Can’t sleep…

The usual cures for insomnia are strangely ineffective..

The usual cures for insomnia are strangely ineffective..

And so we’re almost there.  I won’t kid you, this game means a lot.  I have lots of friends who follow the church of the lesser Clough, so to turn our recent form against them around would be most welcome.  Most welcome indeed.  Every one who I’ve spoken too has played down their chances, much like I have to them – much like we all did last season too.

The signing of Paul Dickov on loan hasn’t exactly filled many of them with confidence – although given the resurrection Clough Jnr has managed to bring about in another ageing niggly bastard former Leicester City player (one who apparently has some new teeth) I’m resisting the urge to take the piss too much just yet.  However, hardly an ambitious signing, particularly when they are splashing the cash in other areas.

Clough Jnr has been busy playing down the fixture, and backhandedly talking up Forest, whilst Billy skirts around falling into the Kinnear trap of calling it just another game, but almost doing just that.  He is right though, we have been playing well, and we need to be professional in approaching this game.

Whilst of course we fixate on our own lack of league success this season so far – with a particularly poor home record – let’s not forget that Derby’s away record is pretty poor too, they have lost at Rotherham and Scunthorpe, and only drawn at Blackpool.  Their home wins have come against Peterborough and Plymouth.  How many of those teams will be challenging at the end of the season?

For our part we’ve been mostly good.  On our travels we have picked up very credible draws at Reading and QPR, and at home we had a good run out against Bradford, were desperately unlucky to lose to a strong West Brom side, were admittedly horseshit against Watford and deservedly succumbed to a defeat – but have bounced back with a solid performance against another strong contender this season in Middlesbrough (albeit in the League Cup).

Of course, all that stuff is meaningless anyway.  Whilst form and overall quality is a factor in any game, the truth of the matter is I can’t see much to choose between two sides that finished a point apart last season – I am confident that we have strengthened well over the summer – albeit with a continued need for defenders, I’m not so sure that Derby have to the same degree, although the installation and settling of Clough Jnr will see them more stable than last season.

But bejesus do we owe them one.  Our all time league record between one another is still in our favour, but the recent trend is inexonerably in Derby’s favour – so that’s a tide that could do with stemming.  It’s going to be a nerve-racking afternoon for all concerned, but there can be no better way of getting our first league win of the season.  Of course, on the flip side, the Rams will feel the same way about their first away win of the season.

Ho hum!  Be safe out there, whilst it’s a complete nonsense there’s bound to be some silliness occurring as people take the rivalry a little too seriously.  I will be on Twitter tomorrow, the match report will be late as I’m out and about after the game and it will involve drinking, so you’ll probably have to wait ’til Sunday!  Please dear God let me have something good to write about!


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  1. You Reds!! Less than 11 hrs b4 we have some Mutton & new Wolly Jumpers…

  2. don’t forget to bring the mint sauce!

  3. and not a mention of fat boy well done nffc

  4. Last season we had a team of babies out in the FA cup and the leage and we bottled it no question,

    This season derby face a very diffrent forest side with experience and a real goal threat bring it on i say and im slightly saddened to see 2 forest greats on the side of the mutton molesters on the bench.

    U reds

  5. just in case you’re not there (like me!)

    what a goal!


  7. wtf 3-2 :S

  8. I’ve no fingernails left!


  10. Cheers for the link lawi78 im a frigging wreck after that but by goodness did that feel good yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    U reds

  11. Thank God for the final whistle.
    Lessons will be learnt from this game,that´s for sure,and the break is coming at the right time as we need Mckenna fit !! Well done ….Phew !!!!

  12. Lessons to be learnt I agree, but what the hell, they scored on an own goal and a deflection!!!

  13. The players are tired lads you have to take that on board 2 games a week for 3 weeks plus xtra time the other nite,

    U reds

  14. Too close, but hey, 3 points is the main thing & the BC Trophy is on the way to the CG 😀

    What was that with Tyson at the end btw?

  15. YES…just got home and still buzzing. Loved the way BD go the home fans going at the end!!

  16. I think BD was playing a media game. Doesnt mean that much, my ar*e!

    Did you see how he celebrated at the end???

    And all that stuff with Tys and the corner flag was really funny. They dont like it when the boot is on the other foot do they? Great stuff.

    Time for a break and to regroup. Hopefully come back after the international break, refreshed and with maybe a fit defender or two.

  17. What a day! Probably the best support I have ever seen in 30 years of attending the City Ground. A great first half with some brilliant play; faultness. A nailbiting and frantic last 20 minutes.

    It was also great to see the passion and desire to win a game that meant souch to all Forest fans. So it was alright for Lily Savage to wave his scarf but not for Tys to have his and Forest’s moment?! The reaction of the Derby players was sour grapes at their worst, had they left Tys alone there would have been no trouble at all, and their reaction to our celebrations, on our home turf, was nothing short of disgraceful. It was also brilliant to see Billy’s passion for the cause – just what we need if we are to gain promotion in the future.

    But today, Nathan Tyson, not even a local lad, etched his name in Forest folklore!


  18. Top day, best amosphere I’ve seen at te City Ground for years and great to see BD urging the home fans on. Shows his passion and by golly it got a great reaction which I think helped the lads seal the win at the end when they were flagging. Can’t remember the fourth official time board going up at the end but the game seemed to go on forever! Tyson is a hero, but the Daily Telegraph have inevitably draw paralells with Upton Park – tossers – it wasn’t even close to that! Need a few beers tonight to ease the slightly raw voice! See Nige is moaning about the officials, arse, and Savage is such a tosser..he can dish it but not take it.

    YES…6 years of misery ended – – gonna have a few tonight!!

    YOU REDDDDDDS!!!!!!!!

  19. Just read the Daily Telegraph report and agree with Deeping Red …. journalistic bullshite.
    Difference between West Ham / Milwall and here slightly up North in the East Midlands is one thing …. the FANS, both Derby & Forest fans are made of sterner stuff … why? well we had a bloke up here once who played the game the right way for what it was, taught both players and followers to enjoy it … and yes we won things. So keep y’re shandy drinking southern shite talk and paper stuffed firmly up where the sun dont shine ….

    • Spot on Steve but watch that journalistic shite bandwagon roll to stir the pot as they always do.

      PS – nffc a bit later than norm with his match report. Having a few shandys himself methinks and why not, well earned I say!!!


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