Davies responds with dignity – and accuracy – regarding post-match incident..


Billy: Actually bothered to review the facts before commenting on Tysongate

If you didn’t hear it live (as I didn’t) then I strongly recommend listening to an interview with Billy Davies on 5 Live this evening regarding the incidents after the match with Derby County (Start listening from about 5:20 seconds – unfortunately there’s a cut to speak to the Newcastle United manager and then another one shortly after).

Unlike his peers from the Rams who opted to vent inaccurate stories immediately – Billy has clearly carefully reviewed what actually happened and responded with great dignity and professionalism.

Whilst I like many fans have been taken up in the banter, and I certainly don’t claim to be a remotely professional representative!  I am very glad, though, to see the powers-that-be conducting themselves so well in a media who have jumped on a Savage and Clough inspired bandwagon in a spurious attempt to compromise the investigation the FA will be conducting.

The way in which comments from Clough, Savage, Teale and Glick (their CEO) is rather insulting to the Derby County fans.  In scenes that were certainly comparable with those featuring Robbie Savage back in February, there was no significant problem with the Forest fans – and I don’t think there would have been with the Derby fans either had their squad not intervened.

Well done Billy – unfortunately the majority of people will still be spoon-fed the inaccurate events disappointingly repeated parrot-fashion in the media – but I hope that with the raft of pretty clear evidence available the FA investigation will disregard any consideration of disciplinary action against Tyson – or indeed Forest.

The vast majority of the incident is wrist-slapping territory for both clubs – the only serious investigations in my opinion should pertain to which of the Derby County players and staff were inflicting punches on Forest players.  And frankly, I think it would have been pretty pointless for Forest to have raised complaints regarding it – how delicious it would be if the FA came to the correct conclusion in a review that Derby have pushed for so strongly.

Congratulations again Billy, despite being wronged by divisive and spiteful rivals and by completely ignorant journalists, you’ve come out with great credit both for yourself and the club.  Whilst Derby are left looking like the sad embittered folks they are – and boy did they do a good job on distracting attention away from the fact they lost!

Don’t worry, we’ve remembered!  And we are loving it!

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  1. nffc – just listened to Billy’s twice-interrupted conversation and agreed, what a credit to himself, the club and everyone involved.

    I suggest that anyone who doubts (even for a moment) his determination to succeed at Forest should listen to what he said and how he said it in order to be throughly convinced.

    It has been interesting over the weekend following the various websites and comments linked to the game – Forest appear to have said nothing, allowing Derby to exhaust their vitriol before then coming out with statements emphasising the facts and subduing the emotion. Perhaps Clough and Savage should have thought about things a little more and at worst have been very badly advised. Even Glick has now made some sort of statement about “how the clubs can work together” – perhaps they realise that when the FA do review the video, the flailing fists of Bywater just might get punished a lot more than Tys.

    As for Tys, I’m sure he will get his knuckles rapped, but having met him, there is no way that he fits into the “thick footballer” mould – he is a very thoughtful individual who clearly is very passionate about Forest and his and the team’s success. His actions were a bit silly, but I’d much rather have 11 Tysons than 11 Commons!!!!

    Well done Billy and Forest!

  2. Excellent article again, by the by I don’t think there is a team bus on eath that could hold 11 Commons!

  3. Agree with everything in your article and with every word that Billy said on Five Live tonight. Made a change from the terrible hatchet job that was done to Forest on The Football League Show and in the weekend papers.I just hope someone at the FA can be as measured in their response and look at the whole body of evidence before making a judgement. Alas, I think they’ll just do their usual kneejerk reaction and hit us hard and the Sheep will get away scot free. In my mind the the Derby players who ganged in on Tyson were ajorly to blame. Without them the incident would not have ended in the brawl that it did (but of course you very professionally got your players off the pitch immediatley after the final whistle didn’t you Nigel??)

  4. I cannot beleve billy Davies and dignity are in the same sentence

    • Listen and judge for yourself 🙂

      I never thought I’d see the day when non-league Nigel would be reduced to whining and lying without checking the facts.

  5. Is it true the club shop are rapidly running out of the the letter Y forthe back of replica shirts?

  6. First class piece again NFFC,also a great interview by BD,at last we have some passion in the club,lets hope the FA take on board all the evidence not just from the idle Bas##rds in the press and BBC.keep up the good work………….3-2 3 points.

  7. How bad are the bbc for cuttung billy off twice sounds murder.

    U reds

  8. I have been on numerous websites in the last few days, including dare say it, Derby 1’s too even being bold enough to post a comment on 1. For those of you on FB you can look me up & add me as your Friend (but please message me u are in here too or I’ll just reject u. I don’t accept just anyone… 😉 ) to see my links on the articles. I wrote o the Times site but got rejected (maybe ’cause I dissed them saying they got the wrong end of the stick!! & they were crap!!).

    As a Forest fan, Nathan was in every way an innocent person. What he did has been exagurated, twisted & turned against him by the press. Everyone who has seen the videos will see Nathan took the flag off a member of staff & not from the corner or out of the ground. Neither was he waving it in front of the Derby fans who had Forest fans above them. He was holding it up high & jogging (as he had been) accross b4 being attacked/confronted/pushed (the choice is yours) by members of Derby aka the Sheep er sorry, the Rams.

    If those members of the losing team had not done that, all of this would not have happened. In fact, if any reporter has the guts to write the truth they would write that the mele moved towards the Derby fans. He wasn’t even close by to say he was provocotive.

    Yes, he could have done it differently but in no way was he out of line or going to cause a riot as some of the sour lossers have suggested.

    What Tyson really should’ve done but is smart enough not to do it the public eye is shove that pole up as deep as it can go in Savvages backhole and leave it in there!!! 😆

  9. We all know footballers aren’t famed for their intelligence so the way events unfolded should surprise no-one.

    What really annoys me is the way the media shoehorned this incident into their ‘game in crisis after the battle of boleyn’ agenda.

    It seems that every producer, researcher, journalist in the media was waiting for the next event they could hang their tag on, as this was the ‘story’ of the week.

    Just lazy, bandwagon jumping journalism.

  10. Just listened to it, way to go Billy. I loved the flag v scarf part. nffc, would you maybe send it to the FA as a delayed attachment to your email to them? There’s a one percent chance one of two people would be willing to listen.

  11. First of all congratulations to all the Forest Players and Billy for the win.

    I’ve just spoken to a Leicester Fan at work who said “the whole incident was caused by Direby players, if they had left Tyson to it nothing would have happened”.

    The way I saw the game was Forest won the first half 3-0, Direby won the second 2-0. Forest got the 3 points. (the first of many I hope).

    All I keep hearing is bleating from Direby Fans about Tyson being a disgrace. Why has none of them commented on the second half when Camp tried to shepherd the ball out of play that there were several coins heading in his direction from the away support. I doubt that will be in the F.A. report.

    Cheers Gretts

    • Really? Coin throwing? I did see an article by a Derby fan in which he explicitly stated that there was obscene chanting aimed at Campo, but also aimed at Robbie Earnshaw’s family. I sit down the Trent End so didn’t know anything about it, but would hope that these are isolated incidents by a minority of fans.

  12. […] to NFFCblog for drawing my attention to the Billy Davies interview on Radio 5live last night. As with all […]

  13. Any ideas who could possibly come in before 5pm tonight?

    Oh and did we win on Saturday… lol!

  14. just looking at the transfer deadline stuff on the beeb,


    and there is a quality quote from nige in a post at 1115- this almost makes up for the other rubbish he has come out with- “He [fat boy commons] tried to nutmeg somebody in his own half, away from home, in the 44th minute when we were 2-0 down, and then having lost the ball, he just stood still and watched it. That’s why we replaced him.”

    could there be a fat boy on the dole come 5pm?

  15. Well we’ll have to wait to see what the FA do but i was disappointed to see that MA was apparently apologising to d*rby execs after the game.

    i dont want to label Tyson as stupid, he is not but, as much as it pains me, savage is brighter. By all accounts he has an IQ in excess of 140 and you can see that he has made a career out of being the panto villian but very rarely gets sent off, because he knows how far to push it. just see the incident with McCleary, he fouls Majewski, then jumps on him, then he gets a push and goes down like a fairly before jumping up and placing the ball for the free kick he has given away, from a ref’s view he has done everything he can to sort the situation out but has in fact committed a blatant foul, then had a dive and goes on to wind up the fans with a kiss to the badge. the guy is the biggest prick in football without a doubt, but he aint stupid.

    BTW, does anyone know where i can order 4,000 miniature Forest flags on sticks for the return leg at pridelss park?

  16. Love it Dave!! I’ll have one!!

  17. I’ll have one too Dave. I also thought BD was excellent and I agree his points. Dave Jackal is also spot on that the media have hyped this into Upton Park round 2 but they were always going to. I have had dealings with national media in the past and it’ll come as no surprise to you that their biased scaremongering is nothing short of shocking but they are only after soundbites and shock headlines. As BD says Tyson had a right to do what he did but he was naive – I love him for it. Other than timing, there is no difference with Savage and his scarf albeit that is not a justification just a plea that consistency must be shown on all occassions. And that the Direby player intervention forced the mellee onto the hordings which would not have happened otherwise.

    As for the Mutton Moaners and NumptyNigel – they can swivel till it hurts

  18. NFFC. I have found this video which can be used for th FA enquiry. Shows KFC waving a Derby scarf at the Forest fans in A block plus Savage shouting up at the Forest fans in the Bridgford end waving the scarf up at them not to the Derby fans. Also he is running a lot nearer the Forest fans in the Main stand than Tyson was to the Derby ones.

  19. Aaron davies has gone to brighton long loan period

  20. Seems like not much is going to happen there! We probably would not have spent money in the first instance, and can rely (we’re going to have to at this rate) as and when things go a little sticky at the back.

  21. ernie stays, great news. cos he is good and his name is on my boys new home top !!!!

  22. Good man jake savage has got even more to answer after that hes a talentless long haired mong.I forgot how bad his celebration was

    U reds

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