but i for one would like to see the chopping and changing ceased for a few games…

    Youuuuuu Redssssssss

  4. I have to agree with steve, billy should explain why after weeks of bemoaning that cohen should be playing in midfield he picks him in the only midfield position he should not play! I can just about understand Tyson on the left but it obvious earnie cannot play up front on his own. I agree earnie looks a bit out of sorts but playing one of the best strikers on the division without the support he needs is pointless. The next few matches are critical to us getting points on the board and a strong mid table position

  5. Same old Forest, 1 win in 8 is not good enough, I am sick of hearing how unlucky we are. Derby have lost the last 4 league games and yet are still above us.

    I was taking to Billy but after the last week he’s baffled me, games we could have easily won at Wednesday and Ipswich where we just settled for a point and yesterday baffling decisions. Just go for the win man ffs, I am sick of this boring negative dour scot, lets shorten the pitch and worry about the opposition, why not let them worry about us, keep the pitch wide, use the pace on the flanks and play the players in form.

    It is not hard Billy so why bloody complicate it, you have always said no square pegs in round holes so why the heck are you playing Cohen on the right wing, never had a right foot and never will.

    Stick to the same 11 for a few games, get some consistency in the side, we must change the team every week which can’t be good.

    It fells like last season all over again, we were unlucky etc etc. You make you own luck wee Billy so start playing the players in the right positions and get some wins. You have spent enough bloody money. Oh yeah please also buy a new Left back, I don’t know how many more games we have to watch Bett Lynch.

    Moan over.

  6. As I stated immediately after the game::

    – I am getting fed up of Billy’s excuses. His post match interviews are sounding off the same drivel.

    – Not panicking but 3 of 4 losses at home is poor form however you spin it.

    – The defence is a shambles for their goal albeit Adams still took it well. No leadership again in the back four and I am increasingly of the opinion that this and the number of deflected goals is not a coincidence.

    – The starting line-up made no sense and was inbalanced. No square pegs in round holes then WTF was that with Cohen Billy? Why play left side players out of position when it is not needed? And what was the formation, 4-3-2-1; 4-5-1, 4-4-1-1?

    – Ernie was isolated but he wasted a golden chance again.

    – Why haven’t we had a consistent starting line-up.

    – All the chances don’t count squat if you don’t convert. and there is more than just bad luck down to this loss.

    – There was a lot of anger leaving the ground today but had we won today, it would have masked all the the above so it may be a blessing that they were once again exposed.

    Bottom-Line: Billy stop making excuses and sort this out, that is your job. Despite your blah, it ain’t happening and during the game you need to get off your arse more when it ain’t happening during the game. You had better realise how important the Scunny game now is.

    Sorry to sound negative, I normally try to take whatever positive I can out of the game but today has left me more angry than at anytime for the last 3 seasons. Plus I have the in-laws down this weekend who are all Blackpool fans and I have had to suffer a night of non-magnanimous gloating!!! However, I echo the well done to the Seasiders view, they worked for their win and I thought Ian Holloway was very masured in his Post match comments

  7. We looked like a team that had never played together, perhaps this was to suprise the opposition, but it ended up backfiring. I think if we had scored first half we would have kicked on. I get the impression that BD is looking for something to click with all the new players but I really would like to know who are the nucleus of the first team, not the first 11, but say the first 8.
    The one on one at the end with Adebola summed it up for me, clean through and he almost tripped over the ball before firing a shot high and wide over the Trent End Stand into the cattle market (well almost) …. perhaps this is a sign for the new site ?

  8. We weren’t quick enough when playing the ball through or out wide. We had too many players who wanted to play in the centre of midfield and they ended up going for the same ball and getting in each others way. Blackpool held their shape very well but we never seem to have one! Tyson had the beating of the full back all game but he can’t cross. Br stated before, we need to play with two wide men in midfield and a target man upfront especially at home. Also some training on taking corners would be nice!

  9. Performance wise we were poor but should still have had too much for Blackpool. but the selection continues to baffle, 451 at home with earny as the one is just odd and to shoehorn in our best centre mid on the right when we’ve got ando and macleary desperate for a game is laughable.
    Is it just me who thinks that Mckenna is the weak link in midfield? whilst i dont question his commitment or tackling but he is above all a central midfielder and he simply cant pass! two major ones stood out yesterday, the first where he made a good run down the right side of the box and recieved the ball perfectly and sumhow balooned it high towards me in the trent end and secondly when we won it in midfield and Gunter made a great run down the right only for mckenna to wait an eternity to release the ball only to pass it straight at the opposition. unfortunately i think he’s seen by billy as undroppable so we’ll have to put up with it for the foreseeable future.
    I thought the Mousse was just starting to get into the game and look good when he was withdrawn.
    The squad is virtually fully fit now so I wish he’d pick the best team for a few weeks and let it settle and see how we go, i’d say
    Gunter Wes Chambers Lynch
    Anderson Moussi Cohen Tyson
    Earny Blackstock/Adebola.

    Cant see it happening tho, he seems intent on trying to squeeze in all of our strikers every game!

  10. Siggsy, Thats my team too,but what about Raddy ? Blackburn lose 3 0 away. It seems a good time to play them,whichever team Sam puts out.

  11. i do really get fed up with succesive managers coming to this club and offending us with such baffling tactics, selections and then post match drivel
    What is it with Forest is there a curse on doing well and satisfying the punters
    it is the same every season, why can’t players pass the bloody ball to a red shirt, no they piss about with it in the midfield where there is no creativity so it goes back to the back four and Gunter excepted they boot it upfield to a lone striker who is usually on his own.
    Chambers although proving that CH was his best position cannot find a man in red.
    No width, its obvious to all of us, no real urgency (throw ins an example). Why play a forward Mcgoldrick that the Soton fans say plays best just behind the front two????? on the right of Mid field when you have the in form Anderson on the bench
    Earnshaw will go, its obvious and the crowd will not accept another manager who does not play the football a knowledgeable Forest crowd need and deserve-on the grass
    I give up!!!!!!!

  12. I think we are quick to critise here and yes I am very disappointed with the result. However as much as people disagree with the formation or the team selection, that combination created enough chances to win 2 games. The problem was that we didn’t put the ball in the net.
    You may not agree with Billy’s decisions but we did dominate the game and create the chances to win.

    My personal frustration is with Earnshaw. Now I do not mind players going to the press and pushing for a starting place but when given one you have to produce. For me Earnshaw did not do that despite having numerous opportunities yesterday and he has not really done it yet this season.

  13. It seems clear to me that BD had a game plan and picked a side in accordance to this. That is his job as manager. For me as a fan all I want to hear after the game, particularly last Saturday is an honest admission from BD that it didn’t go to plan and he got it wrong. I don’t think he’s that type of guy though.

    Fans are always going to offer their football opinions whether they know anything about the game or not, thats fine and their entitlement as fans. The opinions stated by fans above are all reasonable and logical arguments. I just think the over-riding factor here is BD’s lack of honesty when it comes to holding hands up and saying. ‘yep I perhaps should of done that differently’.

    I do think that it is still early days. This is in essence a brand new team hampered by injuries. We were never going to hit the ground winning every game and I think its unreasonable to expect that. This side will be good when they’ve all learnt how to play together and carry out exactly the instructions BD gives them. The players are learning to play together and given the amount of chances created I think its going well we just need conversion. The goal against Blackpool certainly wasn’t BD’s fault nor were the host of chances missed by the forwards in the last few games. However, some of the players (mainly the defense) aren’t good enough. I’m hoping we will add to the defense in January.

  14. Well said AD_BC!

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