Forest vs Derby goals..

Thanks to Matt!  In the interests of good taste he’s only included our goals (not the ones we scored for Derby), with the added bonus of Colin Fray commentary overlaid!

There’s footage of the ‘handbags’ too.  Sore losers, Derby.  Poor show.  What a goal by Majewski.

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  1. Thanks Matt !!!!!
    I don´t know how you did it but for all of us living abroad it was fantastic to see and listen to that clip !!
    I also enjoyed the view of my Nottingham home,The City Ground at the beginning .. Well Done !

  2. Well done Maja!!!

  3. In the commentary it says Derby fans were throwing things onto the pitch, was it season tickets?

  4. […] a harmless celebration turned ugly by embittered Rams players, natural order restored somewhat?  Sit back and enjoy reliving the highlights!  This was our first league win of the season – after an inauspicious start (two draws and […]

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