Forest vs. Blackpool preview..

Earnie: Pushing for a start

We welcome the Tangerines of Blackpool at the City Ground tomorrow, who will be on a high having been the first side to inflict a defeat on Newcastle United in midweek.  Our visitors are three points better off than us so far with a decent start to the season that sees them eleventh in the table after seven games.

Forest look likely to have Majewski available after his mysterious injury seems to have mysteriously cleared up quicker than expected.  Following his new-parent duties Nathan Tyson should also be available for selection – bizarrely the Reds striker has recently apologised for his conduct post-Derby game.  I’m not sure why, he did nothing wrong in my view!

For me, the key decision for Billy is up front – and it’s Robert Earnshaw who should find himself a starting place tomorrow.  Billy has moved to quell rumours of him moving elsewhere, which is great news because I can’t speak highly enough of wee Earnie.  I would expect (okay, perhaps hope over expect) to see him line up alongside either Dex or Dele.

Our visitors have a few injury worries – Coid, Nardiello, Taylor-Fletcher and McPhee are unavailable due to numerous injuries – forward Ben Burgess is likely to face a late fitness test having missed out on Blackpool’s midweek win over Newcastle United.  Despite this, the Tangerines are going to be no pushovers methinks.

I can’t wait to get back down to the City Ground though!  It feels like we’ve not been there for too long!

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  1. I hope Earnie partners Blackstock with Tyson on the left and Anderson on the right.Adebola in the wings… That is a potent strike force by any standards.
    Should be a cracking game and full house !!!

  2. Shambolic today. Cant understand why BD plays McGoldrick with Earnie. Surely its got to be either Dex or Dele?

    Ando probably had his best game in a red shirt against Wednesday and as far as I can tell did ok against Ipswich so what happens? Dropped to the bench!! Doesnt make sense to me.

    Credit Holloway tho – he set his stall out to frustrate and he did just that. With such a high back line we need pace (Ando again?) to get behind them.

    I’m looking forward to hearing BD’s logic on selection – if hes got one!

  3. egor, you wont get one, he just keeps going on about holloway, remember it will never be billys fault

  4. I think Billy needs to start playing to our strengths and not worry about the other team, Earnie more or less on his own up front,crying out for a target man,Anderson warming his arse on the bench,i am a fan Billy but you f@@ked up big style today,football is a simple game dont make it anything else……..

  5. I agree with the comments. Earnie with Dele up front, Anderson and Tyson on the wings.
    What on earth was that selection ???
    Please Billy, admit you got it wrong today !!!!
    Let´s hope you and your team learn from your mistakes !
    I expect Earnie was pissed off with the lack of a striking partner too.
    Get a grip Billy, and QUICK !!!

  6. Kind off guess the lack off post match report from nffc is idicative that he feels the same as most following todays game. Either way my view:

    FACT :I am getting fed up of Billy’s excuses.
    FACT: His post match interviews are sounding off the same drivel.
    FACT: 3 of 4 losses at home is poor form.
    FACT: The defence is a shambles with no leadership.
    FACT: This is not new news.
    FACT: The starting line-up made no sense and was inbalanced.
    FACT: What was the line-up, 4-3-2-1; 4-5-1?
    FACT: Why play left side players out of position if not needed?
    FACT: Ernie was isolated but wasted a golden chance again.
    FACT: We haven’t had a consistent starting line-up.
    FACT: All the chances don’t count squat if you don’t convert.
    FACT: There is more than just bad luck down to this loss.
    FACT: There was a lot of anger leaving the ground today.
    FACT: Had we won today, it would have masked all the the above so it may be a blessing that they were once again exposed.

    Bottom-Line: Billy stop making excuses and sort this out, that is your job. Despite your blah, it ain’t happening and during the game you need to get off your arse more when it ain’t happening during the game. You had better realise how important the Scunny game now is.

    Sorry to sound negative, I normally try to take whatever positive I can out of the game but today has left me more angry than at anytime for the last 3 seasons!

  7. fcuking rubbish to be honest !!!! 5 strikers and neither one could hit a fcuking barn door with a banjo!!!!

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