A message to Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Councils..

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I have rather quickly become disinterested with the story of Forest’s proposed ground move after it transpired that the lead exponents of the scheme – Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Forest – hadn’t bothered their arses to talk to the Nottinghamshire County Council.  The latter being the owners of the land they have their eye on.

Irrespective of what my own thoughts are on the proposed move, what becomes abundantly clear is the posturing between the City and County councils demonstrates a fundamental problem.

Are councils elected bodies who are supposed to represent what is best for their population?  Aren’t they supposed to establish what the population things and act accordingly?  So far all I can see is the City Council trying to move us so they can cash in on the prime West Bridgford land, and the County Council objecting because they’re Tories and the City Council are Labour.

Forest of course I wouldn’t expect to make any great effort to understand what the fans want, because their relationship with the fans is pretty non-existant.  They see this as an opportunity to get a nice shiny new ground with better facilities either for free or heavily subsidised.  I don’t think anyone would deny we could do with better facilities either at the City Ground or elsewhere.

If I were the FIFA panel selecting venues, Nottingham would be making a very bad impression on me given the representatives of the city itself can’t seem to talk to one another.  Come 2018, even if England are to get the tournament to host, I would be surprised if they bother to select us at all.

Which means that the impossibility of making the City Ground a FIFA compliant venue (according to Forest’s ‘extensive study’) becomes largely an irrelevance, and we can treat that as a viable option to meet our future needs rather than outlandish plans to move wholesale to a new venue when I reckon the majority of fans would see it as unnecessary and unwanted.

But yes, Councils, your job is to do what is right for the people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.  So why not concentrate on that instead of your own agendas and your petty squabbles with one another?  It’s no wonder people feel so alienated from local politics.

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  1. I think you have it sumarised in a nutshell. Very well put indeed nffc, I share your views entirely.

  2. Let’s face it, if Nottingham really want it and they can stop bickering, we’ll get it.

    Our competition is Derby and Leicester. One has all the amenities of a small town and the other’s a cesspit.

  3. Apparently, the County Council only hold 10% of the land at the proposed site, the City Council owning most of the rest. So they state they don’t need the County Council’s cooperation.
    They further stated that the County Council were aware of the plans and hope they can agree to work together.
    I hope this doesn’t deteriorate into political postering

  4. Well said, but at the end of the day it will be the owner of the club who makes “our” decision. Aided of course by his earstwhile assistant.

  5. Don’t forget that with a £1million donation to the party Nigel Doughty is very much Labour as well. However, seeing as the majority of the people on city and county councils can be bought with political favours and/or less subtle personal financial incentives, there’s no such thing as a definite “no” when it comes to town planning, it just takes some time to grease the wheels.
    If the club really want it then they’ll get it, it’s just going to be bloody expensive.

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