Forest to defend predictable FA knee-jerk..

The FA have charged both Forest and Derby with failing to control their players – which is probably a reasonable charge really considering the distasteful scenes after Forest’s 3-2 win over the Rams at the weekend.  However, they have also decided to single out Nathan Tyson as well – the good news is that Forest are planning to vigourously defend this with evidence, according to Mark Arthur.

The same Mark Arthur who the feckless Derby PR machine claimed had apologised for the incident.

There are no specific charges levelled at Leacock or Teale who actually started the whole commotion, nor for McEvelly who was the only player really obviously throwing punches during the melee.  So disappointingly given the wealth of evidence available – but predictably – the FA have indeed gone for the simple option of being guided by the media portrayal of the incidents rather than what actually happened.

I know that Forest have been working hard behind the scenes to ascertain the running order of events – with some help from certain supporters too – and will have collated a compelling body of evidence to show that what Tyson did was at worst naive, but certainly not inciteful until the intervention of the Derby substitutes.  Ultimately, it’s a shame that the actions of a few embittered Rams staff have escalated this whole situation, but I’m glad that Forest are standing their ground and defending their man.

We’ve actually been given until 18th September to answer the charges, but Forest have immediately said they will indeed be contesting – whether they are contesting all charges or just those levelled at Tyson is unclear.  Certainly a charge for Tyson should mean a charge for Leacock, Teale and McEvelly as well – and it should also open up the opportunity for Forest to perhaps point at some of the misdemeanours of the media darling that is Robbie Savage too.

Either way, it would have been better if the Derby players could have shown a little dignity in defeat and none of it would ever have happened.  Que sera sera.  Credit for the photoshoppery must go to a chap called Alvar Hanso, this and other works of excellence can be found here.

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  1. All hail King Tyson. Well done to NFFC for an immediate response to the stupid stupid chargers.

    As you said, so predictable. The FA should either charge all those involved or none at all. From what I understood from the official site is t will defend vigourously ALL CHARGES against the club & Tyson.

  2. The book will get thrown at the club and player, especially after what happened at the Upton Park game the week before. They cannot be seen to let this one go, cost for failing to control players and suspension for Tys.

    Yes Derby players should be held accountable, but they will argue it stems from Tys parading the corner flag around (so the FA will leave that one well alone).

    We should argue the case more, as it was at our ground, and there must be more TV evidence kicking around to support more Derby players to be charged.

  3. Nffc- great blog as ever and you deserve an opportunity to make some cash out of this for the Derby away game- how about getting a load of corner flags printed up and selling them on for a couple of quid each- lots of promotional flag makers on google but this one looks ok!

    • just had a look at the pricing and for a flag 170mm x 130mm it’s only 14p for a two colour design if you buy 5000 so by my reckoning that’s £700 to take the p*** at the sheep dip !!! me reckons theres some good business to be made there…….?

  4. just a small point regarding teale,leackock,mceverley bywater etc escaping personal charges from the FA, it also means blackstock,morgan,camp,ned,mcleary etc will also escape the same fate as the above mentioned – if and when tyson appears before the FA he’ll most likely get a smack on the wrist and two/three game ban plus fine…….. so what the3 points/ result stands and we got the brian clough trophy ha ha cant wait get some paper corner flags to wave at them silly sheep masks !

    • I cannot agree with you there Seanyboy – Tys can perhaps expect a slap on the wrist and a fine, but a ban would be out of all proportion. However, the evidence shown on the BBC on Saturday night (therefore “official” pictures) clearly show that Leacock and Teale were the aggressors, and clearly show McEveley throwing punches at Dex (with Bywater not far behind).

      Justice must be done, no knee-jerks in response to fan violence in another part of the country which had nothing to do with proper football fans (despite what Savage et al may claim).

      • rish – if they charge one with misconduct they’ll charge everyone that rushed in weather to split the mellee up or have a go themselves, the FA always do that’s all i’m saying…i’ts all been blown out of proportion due to the media portrayal of events as nffc says above… listening to billy davies on the bbc monday evening he says very importantly that he now wants some clarity as to what’s acceptable in the act of celebration after or during a football match. anyhow we’ll see come sept 18th m8

        • Aha – I see what you are saying there Seanyboy. It seems that all Forest fans (and a surprising number of Derby fans, if not players and staff) agree that the whole thing is a storm in a teacup.

  5. Brilliant Picture, hilarious!

  6. He’s going down with the Forest
    Down with the Forest

  7. Glad to see the Derby/Leicester Alliance is still as strong as ever. Pitiful how they have to gang up on the Mighty Reds when the going gets tough. Savage/Dichov were tolerated under the magician O’Neil, but they just prove that experience doesn’t always come with age! Following on from the Sheep heads, great idea with the flags Seanyboy- Same old Forest taking the p***
    On the button with your analysis as always, well done NFFC.


    Some really p!***d off Trickie has gone & done this, so add you signature & let’s push on with destroying the FA. If they fail to charge the Derby players they will be the biggest joke in Football.

    I repeat, since when did holding a flag with your teams symbol on, up high from the 6 yard box in front of your own fans in your home ground be improper conduct & start a riot when there are stewards & police in front of them?

    And how does the FA think that Mr Tyson ended up next to the Derby fans from the 6 yard box? Did Puff the Magic Dragon appear & push him there? It seems as f the FA believe so!!! :p

  9. Thanks for the mention Mr Nffcblog! I had your Wilson vs Robinho picture pinned up on my desk at work earlier in the year (I work in Manchester), so glad I’ve been able to repay the favour!

    • Cheers Ben!

      I spotted some of your handiwork in the Evening Post today – a pity they didn’t see fit to credit it to anything other than ‘a Forest fan site’ though 😦

      Some great creativity over on LTLF – but I think yours were my favourites!

    Anyway a good result !!

  11. Judge, Jury and executioner from the Derby Club Captain who correctly sports his IQ printed on the back of his shirt …… roll on blame culture shandy drinking southern press & FA who love to point the finger Northwards to the people with a far prouder history and a genuine good man of our beloved team and City.
    Meanwhile good folks & fans of Forest & the Sheep just the love the game for what it is …. a bond that won’t be broken, let’s stick to the footy, shake hands and move on ….

  12. Off topic but I feel the need to mention this….

    The bookies have Forest at 6th favourite to win the championship. They have come in from 40 to 1 a while ago to 16-1 now.

    I think it is quite surprising considering our results so far. Do the bookies know something we dont?!

  13. Far we have travelled,
    And much we have seen,
    A Tesco with a hotel
    a Starbucks bad dream
    No pubs and no chip shop
    just another soulless flat pack
    I miss the City Ground
    Oh please take me back

    Gaaa-aaamston Dome
    no mist rolling in from the Trent
    My desire
    Is never/(will be) to be here
    Oh Gaaa-aaamston Dome

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