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Arron Davies has gone on loan to Brighton ’til January.

Sorry – couldn’t resist!  On a sensible note though, despite the occasional doom-sayers and grumbleweeds, I don’t think we can really complain too much – we made some excellent signings this summer – and whilst we’d all like to have seen a defender or two come in, there is still the option of bringing in people on loan to cover some positions until January.

I lost track of the outlandish names being touted with joining us – Michael Dawson and Gareth Bale haven’t moved elsewhere, Ibrahima Sonko went to Hull, and well, who else were we linked with?  None of them turned up anyway!

Good luck to Davies at Brighton – he renews his working with Russell Slade, who of course presided over his sale to Forest after that play off game which sadly remains the midfielder’s most impactful day’s work at the City Ground.  He showed some promise preseason and in the cup games, but we do have a lot of competition in midfield so a loan move probably makes sense.

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  1. Hope Aaron Davies gets more of a game down at Brighton than Matt Thornhill seems to be doing!

    Disappointed we didn’t get a defender but you have to assume that BD will now look at bringing in a loan player from the premier league.

    With the move to Pompey move falling through today, perhaps it is worth a cheeky call to Martin O’Neill in the morning to see if he wants to give Nicky Shorey some match practice for a month?

  2. Shorey could bring his teammate Osbourne with him aswell as he did well for us last year and it doesnt look like McGugan or Moussi will be back anytime soon soon!

    I wonder if you could make something happen by starting a rumour?

    Spread the word that Shorey and Osbourne will arrive on loan by the end of the week!


    Forest fans are hotly pursuing the loan signings of Nicky Shorey and Isaiah Obsbroune from Villa. Shorey needs some practice and will add experienced cover to the left back position and Ozzy, we all know about. Not having any luck in the Villa Park first team outfit, a loan spell could reignite their careers and just add to the quality that already exists at the CG. You heard it here first!

    (Source, a medium sized town in Buckinghamshire).

  4. Just to add the missing names to that already overinflated list of defenders we didn’t get:

    Shittu – still at Bolton
    Ward – Still at Coventry
    Whitbread – Still at Millwall
    Nosworthy – Still at Sunderland

    I think these are true having scouted the BBC’s list of transfers.

    As for Davies, I think he has seen his last days in the Garibaldi. A good little player that just didn’t work out for him at Forest (injuries adding to the difficult spell), unlike his accompanying teammate, Cohen who is just getting better and better. Good luck Davies, I hope you get some time on the pitch and if it is permanent, all the best (just as long as Brighton stay were they are). Great report as ever, NFFC. Pity we didn’t get any more defenders in but with Wilson and Lynch due back presently and the Moose, McGugan and Bennett all coming along, we will have at least some cover, if nothing else. U reeeds!

  5. For some reason, I liked Davies. Maybe because he was wearing number 14 like Jack Lester, Johann Cruijff and my humble self in my playing days. But truth is, he failed to show anything near his cracking display against us in the playoffs. Maybe he’s in better terms with Slade. Anyway, best of luck and I mean it Arron, and wish you to find your place again in the Welsh squad.

  6. There’s been a lot of shit written about us not signing a defender or two. Especially in the comment sections of the NEP (probably Derby/Notts fans on the wind up) but we have to get the right ones in that are going to improve the team not just plug gaps and make up numbers. If identified targets do not want to join Forest and, lets face it, most of the ones we were linked with are with premier league teams, why would they. Its the beginning of the season players pick up injuries and ones that are are on the fringes suddenly find themselves first team regulars.

    I think not signing any one and going for loans is pretty smart as it means that we can loan prem league players now as they can’t go to other premier league teams on loan. So Bale, Dawson, Shorey etc are not as unrealistic as they once were when we were after a permanent signing.

    As for the crap about BD signing 6 strikers and 1 defender, well its just that. Its not like he sacrificed signing a defender for a striker. He got in his targets and would of signed the strikers regardless its just that we missed out on the defensive targets for one reason or other. It could quite as easily worked the other way for us and we got in a load of defenders who wanted to come to Forest as opposed to strikers. I can’t understand the fans who don’t get this.

  7. Listening to BD, he mentioned a “friendly” mid week match to help some of the injured along with fitness so Im hoping that means one or two are nearer to fitness that we are all aware.

    We are still a bit thin cover wise tho and rumours are still rife about Bale, as hes a good mate of Gunts apparently so fingers crossed on this one.

    AD_BC speaks a lot of good sense about signings.

  8. Doh…….just read the offical site which says Kelvin is on the mend and playing in this friendly! Which just proves I read this site first! 🙂

    Good news about Blackburn ticket prices. £10 for season ticket holders is a great deal. Well done Forest (for a change) for being sensible. Heres hoping for a good crowd!

  9. AD_BC, couldn’t agree more. We got the players who wanted to come and we didn’t sign the ones we wanted purely because they prefered to stay where they are or go somewhere else. It just happened to be the defenders. As for the loan system, again I think it can work in our advantage. Last year is a testament to how well the loan can work for us, and indeed, if given significant time to get to know the players, the ground and the style of BD and co, they may come on permanently in the end, just like Gunts, Blackstock, Campo, Anderson and Lynch have since demonstrated. It’s not Forest fault that the defenders linked weren’t interested. And now the window has closed, some players might be more inclined to a brief spell on loan to get match practice, whatever. I think that inspite of a lack of defensive signings, the players that are in the team have done well. 1 bad performance in 7 games is testiment to that fact. I really believe Forest have a manager who knows what he’s doing and if he says the team is 80% there, that’s a lot better than 50% where the team probably were at the start of last season.


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