In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a football match this weekend..

Let’s face it, we were all looking forward to this a lot more when we were signing players left-right and centre whilst Derby were picking up non-leaguers to boost their squad!  Since then we’ve had a poor start whilst the Rams have picked up a couple of wins already.  With our defensive frailties showing no real signs of abating (although there’s a chance Lynch may be available again), it becomes a daunting fixture.

Of course, after our dramatic reacquaintances last season the Rams very much have the upper hand on very recent results – and with our torturers of last season, Rob Hulse and Kris Commons, available and fit it could be another uncomfortable afternoon.  The Reds need to work hard in the fullback positions to try to stem the flow of crosses from Teale and Croft, Chambers and Wes need to get the measure of Hulse and well – woe betide the player that gives Commons too much room.

That said, we started to show a degree of confidence and attacking penetration we’ve not seen yet from Forest against Middlesbrough – so at the other end of the field it will be potentially just as precarious for Derby’s defenders.  Given Billy’s recent selection, Clough Jnr won’t have much idea which strike pairing we’ll start with, but will need to prepare for all eventualities as those who don’t make the first eleven will undoubtedly be on the bench.

I’m expecting Billy to start slow and cautious, aiming to frustrate before perhaps coming out of our shell later.  Although I’ve struggled second-guessing the wily bugger before – so I could be totally wrong.  The key battle in this game will be in midfield, Savage has flourished since Clough’s arrival at Pride Park, and it will be down to Paul McKenna to keep him in check and to ‘boss’ the midfield.  I’d go as far to say that the result of the game could hinge over which of the two midfielders manages to be most influential.

Certainly it’s the game we look forward to more than any other – and dread with equal measure, with the number of inter-club connections it promises to be just as heated as ever, with Billy Davies, Lee Camp, Robert Earnshaw and Dexter Blackstock (to a lesser extent) eager to put one over their former club – and Nigel Clough and Kris Commons equally keen to stick it to the Reds.  It could be an intriguing encounter, for the neutral.

I think on our day we could get the result – however I’m cautious because we’ve not had many ‘our days’ – good performances have been thwarted by bad luck and refereeing incompetence, whilst toothlessness infront of goal have blighted a number of games.  If we’re firing , we could do well – although even if we’re 2-0 up let’s face it, the final whistle couldn’t come soon enough given recent history.

As ever with these games, I’m both hopeful and fearful.  It will probably be a dull 0-0 draw now I’ve predicted some kind of blood-and-thunder kind of encounter.  It could go either way, will the more-rested Rams be more complacent or will the sharpened Reds still have their cutting edge from Tuesday night?  The only thing I can think is that we certainly owe them one after our last few encounters, come on lads, let’s pay off that debt with interest!

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  1. I think you have the nail on the head NFFC. McKenna v slimy bast*rd Savage may well hold the answers to this contest. I have know doubt who will work the hardest of the two tho!

    BD said recently someone was in for a thumping – I pray with all my heart its someone this very weekend!

  2. I heard a rumour a certain ref is going 2 be the linesman 4 Saturday? Any1 know of anything?

  3. According to here,,10794~1766480,00.html Mr Atwell is NOT on duty @ our game 😦

  4. mckenna to kick lilly savage’s arse all over the park,big wes to upend fatboy whenever he gets the opportunity,superb display of keeping topped of with another penalty save by camp,earnie hatrick,majewski 40yd screamer along the floor hits a coffee cop ends up bottom corner with scum keeper going wrong way,4-0 forest clough jnr sent to stands for final 10 minutes to witness big wes break out of defence waltz round the scum midfield one two with big dele in to penalty area dummy keeper walk ball into net 5-0- loads of scarf waving red and white this time ! perfect, carlsberg dont do football matches but if they did that’s how they’d do em !!

    • Ever thought of a job in Marketing? What a great script – I bet Victor would give some very interesting odds for that result!

  5. NFFC, iv uploaded the middlesbrough highlights on youtube with HD

  6. Heard an interesting one today…. my vet, who is a lifelong Rams fan, reckons Jordon Stewart is on the move from the SheepSh*ggers and Forest are potentially one club who MAY pick him up.

    New one on me this but welcome any comments.

    PS I took my cat in – i wasn’t being neutered myself – before anyone asks!!!!!

  7. We need to keep our eye on Hulse. He fecked us over last season. Can’t help liking Clough though. He was too good a player for us in the past…won’t be wishing him well on saturday though.
    Would be nice to see Lily Savage hitting the deck a few times…and being stretchered off with his teeth knocked in!

  8. We shouldn’t be after Derby’s rejects!…Sheep droppings…

  9. For those of us living too far away or without tickets, I offer this for what it’s worth (and it may not be much as the site can be unreliable):-

    They’ve got the k.o. time wrong, but it might be OK.

  10. (Sorry if this gets double-posted; didn’t seem to “go” first time)

    For those who can’t get to the match, this might be worth a try:-

    The k.o. time is wrong but the games are often watchable with a fast b/b connection.

  11. Derby have just signed Paul Dickov and he could be in the side for Saturday.

  12. 3 in a row…Savage will be swirling his scarf at the final whistle.

    • At least you Sheepies all get given free scarves to go with your free tickets so nobody is out of pocket when Lily goes to you to purloin a scarf to twirl!

      Will you be bringing those charming masks with you, too? 🙂

      • nice one nffc – still amazes me that they find it interesting to read about us and actually take the time to comment ! confussing !!!

  13. i am a betting man and i will tell you lot now .any gambler or betting man who visits this site must now place a bet on paul dickov being the first goal scorer……….no i am not a sheep sh****r i am a true long life forest fan , i have been a season ticket holder for this bet if you want to win money should he play!!!…………………….ps billy davies said in the evening post today that we should treat this game just like any other game (it’s just another game).didn’t jokin here say exactly the same thing about the forest v derby game ??.in my opinion we should treat this as the same as a west ham v millwall game

    • Davies worded it slightly differently and more sensibly, I thought.

      Dickov either to score or get a red card could be a good bet, I think… I’m not sure whether he’ll actually start the match, to be honest.

      As for West Ham/Millwall – I hope you mean in an ‘on the pitch’ sense. It would be awful to see anything approaching the kinds of scenes we saw in East London in the week.

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