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  1. I’m upset that chambers’ goal is not getting the attention it deserves, bbc live text thing said that he had scored with his head!?

  2. The City Ground – the only ground where the crowd get introduced to the players

  3. How many did you get for your 2nd round tie? 😉

  4. We’re concentrating on the big cups – forget all this European Cup and Carling Cup rubbish the Brian Clough Trophy is the big one. We may let you win it one day!

  5. On Forest player it shows extended highlights and our defence was caught out time and again. Chambers goal looks very good when you see it in slow motion. Hopefully the win against a very good Middlesborough side will build confidence.

  6. We’ve nothing to fear from a side that can’t even beat Scunthorpe and Rotherham! Paul Dickov? Don’t make me laugh!

    I think our lads should copy Savage’s scarf waving antics. I’d love to see Earnie score, do one of his somersaults, jump into A block and emerge twirling a red scarf in front of the sheep pen!

  7. I’m saying bugger all about saturdays match. I’m already getting butterflies! I know this is what football is all about, but jeez, I’m nervous as hell.

    Did Chambers mean that…?


  9. “A wet night probably summed up the mood of Forest fans after their neighbours unveiled Sol Campbell across the Trent earlier in the day”

    We don’t care about County or their signings, why does everyone think we do?

  10. £4.5 M for Earnshaw apparently on Vital?? Is this just one of their incredibly wrong reports?

    • Having dabbled in rumour mongering myself, it’s difficult to get them right as there’s so much misinformation out there, so until anything is confirmed officially then salt should be taken with it!

      That said, whilst I really really rate Earnshaw, £4.5m is a lot of cash.

      • exactly my thoughts nffc, but i’d not be suprised to see it materialise ! tribal football have posted up linking us with gareth bale on season long loan now that would be exciting stuff

  11. It’s from Vital who has reported a lot of “rumours” recently, so I agree nffc, until it’s confirmed then I wouldn’t worry too much. Bale coming on loan – or just another rumour?

    • No idea, the chaps at Vital did publish lots of rumours, many of which happened – of course, you’re only as good as your last one though – and that was that Matt Mills was going to sign.

      Lots of rumours around Bale, and also that Newcastle are interested. Maybe Gunter could talk him into a move here?

      He’d be a good signing.

  12. Lads,Your not going to beleive what they put on vital are you?99.9% of the time they are wrong! I will not beleive anything intill it’s on the official site!

  13. middleboro have made a bid, i know that for a fact.

  14. We will never get 4.5m for Earnshaw. If we get our money back I’ll be happy, and as much as some would like him to stay, there is no point having someone earning 15k a week getting splinters all season long. I am happy to let him go as I think McGoldrick is a huge talent, and with one less striker it can only bring more stability in team choice.

    Big rumours that Sonko is pretty much done. Probably a delay as Stoke find out whether Shawcross will be going first.

    I suggested we go for Bale a long time ago, and as much as I believed it was worth a cheeky bid, I would be astonished if he came here, even if its only on short term loan.

    Dreading tomorrow, could go either way, but we’re due a turn of fortune, hopefully it all clicks and we batter them.

  15. The highlights on the BBC sport page are better and longer than these ones! I agree that chambers finish was quality, so much power that the keeper could only help it into the net!! not bad for a back heel!

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