Davies responds with dignity – and accuracy – regarding post-match incident..


Billy: Actually bothered to review the facts before commenting on Tysongate

If you didn’t hear it live (as I didn’t) then I strongly recommend listening to an interview with Billy Davies on 5 Live this evening regarding the incidents after the match with Derby County (Start listening from about 5:20 seconds – unfortunately there’s a cut to speak to the Newcastle United manager and then another one shortly after).

Unlike his peers from the Rams who opted to vent inaccurate stories immediately – Billy has clearly carefully reviewed what actually happened and responded with great dignity and professionalism.

Whilst I like many fans have been taken up in the banter, and I certainly don’t claim to be a remotely professional representative!  I am very glad, though, to see the powers-that-be conducting themselves so well in a media who have jumped on a Savage and Clough inspired bandwagon in a spurious attempt to compromise the investigation the FA will be conducting.

The way in which comments from Clough, Savage, Teale and Glick (their CEO) is rather insulting to the Derby County fans.  In scenes that were certainly comparable with those featuring Robbie Savage back in February, there was no significant problem with the Forest fans – and I don’t think there would have been with the Derby fans either had their squad not intervened.

Well done Billy – unfortunately the majority of people will still be spoon-fed the inaccurate events disappointingly repeated parrot-fashion in the media – but I hope that with the raft of pretty clear evidence available the FA investigation will disregard any consideration of disciplinary action against Tyson – or indeed Forest.

The vast majority of the incident is wrist-slapping territory for both clubs – the only serious investigations in my opinion should pertain to which of the Derby County players and staff were inflicting punches on Forest players.  And frankly, I think it would have been pretty pointless for Forest to have raised complaints regarding it – how delicious it would be if the FA came to the correct conclusion in a review that Derby have pushed for so strongly.

Congratulations again Billy, despite being wronged by divisive and spiteful rivals and by completely ignorant journalists, you’ve come out with great credit both for yourself and the club.  Whilst Derby are left looking like the sad embittered folks they are – and boy did they do a good job on distracting attention away from the fact they lost!

Don’t worry, we’ve remembered!  And we are loving it!