Reds to loan Villa youngster..

And it’s a midfielder, before you get too excited about us shoring up our defensive unit!  Marc Albrighton is the lad in question, a 19 year old winger who is highly rated by after an impressive pre-season.  Given our ‘right-winger’ of choice at the moment is Joe ‘yellow card’ Garner it could be a useful move to have some back-up in place anyway!

The loan deal will apparently be for a month – I have no idea whether that is likely to be extendable or not or whether it’s purely a short term fix.  His player profile on the Villa website describes him as a tricky winger.  He’s only made one full appearance for his club in the UEFA cup in Russia, and one league appearance as a substitute – so I imagine he’ll relish the opportunity for regular first team football for a spell.

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  1. He’s very very good. Quick, tricky with a great cross on him1 Bet you’ll be after signing him when he returns to us.

    • Sounds brilliant 🙂

      Martin O seems more eager than most top flight managers to keep hold of his younger players for longer as we found with tentative enquiries about buying Osbourne in the summer.

      I think that’s great credit to him that he wants his youngsters to push through into the first team.

      Looking forward to seeing Albrighton in action if indeed the deal is agreed!

    • He’s got an excellent cross on him and is great with set pieces, very good at beating the last man and whippping the ball in. Glad hes gone on loan to showcase he’s abilities and hope he is a good signing for you guys!

  2. Top TOP player and is capable of a first team place at villa even above Milner ! ! ! PS he played in the “peace cup” which Villa won.

  3. Backing up what the other Villa fans have said, Marc is an excellent young player. He ripped the Juventus and Porto defences to shreds in the Peace Cup, granted that was a friendly, but, they were both strong teams!
    I’d be very surprised if he does not perform exceptionally well for Forest, all the left backs will not want to be facing this guy!

  4. yah he’s awesome.

  5. Blimey, you have a bit of a coup if you get this kid on loan. Trust me, he’s got what it takes to make it at the top.
    Superb crosser, who doesn’t need to think about it, even while he’s full pelt, a rarity these days.
    Can be a bit lightweight, but that’s to be expected at his age.
    Works hard and there are plenty of Villa fans who want him to get playing time in the prem.
    Says it all, imo.

    Look after him for us and good luck if you get him.

  6. This kid is the brightest prospect at Villa along with Delph. Provided he maintains his great attitude and steers clear of injury, he will be the best English winger of his generation. He has pace, skill, workrate and the best cross at Villa, even better than Ashley Young. I will find it surprising if he does end up with Forrest on loan as he was given the number 14 shirt and looks the be the next youngster to break into the first team. Personally I think he is already too good for the championship.

  7. I think with the pressure for 3 points on saturday and blackpools win over newcastle,we should give Earnie a start with Dele up front.It should be a cracking game and I hope our nerves don´t show….

  8. it is strongly thought around villa that this kid is the main reason why we never signed david bentley from spurs in the summer, saving us 10 million.
    so if you get albrighton then it would be a good signing for you but i doubt o’neill will loan him out, barry bannan would be a more realistic signing and this lad is no sloucher.

  9. Sounds like this kid is so good that Martin just wants us to keep him warm for the latter part of the season.
    Sounds a good deal for both teams, if he’s as good as the villa fans say he is.
    Better than or pushing Milner for 1st team place is praise indeed, as Milner played in the last England match against Croatia.
    Welcome to the City Ground Marc. Fill your boots.

  10. if he does come to us for whatever loan period it turns out to be, it looks as if it’s a cracking deal with all the responses from villa fans on nffc-blog !!!

  11. Isn’t that Jeff Brazier?

  12. Think this could be the first of many Villa players coming to Forest on loan if read between the lines at Davies comments of the behind close door friendly we had with Villa the other week. I think MON is keen to get his youngsters match experience.

  13. Mmm, Villa fans are rating him highly. Thanks all for the recomendation. Let’s hope we sign him on loan & he shows us that BD and MON are not wrong.

    What do others think about Earnie’s statement ie A goal 1 min after coming on not any words…

    Should he be starting or is he gonna be a supersub…

    • Earnie is potentially alot better than he has ever played. I think he has always gone down to easily under a challenge and loses possession because of it. He is consistent though in that he puts in an average performance for 89 minutes and has that 1 minute of superb skill and finish to score a goal. Lethal in the box he may be but outside of it he could be better.

      I reckon BD is right to leave him on the bench, it mite make him move up a gear and make the best of the ball when it comes his way.

      Tyson (pace) and blackstock (arial skills, ball winner, intelligent football) for me is the best starting line up for now both are looking scary to defend against!

  14. I reckon that Earnie will be on his way if he doesn´t get in the team´s starting line up soon,which would be crazy as he is our best natural goalscorer.
    I certainly wouldn´t want us facing him !

  15. I think its great we are getting quality on loan. But is it just me or have I been taking crazy pills? We have Garner who’s been doing pretty well for us and unlucky not to score in the last 2-3 games plus Anderson who was brilliant in his last game as well as McCleary who can also terrorize with his pace. I know he has his detractors but I think he’s a pretty decent player for someone who is essentially still learning his trade.

    All I’m asking is its a bit of a strange one as Right wing has not been identified as a problem area yet defense still seems neglected?

    • I’d just like add what kind of message is this saying to our own youth set up? This kid better be as good as they say he is otherwise what are the NFFC youth squad to think when they can’t break through and are being superseded by a Villa youth team member who is no better than what we’ve got already?

      Of course if he is as good as he sounds then fantastic. Is a month long enough for him to make an impact given that BD changes his side pretty regularly and the fact that we do have a few quality players that can play in that position already?

  16. -Yes he must be an exceptional player,but the other Villa defender, Lowry ,who we do need,has gone on loan for 3 months to Plymouth !
    We should keep Anderson ,in form,Earnie and Blackstock.
    We have a strong bench whatever we do.
    3 points essential on saturday to continue a winning trend at home !

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