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  1. ummmmm, the FA. ummmmmmm

  2. Have you checked out the links on youtube of Saint Robbie and his scarf-waving (FA Cup game)… as he passes the a-block still waving away… doesn’t seem to add up with regard to his pathetic “in front of our fans” argument… selective memory.

    In fact, look how the Rams actually celebratd his display last time…


    Poor losers.

    • Whilst naturally I didn’t much enjoy Savage’s scarf twirling antics, given the circumstances they were understandable, and certainly I wouldn’t and didn’t complain about it. For him to lead the charges levied at Tys is two-facedness in the extreme.

      It doesn’t really surprise me though. This whole sorry saga has reflected very poorly on Derby County FC from top to bottom, but unfortunately the national media – most of whom didn’t actually see the incident – have elected to run with an inaccurate portrayal.

      Our fans didn’t react beyond gesturing (much like the Derby fans yesterday, to their credit). The conduct of Leacock and Teale caused the whole situation.

      • Exactly!!! FB has gone overload with new Tyson groups popping up like rabbits. 1 of the best is the “PETITION: Nathan Tyson to carry Great Britains flag into the 2012 Olympics” 😆

        • Hahahahaha very good one koumbare Yiannaki!!! (Btw I’ll be in Cyprus on the 17th and 18th of September. Ask nffc to send you my email in private and let’s meet file.)

  3. Sadly, given the events of the past week, the inevitable media hype and them drawing paralells, albeit innaurately with Upton Park, I suspect the FA will overreact and make a example of Tyson and/or the club. I fully agree that had te Derby players not intervened then melee would not have been dragged to the edge of the Derby fans but I do believe will take the view that is was they that triggered the event. IMHO if you take an unbiased view of the incident:

    (1) Whatever, your take on the angles of Tyson run, given the events o the week, he was unwise at best, to make a run accross the away fans holding a flag even though he didn’t get nearer than the six yd box until pushed. Be honest, he knew what he was doing Upper Bridgford or not.

    (2) The reacion of some of the Derby players was unacceptable. No amount of provocattion on he fleld gives you te right to throw punches. That is the Ref’s call and if seen/video’d/reported the FA should take action.

    (3) Citing the twat Savage and his scarf last year is not a defence. Put simply 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    (4) Both sets of fans deserve credit for not going on the pitch and….gulp…. especially the Derby fans for not getting involved in the fracas under their noses . That would’ve spelt disaster – for both clubs – and is the major diference between this and the Upton park shocker.

    Therefore I think short-term Forest/Tyson will have action taken against them and as long as its not disproportionate then I guess fair dues. I do hope some Derby players have action taken againts them but somehow I doubt it. Lets face it the FA do not have a good record in this respect.

    All right thats the ‘unbiased’ bit over. Now for the biased bit:

    (1) TYSON is f__king legend and I loved every second of what he did, 2 days on I am still chuckling to myself. Long-term that is what we will remember not any action taken by the FA. Songs will e sung, songs will be sung.

    (2) Very very disappointed with Nigel’s sanctamonious drivel. Guess I expected too much from him but he’s gone down massively in my opiniion.

    (3) Return game is set up nicely but we have to be smart about it.

    • Sorry guys.. that should read the FA will NOT take the view the Derby players triggered the incident! Must wear my glasses when reading it!

    • I hope the FA talk to Kenny Burns as I loved his view of the events – especially his comments on Savage.. spot on:


      Would’t bank on it though!!

    • I never cited Savage’s antics as a wrong – it was unpalatable for us to watch, but he did it, and we didn’t attack him for it. I think a player should be allowed to celebrate a victory, and frankly, I don’t think waving a flag or a scarf constitutes incitement – even if done so more obviously at the away fans – like Savage did (well, to the home fans in this instance).

      • nffc. Noted but we all thought Savage was a tosser for doing that then so I guess the Derby fans can feel likewise to Tyson – that is what makes it so bloody brilliant.

        However, the key difference is timing and whatever you say, in this context, the FA will not consider anything Savage did last year as justification or mitigation for Tyson’s actions. I wish they would but lets face it, had it not been for Upton Park this debate would be occuring hence my point that the FA will over react but in the long-term we will just see Tyson’s actions as that of a passionate Forest player.

        Do I think it is a moutain out of molehill – yes.

      • Exactly giving a 1 or two fingured salute is or even a one arm salut right under the away fans noses is considered as provocotive, not carrying a flag up high as your jogging along the 6 yard line b4 being attacked/confronted/pushed by sour lossers.

  4. i’m still amused by the whole thing but it is tinged with sadness with the media hype, the biggest thing for me though is the last bit of respect i had for ‘our nige’ as you call him, has gone.

    Taking THAT job nearly did it but that was his choice, but making savage captain and thus styling your team around a player like that, and whining in the press about the events makes him no better than any other prat thats had the job in the last 30 years, and i hope he fails even more drmatically than any other.

    Oh, dropped the FA an email too, directed them to this site for a real account of the incident, after i’d put my tuppence worth in of course.

  5. It was sad to hear the response from Nigel Clough after the game, I think his reputation has been diminished in a lot of peoples eyes.
    I find it incredulous that Robbie Savage is being quoted and positioned as some kind of morale authority-words fail me!!
    Finally another piece of biased subjective journalism in todays telegraph from ‘David Mckvay’ (i wonder who he used to play for?). He never has an objective (or positive) thing to say about Forest. Also, oh yes, they quote Savage!! Sums it up really .

  6. Am loving the new banner NFFC!

    At least we know Tyson will not be signing for Derby anytime soon, as he has been linked in the past!

    Whatever anyone thinks about his flag waving, he’s a good honest player who has demonstrated through his interviews that he actually cares about our football club. A rare quality in the modern day professional footballer.

    Robbie Savage, on the other hand, is an absolute c*ck!

  7. […] to do with that sort of disgraceful behaviour. Our blogging colleague nffcblog has come up with his message to the FA on this matter, and is also encouraging Reds’ fans to write to the FA (although I […]

  8. Sorry to go off topic, but anyone heard any transfer rumours?

    Time is truly running out….

  9. I tell you what’s annoying me most about this mess. Its that the facts are being quite clearly written about wrongly by the national press/bbc. Your video evidence, nffc, does not show NT ‘uprooting’ the corner flag as every lazy report suggests, he was handed it by someone on the touchline. Also in the Times it suggest that Teale was going over to Tyson to plead with him to stop because of the danger it may incite. What utter crap! he went over to start something and its more because of his actions that really made this incident flare up. If they’d of let NT go nothing would of happened. I’m positive of that. You could say NT was insensitive to the situation but there were 4000 Forest fans above the Derby as well. Can he not acknowledge their support at his home ground?. I could understand it if he was behind the goal doing a dance with the flag. (oh wait a minute didn’t savage do that at the City Ground last year all the way up to the tunnel… The hypocrite prick)

    Now because of the way this is being portrayed in the media I’m afraid that both clubs will probably get punished and Tyson will probably be banned for 3 games. Just so an example is made.

    This has just made the return visit an absolute powder keg. As a result of West Ham/Milwall and Forest/Derby we could be looking at an extreme reaction from the FA and they’ll just stop away fans going to high risk games.
    (even though with our game the fans behaved well with regards to not getting involved)

  10. Write to this email address also to register a complaint, let’s inundate them with complaints from our side about Nathan being pushed/punched by Derby players and THEIR actions almost leading to something more serious:


    Can’t let those scum turn our day of victory into a sour taste, which is what they are trying undoubtedly.

    Use all the links, show them the hypocrisy. I have to admit though, I would be very upset if I was a Direby fan, they have become a bit of a joke in recent years and this is the final straw, can see them having a hard season with only Nige to inspire them, but then again they do have Dickov, aha ha ha haaaa.

  11. To those who’ve already posted ,there are numerous replys to look at b4 you reach the last 1.

    The FA would be a even more of a farce if they charged Tyson for his low-key antics & yes, they were low key.

    Mutton soup or mutton with mint sauce is on the menu for an unlimited amout of time (or at least ’till the next time we meet

    Savage is just well savage, maybe he should be sent to live with the cavemen again & leave us all alone…

    Nathan Tyson is King! All hail King Tyson.

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