Forest clarify position on stadium move

Mark Arthur finally breaks the deafening Forest silence on stadium move

Mark Arthur finally breaks the deafening Forest silence on stadium move

I would recommend taking a few moments to read through Mark Arthur’s piece on the official website.  With councillors squabbling with one another and making a very bad impression on Nottingham and Nottinghamshire in general – our Chief Exec has offered a fairly eloquent view of Forest’s stance on these matters.

Certainly the frustration comes through strongly – and hearing Councillor Cutts on the radio this morning, she does come across a lady with a sizeable chip on her shoulder.  Certainly I for one would welcome further open and frank communication like this from Forest – they don’t do it often.  One of the few salient points Cutts made was that nobody has consulted with Forest fans on this proposed move.

I remain unconvinced of the merits of a move.  Nottingham having an opportunity to host a minor World Cup game or two doesn’t really make any odds to me personally – and whilst I could be swayed into the idea of a new stadium under very specific stipulations on location, styling (no flatpackery!) and suchlike.

Certainly whilst Mark Arthur I think comes across rather well in this instance, the continued bitching and moaning between the two councils I think doesn’t do much to enhance our bid in these matters.  Given that our rivals don’t need to move stadiums, just enhance existing ones, presumably this is casting Nottingham’s bid in a very unfavourable light with the onlooking FA and FIFA types.

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  1. I read it and thought straight away he wrote this not for the fans but because of this woman. everyone seems to have their own agenda including marthur.
    tell us why we cannot develop the CG ? how can it be good enough for euro championships but impossible for the world cup !! its money, forest want a free stadium and bugger everyone else

    • “how can it be good enough for euro championships but impossible for the world cup !!”

      Err, that’ll be the intervening 22 years.

  2. Apparently there will be some more info on the plan put on the City Council web site tomorrow including why the CG cant be developed

    • Could u give the link? I could find it but u’d save me (& many otthers) time if u already know it.

      Still remain unconvinced partly as the CG hold so many memories for all of us & 2ndly, the location it’s at @ the moment couldn’t be better to reach the ground.

  3. Its eventually going too happen anyway so why not make a few bob from the world cup and have a new staduim a few years earlier anyway.

    no harm in a higher capacity, just means more people can get tickets for the big games in better seats !

    and I can see it bringing the pricies right down as well too actually get us too fill it !

  4. I’m sure the article from Marthur will have the desired effect!

  5. “If you support the bid please let people know because we often only hear from the minority who have no interest in helping Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to prosper.”

    The classic patriotism card – you’re either with us for everything or you’re against us.

    I agree it was nice to hear something direct for once, but during the time it took me to read the peice I couldn’t help thinking he had better things to be doing – like signing us a bloody centre half!

  6. I disagree with the first reply, I think Arthur sounds like a pragmatist Forest fan, engaging directly with the fans on our website, not dragging his face across the news channels etc, which is exactly what we want as fans, to be the first to be updated and it’s obvious from his comments that he only has the club’s best interests at heart.

    People may be attatched to the CG and rightly so, but he’s spot on when he says that in 10-20years time the ground simply will not cut it anymore, and this is simply the most oportune time for both the club and the city to benefit from the move.

  7. Interesting article from Mr Arthur who is not usually known (in my opinion) for putting the fans first and certainly not for consulting with us. From what has been said it would seem that Forest are on the move. Nothing in that article said to me that The City Ground would remain as Nottingham Forests ground if the club and other agencies have their way. Its a shame because I have fond memories of the place from the mid 70’s as a kid standing at the front of the Trent End, but I fear the need for progress means a move away from the banks of the Trent. Lets face it, if the other agencies involved are willing to foot the vast majority of the bill we’d be crazy to turn down a new stadium with its associated modern facilities.

    Interestingly enough I also have very close links with the architects Benoys who were mentioned in this piece and will endeavour to get out of them any additional info that may not be common knowledge.

  8. Can not see it happening ,are these the same people in charge who came up with the FIVE YEAR PLAN, that went tits up big style 3 years adrift in Div 3 .The only decent thing these people have done since they have been in charge is get BD in as manager.Forest have always had a good PR machine,once again its in full flow.

  9. It’s a shame we would have to leave what is one of the most picturesque settings for a ground in the country. It feels like a 2nd home. We all have a huge amount of fond memories that can never be taken away. However a huge component of this club going forward is to sort the stadium issue. It is old, has terrible facilities, and let’s be honest the acoustics are terrible. We need all the help we can get with making noise, what with the militant stewards on your back. This is a great opportunity for the club. If we are going to be offered a heavily subsidised stadium, then we’d be crazy to turn it down.

    I do think, as much as I’m a Forest fan first and foremost, that building the stadium is bigger than the club. The World Cup is coming to England, whether it be 2018 or 2022. It will have to be spread around the country as we all know, so it’s a pretty safe assumption that it will come to the East Midlands. Now I would be absolutely disgusted if Derby or Leicester were having all that fun, while our superior city, in so many ways, is doing nothing. Come the start of the WC I doubt there would be anybody who cares about this city who would be happy with it being at one of our neighbours. We all pay a lot of tax, and for all we pay for infrastructure, health etc, it doesn’t necessarily give us a better standard of life, so if an opportunity comes up to spend public money on a once in a lifetime experience why don’t we do it? Life and the system we live in can be quite mundane at times, it would be madness to not want to host this great event.

    I have happy memories of Euro ’96. I thought it was great fun with the Turks, Portuguese & the Croats partying in the square. I think of my one year old kid who will be 10 when the WC comes, and it would be fantastic to take her to a game. Imagine if we got a Brazil, an Argentina, a heavyweight European team, or even a group of death, it would make it so worthwhile. The idea for Water Taxi’s and fan parks and all the rest are great ideas that can easily be incorporated in to life after the WC, especially if the plans are to extend the city out that way anyway.

    Another thing I love about this plan is to make it a ‘green’ stadium. If we can build a stadium that is approaching ‘zero carbon’ status it would be a fantastic achievement, and the envy of many across the world. As long as the sound effects are not compromised and it has its own authentic feel & look it would be a huge asset to the club.

    I live in hope that come 2018 (although I’ve suspicion it’ll be 2022, as England will get skanked for Australia) the WC comes to Nottingham, to find a wonderful contemporary city, with a fantastic stadium that hosts Premier League football on a consistent basis. Nottingham as a city needs the Premier League as much as we as fans need it. I may be completely deluded but imo it’s definitely what we should all strive for as Forest fans.

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