That boy Kris Commons, went off ‘cos he’s shite!

Apologies for the singular lack of updates, o2 have been down and I have been imbibing rather liberally! First half we were great, second half less so. Net result? We win!

You Reds!

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  1. Though you would be out with a few shandys tonight and well earned I reckon.

    Great atmosphere, your match summary catches it all really but watch this space on the fall out of the events at the end. Papers are drawing paralells with Upton Park already and stiring the pot(aka Daily Telegraph) – tossers. Tyson was rash and yes it was stupd but I loved it.

    Commons – – ha ha ha ha – tosser.
    Savage – – – – Mardy Git – gives i loud but can’t take it.
    Forest Fans – – – awesome today best for years.
    BD – – – bloody brilliant to see him wipping the crowd up at the end and I think it just made the difference and helped steady the ship.

    Me – – – – too many heartbeats used up but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

    And now for another shandy!!!

    • commons is shite? get a grip
      savage can give it but cant take it? was you watching the same game as me?
      awesome forest fans? pmsl you never sell out home or away and even when your nearest rivals are in town theres empty seats.
      as for tyson its a shame the ob stopped us from getting over the boards cause i for one would of battered the %+^%. bu7t theres always pp sure we will have our own back on tyson atleast

  2. Was it really stupid DeepingRed? I loved it too!
    He may have done it for possible abuse he got from the sheep molesters during the game, but I don’t care! Nathan Tyson I love you!
    Tyson is a Forest fan, Forest fan, Forest fan, Tyson is a Forest fan, he hates Derby!
    We scored five goals and won just 3-2, and some press say that “Nigel almost pulled out a historic comeback”? Rubbish! Yeah Nathan, do it again please, bring out the beast in me! 🙂

  3. Anybody know whether or not the Brian Clough Trophy goes to Nottingham after our win today…? Not that it matters much, just for records’ sake. Cheers!

  4. My angle was that given the events of the week, I worry the FA will stamp on him. So in that respet it was unwise.

    But as a Forest fan I make no secret that I loved it, loved it, loved it ….. and so Mr T has etched himself into the hearts of the Forest fans for years to come and therefore long-term well worth it. You beauty!

    Nigel’s wingeing after match comments were a laugh, goalie hardly had anything to do in the first half my arse…pick the ball out of the net 3 times at least..I think ha ha.

    I just loved BD whipping the crowd to a frenzy. Best atmosphere in years! Noise in the Trent End was awesome.


  5. Nigel should read the BBC Match Stats:

    Possession: Forest 50%, Mutton Boys 50%
    Shots on target: Forest 9, Lamb Chops 3 (2 deflected)
    Shots off target: Forest 4, Woolie Backs 1
    Corners: Forest 6, Baa Boys 3
    Fouls: Forest 17, Bleeters 19

    oh and by the way

    Goals: Forect 3, Mutton Medlers 2

    Nothing to do my ar@e – U REDS

  6. just watched highlights on beeb, and commons looked shite as you say! bothe their goals were pretty lucky i thought, especially as we scored them both, and nearly scored them another too.

    think tys will end up with a suspension as it was a bit stupid what with the west ham millwall thing, and the rest of it was all handbags, but the derby players were the ones throwing punches. i suppose its good to see the players and BD so chuffed!

  7. I loved what Tyson did and it will go down in history. The media (particularly the BBC) are trying to create a huge story out of this with Forest (Tyson) as the only culpable party. If you actually watch the footage, Tyson is a reasonable distance from the Derby fans and is making his way to the BC Stand when Bywater and Savage run into him, then all hell breaks out and its Savage that pushes the Forest player towards the Derby fans to create a fracas. If Savage and Bywater had not got involved Tyson would have continued on his lap and the whole thing would have passed without incident. I fear the frenzy being caused in the press/media and the bleating by Savage to SKY and the BBC will ultimately result in consequences for Forest, but I guess there is still hope that the FA will see through all of this and realise that it was actually the Derby players that caused the escalation of events by diving into Tyson. Since when is it wrong for a player to celebrate a victory and how is it in any moe bad taste what Tyson did than what Savage and Commons did infront of a stadium full of Forest fans last season?!

    Also, I hate the way the press and media are so desperate for Nigel to pull some genius out of the bag or replicate something his dad might have done so they can cream over the Clough comparisons – “Nigel almost pulled out a historic comeback” etc – his side went in at half time 3-0 down and we scored both their fluke goals for them, so get over it, he’s not Brian!!!

  8. Just brilliant to see the game meant so much to the forest players. Think the flag waving was blown out of all proportion and would have been a great lap of honour if the Derby players hadn’t intervened. Couldn’t believe Savage’s comments after the game. He was jumping up and down in front of the main stand waving his derby rag earlier in the year, What a mardy tosser!!!

  9. Forget the flag waving we gave them a doooing and it felt very very good from my viewpoint.

    Billys red army ! billys red army !

  10. you beauty…

  11. Very dissapointed in Savage’s response to Tyson’s celebration which was just a mickey take of his; complaining to the press is a joke. Unsure how it is any diferent to him repeatedly thrusting his Derby badge @ Forest fans in the Brian Clough after there was handbags @ nine paces.
    Not that Savage doing that particularly bothers me its just pantomine stuff as was Tyson’s flag-waving celebration so grow up you sheep-shagging, long-haired muppet!!
    Well done Tyson only criticism from me is you didn’t ram it up Savage’s self-righteous arse!!

  12. as brilliant as the nathan tyson flag waving was the defining part of the game for me was lee camps shinanigans with the bleeters when he came to collect the ball in front of the BC stand twirling his arms geeting the forest fans going……… and they hated it !

  13. HAHAHA

    Rams manager Nigel Clough was unhappy with Commons and critcised the 25-year-old, who joins up with the Scotland squad this week for their crucial World Cup qualifiers.

    “He (Commons) has given the second and third goals away,” said Clough.

    “He gave a free kick away on the touchline for Forest’s second goal and gave the ball away for their third.

    “But it wasn’t just that.

    “Everybody gives the ball away, it is the manner in which you do it.

    “He tried to nutmeg somebody in his own half, away from home, in the 44th minute when we were 2-0 down.

    “And then having lost the ball, he just stood still and watched it.

    “Now everything we are trying to instil into the club from the under-9s up to the senior team is about team ethic and team work.

    “That’s why we replaced him at half-time.

    “He kept wandering in midfield and so we replaced him with somebody who would play the position and we looked better for it.”

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