Tysongate: Savage should STFU.

Apparently Robbie Savage (of all people!) has continued his on the pitch nonsense with some off-the-pitch insults towards Nathan Tyson in the aftermath of yesterday’s game.  Let’s take a view of what actually happened from eyewitness accounts.

  • Full time – celebrations from Forest fans and players alike.
  • Nathan Tyson takes a corner flag from a ball boy.
  • He waves it at the A Block.
  • He makes his way across the pitch (ON the playing surface) to the Forest fans in the Brian Clough stand.
  • He is intercepted and assaulted by Derby players (Dean Leacock)
  • A melee ensues which drags the incident towards the Derby fans

And that’s pretty much it.  Any decent-minded Derby supporter, and that is what most of them are, would have taken no umbrage at all had he been left unmolested to make his way to the Forest fans.  He was inciting nothing, he was celebrating – and he had every right to.  He never left the playing surface, until attacked by Derby players, and he never directed anything towards the Derby fans.

Roll back to last year, Robbie Savage danced infront of our fans waving a Derby scarf in the air at full time.  It wasn’t palatable, it wasn’t nice, but that was DIRECT incitement.  So how he can have the audacity to claim anything against Tyson when he was HE and HIS TEAMMATES who attacked him is completely beyond me.  If the authorities are to take this investigation seriously then they should find charges against the Derby County players who kicked off (or rather punched off) the whole episode.

The incidents in East London in the week have no relevance to this incident at all, and shame on the national media for being a bunch of ill-informed lazy bastards to even suggest such a thing.  May I suggest dropping a line to The FA if you feel as strongly about this as I do?  Their contact details are here.  Because if Forest are given any kind of punishment for this it would be ridiculous and unfair.

I am very disappointed that Nigel Clough, a man famed for fair play as a player, has allowed his club captain on the lose in the media like this.  Very disappointed indeed.  And indeed that he’s happy for his players and staff to start brawls on the middle of an opponents pitch after losing.  Just accept it Rams, you lost – and that means we celebrate.  If you don’t like that, you could have just gone back to the dressing room and sulked there.

Unfortunately, Robbie Savage is well-connected in the media so I fully expect his frankly obnoxious behaviour to go unchecked whilst a scapegoat is made of Nathan Tyson, which would be ridiculous.  You only have to look at the fawning of Garth Crooks, Manish Bhasin and Steve Claridge in his favour on The Football League show to see that.

As for the investigations – hopefully the FA have a look at whose players were throwing the punches.  Because it wasn’t ours.  Who would have thought that a team under our Nige would be such a bunch of graceless cheating bastards who can’t take their own medicine?  I am actually saddened, I had hoped for so much more from him.  Judge for yourselves, incitement or assault by the Derby players?

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  1. For what it’s worth, this is what I sent to the FA.

    Hello there,

    I am emailing you as an eye-witness to the incident I understand is under investigation by the FA.

    My concern is that the media currently seems to be portraying a rather inaccurate version of what happened, and seems to be laying the blame for the unpleasantness at the door of Nottingham Forest, and indeed Nathan Tyson.

    The incident, as I saw it, involved the Forest player obtaining a corner flag to celebrate WITH THE FOREST FANS. If you watch the footage, you will see that he never gets closer than the six yard line when infront of the Derby supporters, until he is attacked by Dean Leacock of Derby County, and a number of other Derby players/staff.

    Had he been unmolested by the Derby County players he would have made his way to the Forest fans in the Brian Clough stand and completed a lap of honour – which is not what I would describe as inciting anything other than celebration with his own supporters.

    It disappoints me to hear Robbie Savage commenting in the media regarding this – this very calendar year at the City Ground you would have found the same Robbie Savage very directly inciting Nottingham Forest supporters after a Derby victory by waving a scarf right infront of Forest supporters.

    The difference between these two incidents? Nottingham Forest players did not attack Robbie Savage, and there was no incident.

    I hope you take these matters into consideration rather than just asceding to the chosen media scapegoat and charge Dean Leacock and the players of Derby County involved in the affray. Take time to review the footage and have a look at which of the two sets of players/staff are throwing punches.

    Kind regards,

    Nottingham Forest Season Ticket Holder

    • Spot on, can i ask what email you sent it to as i would like to have my two pence worth too!

      • I clicked the link in the article and registered for a FAN number in order to send the email – frustrating there’s no address to send it to!

  2. YOU REDS!

    Enjoyed making this!

  3. Spot on NFFC. Savage is one nasty piece of work who in my opinion is everything thats bad about our game.

    In the incident where he fell (on purpose) on top of Majewski, when “pushed” by McCleary he dropped like he had been shot by a sniper. Interesting though, when the ref came over he picked up the ball, put it down and ran off.

    He then came face to face with Dex but quickly ran off AGAIN.

    This man is a liver lilled coward who does nothing more than incite trouble. And when trouble kicks off hes no where to be seen.

    Easy to understand why hes the most hated man in football.

  4. Its very hard to remain impartial about this as I’m naturally going to come down in favor of Nathan. But your video evidence to me suggests that if the Derby players hadn’t got involved then none of this mess would of happened. It was their reaction not the Derby fans which caused such ugly scenes and credit to the the Derby fans really because it would of been quite easy for them to get on the pitch and cause a full on riot.

    It also must be pointed out that there are clear pictures of Derby players throwing punches and still trying to get at whoever it was who Chris Fairclough was Shepherding away. (I think it was Dexter). This is one of the biggest case of sour grapes and bad losing I think I’ve seen in football.

    The other day I was having a drink with mates and the subject got round to who would just like to get rid of. Just not have them in the public eye anymore. Obvious choices like Jordon, Paris Hilton and people like that came up. My choice was Robbie Savage and he has only cemented my opinion of him. I am seriously surprised that this man doesn’t get smacked every time he steps out his house.

  5. There were no Forest fans in the Brian Clough lower stand where he was running to with the flag, just the black netting, surely if he was running to your supporters he would have ran back towards the half way line or towards the Trent End. You only have to look at the direction the flag is pointing to see he who he is aiming at. He knew what he was doing – most of your fans are housed in trent end and left hand side of the clough stand so why run towards the away end. Very silly boy!

    • There were Forest fans in the Bridgford End. Lots of them.

      I was one of them. Don’t be silly 🙂

    • erm, if only ‘throwthebookathim’ had taken the trouble to look behind him at the upper tier of the Bridgford End, he would see it was entirely filled with forest fans.

      And on the subject of ‘very silly boys’. . .Robbie Savage, what a complete and utter tw*t

  6. IMHO this whole thing has been blown up out of all proportion!

    Robbie Savage obviously has a serious problem with Nottingham Forest as a football entity to have said the things that he did after the match. He is just jumping on the band-wagon with the media concerning a totally unrelated incident in London. Let’s be honest now, both Derby and Forest have no problem with on/off the field football-related violence at the moment and have not for some time.

    The Derby Players over-reacted to what was clearly going to be a lap of honour lead by Nathn Tyson around the pitch. Dean Leacock clearly had lost his temper and flipped for a second. If he had kept his cool nothing would’ve happened. Silly boy!

    My hope is that the FA look at the incident and simply charge both clubs with failing to control their players and nothing more.

    Good game though and well done to both teams for making it one of the best Derby’s of recent memory. It’s a shame that Derby’s “captain” appears to always want to spoil things – please take note Nigel. Also, Dickov appeared to have meant the appauling challenge that forced McKenna to exit play before time. Again, something I wouldn’t expect from a Clough team. Funny how both individual’s are ex-LCFC players?

    I will sign off with one final comment about the two-week international break – For God’s sake NFFC Transfer Committee get a left-back and a centre-back in before Tuesday night! Cohen is lost at left back and we will need him in midfield if the McKenna has a long-term injury. Chambers is playing his socks off but has himself stated the defence needs cover. Come on MArthur, Pleat et all, get it sorted!

  7. I have no problem with them celebrating – it has been 6 1/2 years after all. Just seemed like a conscious effort with Billy and Tyson – Billy ran onto the pitch towards the away end straight after final whistle, why do that when your vocal fans are in the A block and Trent End and less than a 25% of your fans are in the Bridgford End?

    • I don’t think they work out the %ages.

      Our vocal fans are A Block and Upper Bridgford. That’s the direction they headed.

      Do you hold a similarly dim view of Robbie Savage’s antics before yesterday’s game, and after your victories at the City Ground?

      I doubt it.

  8. He would if he could count.

    We’ll see what impartial people think of it, more people seem to be agreeing with me at present and I assume the FA will but we’ll see. I don’t remember anyone mentioning Savage until yesterday but obviously Tyson took offence.

  9. Yes, both Davies and Tys knew what they were doing in celebrating toward the Derby fans, exacting revenge!

    But, after we have waited what seems an endless time after Lily Savage’s previous antics, within the context, Tyson’s actions were very understandable . It certainly doesn’t make the actions of certain Derby players acceptable. It was a terrible instance of petulism and sour grapes. And to suggest that Forest players cannot celebrate with those of us in the Upper Bridgford is ridiculous.

    Nonetheless, I suspect, Tys and both clubs will be punished.

  10. That was nothing short of legendary from Tyson. Don’t really care what he does for us after this, he’ll always be a red. It was hilarious.

    There is very little doubt for me that Tyson was blatantly gloating in front of the Derby fans, he was looking and laughing at them for the entire time he was making his way across the box. I saw it clearly from A Block. Genius!

    The aftermath was just handbags at dawn due to some bruised egos and adrenaline rushes. Hope the FA act sensibly and just leave the whole thing alone.

    Savage did his best to rile up the home fans during the warm up, so it’s very hypocritical of him to give a lecture on how they should be better behaved after the scenes at West Ham in midweek. To be fair to him, he isn’t blessed with the greatest intelligence though.

  11. I agree with you Ryan, we all know savage is a wind up merchant but all I’m saying is Tyson took it a little too far, maybe he had been seen Graeme Souness when he was in charge of Galatasaray and he planted a flag in the opposition centre circle. Quite funny if you get chance to see it.

    Fair play to you I thought you deserved the win – looking forward to revenge at Pride Park.

    • how can you be so hypocritical, no forest player went anywhere near savage last season when he was scarf twirling in front of the a block, so dont come on a forest themed website and make stupid comments about nathan tyson taking things a little too far when all he was doing was re-enacting the welsh twats actions from last season – U KNOB

    • So your player took offence to some flag-waving? Boo-hoo hoo, cry your eyes out.

      Ruddy heck & will your players grow up & act like men & accept defeat. It was a fired up local derby with Commons not coping & Savage being well, savage!! At least you’re man enough to accept defeat in a mild manner way & without swearing or dissing as numerous others do.

      Looking fwd to Pride Park too when we’ll beat u again & the Brian Clough Trophy comes back with us. 😉

      Until then, all the best in the league.

  12. Didn’t go yesterday, but watched the entire match on an online stream, but from what I can make out, Tyson wasn’t trying to cause the trouble he caused.

    Yes, he ran across in front of the Derby fans, and yes, he may have goaded them a little, but it was the Derby players who caused the ‘shocking scenes’ as the media have labelled them.

    If Dean Leacock hadn’t charged at him and thrown arms and fists in his direction, then none of the problems would have occurred.

    You would like to think that the FA will use other video footage to make their decision, because they’ll see that Tyson ran along in front of A and B Block first.

    Fine, charge him with inciting the fans and give him a one match ban. Fine, charge BOTH clubs with failure to control their players. But DON’T throw the book at Forest because of West Ham fans on Wednesday, because that would be the only reason.

    Video footage shown on The Football League Show etc… clearly shows Lee Camp, Dexter Blackstock and Chris Fairclough attempting to calm things down, while Dean LeaCOCK, Stephen Bywater and Gary Teale are shown attempting, and at times, succeeding in throwing punches in the direction of Forest players.

    These are the players who should be hit with individual fines, if any.

    The whole thing has been blown completely out of all proportion and for that, the media is to blame.

    • Hi Southern red.
      Could you give me the address of the live stream you saw the match on please? Living in deep west Wales and can’t even get a match on the radio.

  13. Well done Tys for the guts to grab a flag & wave it. How many more gutsy Forest players do we have in hidding? 😆

  14. Yes, this incident has been caused totally by the irresponsible actions of the Derby players.

    The FA needs to come down hard on Dean Leacock and anyone who is on film throwing punches.

    If Nigel Clough fails to come down hard on Savage for his media comments then will do the Clough name no end of harm IMO.

  15. I sit in the Trent End so I didn’t have a particularly good view of the incident but after looking at various videos on Youtube, the impression I got was that Tyson just wanted to do a lap of honour around the ground – as anybody would expect after scoring what proved to be the winning goal and getting our first win of the season in a local derby.

    I also don’t think it’s fair to say he specifically waved it at the Derby fans, he’s got the flag in his right hand so if he holds it up its obviously going to be pointed in that direction. It ‘s also worth noting that he specifically waved it back and forth past the Main Stand but just had it held up in the air when going past the Bridgford End (and running directly towards Brian Clough stand). Maybe he should have headed towards the Trent End and avoided the away fans when he picked it up but I think all the Forest players have a soft spot for the A Block, they always sing to Tyson when he’s warming up and it was understandable that he wanted to celebrate with them.

    I am not impressed that all the articles in the press state that he incited the away fans by waving a flag in front of them – anybody who hasn’t seen the incident either in person or on TV is going to think that he grabbed the flag, ran straight to the away end and waved it right in front of the Derby fans which I think we can all agree clearly wasn’t the case. Obviously as a Forest fan it’s difficult to look at this from an objective point of view, but personally I think without the involvement of the Derby players, Tyson would just have continued his lap to the Brian Clough Stand and then on to the Trent End.

    It’s unfortunate this has all come on the back of the West Ham / Millwall game midweek as the whole thing will now be blown out of proportion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FA make an example out of both Tyson and Forest. While a lengthy suspension for Tyson would be (in my opinion) unnecessarily harsh, I’m more concerned about the possibililty of the FA docking Forest points, which was mentioned in one of the Forest forums. I just hope the FA make their decision based on the facts and the footage, and not by the comments made by certain opposition players in the press afterwards,

    Lastly, I also want to say fair play to the Derby fans for not coming onto the pitch and getting involved.

  16. Firstly, brilliant blog mate, it is the first site I look for when I look for Forest news.

    Right back to the topic. It is funny how the media are jumping on the bandwagon (BBC, all the broadsheets etc). I wonder how many actually saw the incident or have bothered to review it properly. Last year Savage took a scarf off the Derby fans at both the city ground games and twirled it around. The second time he went over and did it in front of the A block in the main stand which houses only Forest fans. After the first time he was asked not to do it in the league match by Forest players and respected ex players but he still did. How is that not incitement as it was at the oppositions ground.

    Tyson took the flag off someone on the touch line ran along side the B and A block (Forest only) went over to the corner of the bridgford end where there is a hard core of Forest supporters and was trying to do a lap of honour but was attacked by Derby players who pushed him towards the Derby fans. Now I have seen players in other matches take their shirts off after the match and do a lap of honour at their own ground waving the shirt and no one says a word. If this was at Derby’s ground it would have been wrong (as it was wrong for Savage to do at Forests ground). For the media to suggest this was the same as the events at the West ham vs Millwall match is disgusting and an insult to the man who was stabbed, the people saying this should be ashamed of themselves, they know who they are!

    I can only hope that the FA actually take the time to review all the facts unlike certain parts of the media and see what this was about, a player showing his pride that a) we got our first win of the season, b) We had won the BC cup and c) this was a celebration at our own ground.

    I thought it was an excellent match and thought Derby played well in the second half (bl@@dy knew they would) but am disappointed by the reaction of the Derby players and N Cloughs little digs at the end. Ho hum, thats what happens when Savage is involved. Hope the FA look at his tackle on Rad in the second half and his reaction that got McC booked.

  17. Just in whose book is it written that a HOME player cannot celebrate with his OWN fans after a HOME win?

    I agree that Derby fans, sad as they were, may have believed at the moment that Tys “gave a funny look” or something in their direction. Even if he was looking at Bridgford Upper where our fans are. No Forest fans in the BC lower “throwthebook”? Are you kidding us????

    Do all the media that compared the “incident” to the Upton Park mess know that the latter caused the game to be stopped for about ten minutes? Great, great credit for both sets of fans in our game for not getting involved, things are changing for the better in English football.

    I am also disappointed at Nigel’s attitude. The son of “gentlemen, no swearing please” allowing his imbecile of a captain to make such comments about a club where he himself had blossomed (although I believe in the “Damned United” book it is mentioned that he had Derby posters all over his childhood room.) The Great Man’s probably turning in his grave. And we all know what Robbie Cabbage is all about, even here in Greece. But it looks like he’s got “nice” company across the BC Way. As a Greek proverb funnily goes, “people that are alike made good company, like CABBAGES with manure”! 🙂

    Is Dickov going to be fined for the tackle on McKenna? Are you kidding me? Not even a yellow! Leacock, Bywater, Teale and co., thanks for showing off your “manhood”, I just hope you pay for this even though “that” FA is conducting the investigation.

    And please no Derby fan dare telling me that I don’t know s***te from so far away, I watched most of the game on live stream and several views of the “incident” on youtube.

    Thanks a lot for the win you Reds, it’s good to score five goals even when you win 3-2!!!

  18. Can someone tell me what haircut Dean Leacock asked 4 because something went wrong he needs to get it sorted lol TYSON WAS DOING A LAP OF HONOUR

  19. Hola a todos,

    Soy de Chile, pero fan del Forest desde el 2004, qué bueno ganarle al Derby County despues de muchos (many years)!!

    El árbitro(referee) estuvo mal(bad) al dejar correr los minutos, agrego 2 ó 3 más, sin razón (without reason) …..

    Muy bién!!!.

  20. […] Tysongate: Savage should STFU. « Through the seasons before us.. nffcblog.com/2009/08/30/tysongate-savage-should-stfu – view page – cached #Through the seasons before us.. RSS Feed Through the seasons before us.. » Tysongate: Savage should STFU. Comments Feed Through the seasons before us.. — From the page […]

  21. Nice one fella im dropping my letter to the FA also tyson was aggravated by derby players no doubt.

    U reds

  22. I love your blog nffc, it has become the absolute must view site for any forest related issues.
    Can you be more specific about where to write to (or send an email) for the FA I looked at that page and I can’t work out which department this would be relevant to?
    It is embarrassing the fervor with which the media has taken this after the midweek incidents in London, they are foaming at the mouth to keep this story amped up and in the public eye, we have got to do whatever we can to make sure Tyson is not the sacrificial lamb here.
    Ever heard the expression storm in a teacup???
    On a side note it is a real shame to see what a twat Nigel Clough has become, . I guess this was a day when one old Forest hero lost some of his status, and a new one was born!

    • Thanks matey!

      See Rahoul’s comment below – it isn’t the easiest system in the world – but I think it’s worth as many of us putting our views across as possible.

      I hear what you’re saying about Our Nige – it’s disappointing to hear him resorting to cheap shots and some downright lies in the aftermath of the game.

      I take solace in the fact that he’ll never be a legendary manager, so he’ll have to make do with being a legendary player – in Forest colours.

  23. JMAMH: Use the link provided (http://www.thefa.com/TheFA/WhoWeAre/ContactUs.aspx) then use the “Create/Recover FAN” button at the bottom right to create a FA Number.

    Then return to the original page and fill in your details in the boxes towards the bottom right.

  24. Is Tyson having literacy lessons as well as behavioural therapy, pehaps he shoulk take ‘one cell’ Lee Camp with him, two dummys togeher.

    • Who is running the literacy course? You?

      Togeher? Dummys.

      Oh dear – perhaps you should go back to school yourself before criticising others (for no apparent reason).

      I assume Professor Robert Savage will be running the behavioural therapy sessions?

      How are those sour grapes? Tasty?

      • Yeah Rambo-Bimbo, you look like speaking worse English than I do and write even worse 🙂 I can understand that sheep molesting doesn’t leave you enough time to go to school.
        Nathan is a Forest fan, Forest fan, Forest fan, Nathan is a Forest fan, he HATES Derby!

  25. being objective and trying to understand the FA… Tyson shouldn’t have took the flag… that act in itself will trigger with every jobsworths’ idea of incite, it’ll be one of their 1st points in their manual! “if said impassioned individual grabs some tribal signifier” THEN ZERO IN THIS INDIVIDUAL! 21 SECONDS TO COMPLY!

    Savage’s actual get out; is he is an out and out c**t; there is no passion where he’s concerned and therefore no culpability , just takes his brand of c**t and supposed loyalty from client to client like an every day whore!

  26. that made soo much more sense in my head… sorry

  27. Sent the FA my thoughts. Tyson did nothing material wrong and the Derby players behaved like thugs, captained by Robbie “Thuggish waste of Oxygen” Savage

  28. we won 😀

  29. Good blog this.I was at the game yesterday.What a fabulous first half! The win was hard fought in the end but we desrved it fully.
    Tyson never did anything wrong in my opinion he never assaulted anyone where some of the Derby players did.I hope the FA see it the same way


  30. Great blog! I actually complained to the BBC about their coverage as it was so one-sided it was ridiculous. I would urge others to do the same. I’m now going to write to the FA, and despite the fact he earns much more than me I’d be willing to send Tyson a fiver if he does get a fine.

    • On second thoughts complaining to the BBC was a waste of time. According to their response they think that showing the opinion of Nigel Clough balanced out the nonsense coming out of Savage’s mouth, and that Savage’s employment by the BBC is somehow irrelevant.

  31. Give Tyson the keys to the city. What a legend. Shows he has a pair and was clearly a salute to our fans with Savage’s antics from last year in mind. Something for us to cheer about. If the FA dish out punishment it should be at club level and to both clubs. If it is to individuals then should be Tyson, Teale and Dean Weecock. If Tyson does get a ban then it is worth while. He has gone down in Forest folk lore. Savage is unbelievable. How he has the front to go on air and criticise after his celebrations last year and the provocative warm up in front of A block on Saturday. Proper incitement. What goals, what a result and what a celebration. For me it had everything you want from a local derby.

  32. Dean Leacock has to be punished ! There would have been no problem if he was not such a bad loser.
    Before the next derby Garath McCleary has to learn that savage is a professional wind up merchant and not to react to him,which then winds him up ! garath was lucky not to be sent off for his push on the moron !

  33. Quite right Alan.

    If Weecock hadn’t steamed in none of the pushing and shoving would have happened. Or the punches thrown by the Derby players. No wonder Ned Kelly had to be restrained. Hopefully the FA will have numerous camera angles to see what really happened and realise that it was actually the Derby players who inflamed the situation.

    As for Savage, what did you expect. He was outplayed and out-battled by the forest midfield, he knew it and it showed by his histrionics as the game wore on.
    At this point, I think it’s only right to mention Joe Garner. He played Savage wonderfully; tackling, passing round him, and most importantly refusing to be intimidated by him. Smiling at him after a 50-50 and then whispering something in his ear as he walked past, which made Savage squeal to the ref (again) was a joy to watch. Well done Joe!

    We have been on holiday the past fortnight, but my lad and I travelled back especially for this game. And what a good decision that was!!

  34. Oh, and I forgot to mention Nigel.
    He’ll always be a Forest Legend, but how disappointing to watch as he spent the entire match whining to the 4th official. For a gifted player whose vision on the pitch was his main attribute he seems to be a very blinkered manager.

  35. I was in the Greece v England U21 game in Tripoli (160 km from Athens). Ended 1-1 with Greece missing three great chances to win (and I mean great!!!). Scott “I-almost-killed-McGugan-by-mistake” Loach was a real guardian angel in the English goal. Got my “Psycho” book signed by U-Know-Whom and I’m all excited!

    Also showed my Forest T-shirt to Miles Addison after congratulating him on his game (Stuart played him out of position as a defensive midfielder when he came in as a sub bit he did quite well I must confess) and told him: “Rivalry is great, but it’s only a game. Peace.”

    He smiled, and looked quite a nice guy to me (even though he still features in the Derby pack going after Tyson on my desktop!)

    Now you can love or hate it, but that’s the way I see it.


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