Forest to defend predictable FA knee-jerk..

The FA have charged both Forest and Derby with failing to control their players – which is probably a reasonable charge really considering the distasteful scenes after Forest’s 3-2 win over the Rams at the weekend.  However, they have also decided to single out Nathan Tyson as well – the good news is that Forest are planning to vigourously defend this with evidence, according to Mark Arthur.

The same Mark Arthur who the feckless Derby PR machine claimed had apologised for the incident.

There are no specific charges levelled at Leacock or Teale who actually started the whole commotion, nor for McEvelly who was the only player really obviously throwing punches during the melee.  So disappointingly given the wealth of evidence available – but predictably – the FA have indeed gone for the simple option of being guided by the media portrayal of the incidents rather than what actually happened.

I know that Forest have been working hard behind the scenes to ascertain the running order of events – with some help from certain supporters too – and will have collated a compelling body of evidence to show that what Tyson did was at worst naive, but certainly not inciteful until the intervention of the Derby substitutes.  Ultimately, it’s a shame that the actions of a few embittered Rams staff have escalated this whole situation, but I’m glad that Forest are standing their ground and defending their man.

We’ve actually been given until 18th September to answer the charges, but Forest have immediately said they will indeed be contesting – whether they are contesting all charges or just those levelled at Tyson is unclear.  Certainly a charge for Tyson should mean a charge for Leacock, Teale and McEvelly as well – and it should also open up the opportunity for Forest to perhaps point at some of the misdemeanours of the media darling that is Robbie Savage too.

Either way, it would have been better if the Derby players could have shown a little dignity in defeat and none of it would ever have happened.  Que sera sera.  Credit for the photoshoppery must go to a chap called Alvar Hanso, this and other works of excellence can be found here.