Davies: No signings before window closes..

That’s what I just heard him say in a segment during BBC Radio Nottingham’s Matchtalk programme. To be more accurate, he used the ever faithful caveat of ‘I don’t expect there to be..’ before the statement, so there is still some wriggle-room for it to be a touch of smoke and mirrors.

I don’t think it is, though – once again as a transfer window draws to a close, despite doing some tremendous business early doors we are left frustrated as the sands of time drain away leaving us dependent on the loan system and/or continuing to play a combination of players out of position and players who haven’t yet procen they’re up to this level.

It does seem rather a recurring problem and I must admit I had hoped Billy’s arrival might inject some much needed expedience into the pondersome bureaucracy that out transfer committee seems to be. Sadly it would seem that is not the case, with Davies sounding increasingly as frustrated as the rest of us.

With Lynch still an uncertainty after going off at half time against QPR we will once again be looking at either Cohen or McCleary to play out of position against Middlesbrough tomorrow, and possibly again forvtge visit of the Sheep at the weekend. After such a good start in the transfer window I must admit that preseason confidence is waning by the day!

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  1. Can’t believe we are putting ourselves in this position again.

    Assuming Maloney has no recall clause? Shame..

    For all their pondersome activities, I’m sure it was BD’s decision to let Maloney and Heath out on loan, which was nothing short of idiotic, considering he hadn’t acquired back up. That is his fault, not the committee.

    Oh well, another mediocre season, lots of ups & downs, just hoping for a decent cup run for first time in a while.

    Tried my best to stay away from posting here as I know there is no need for negativity from fans but bloody hell…..

  2. Buying all those strikers and no defenders is a little like fitting a supercharger to your Gran’s Corser, but nothing is done until its done. I still fully expect two defenders in and Earnie gone before the close of the window.

  3. Corsa, sorry.

  4. I think we’ll be alright this season. I know we are short at the back but other areas of the side have been strengthened and with some decent youngsters too so there’s a bright future there. We’ve added a touch of experience too and while I appreciate we needed defenders this season (if the plan was for the older signings to play top flight football) I don’t think that is the plan. As and when we do get promoted we’ll strengthen again – the Adebolas and McKenna’s may even need replacing. In the meantime we have a better side than last year going forward meaning more goals. Better organisation at the back should help stem some of the goals conceded making a positive overall improvement in Billy’s first year. January and next summer are the time we’ll need those final jigsaw pieces and this is the time we should expect to mount a serious promotion challenge. Stay positive guys it’s been a good summer by our standards

  5. Davis may have been promised defenders ryan but old pervy pleat hasnt delivered.Perch and wilson back in 2 weeks i am reliaby informed but we need quality at the back thats for sure.

    Stay calm fellow reds it will come together.

  6. As I wrote last season, “there’s something rotten in the woodshed” at the City Ground and are we not seeing this BD vs. Pleat issue as yet another symptom of that same malaise?
    BD is still in credit in my book and I wish him well in all these machinations. We’ve made a poor start and he wont need us to tell him that. He’s the best prospect we’ve had for years.
    Yes, NFFC, your masthead “Is there a storm brewing at the City Ground?”
    (26/8/09) is surely correct. I doubt we’ve heard the end of this one.
    However, if we can just produce a good run now, the storm will die down and we can all feel more positive about OUR team and ignore Mr Pleat.

  7. I think BD is two steps ahead of the transfer comittee… Earnie will go, although he has been great for us, this is good business by the club because we are recouping the transfer fee for an ageing player. His boots will be filled and more besides when McGoldrick & Blackstock get a run of games together, no doubts they will clock up 30 goals between them. Also 5 strikers is still one to many, in my eyes at least. The transfer leaves some change in the pot for January, when BD can better assess where money should be spent…. What is inevitable is it would mean loan signings, we can get fringe prem players (Bale & Sonko) on short term loan deals with a view to sign in January, if they’re on board the transfer comittee has 3/4 months to sweeten them up. They haven’t had any problems getting loan signings on permanent deals thus far, the lure of first team football will more than make up with the drop in wages. & when we don’t quite make playoffs this year we will ‘fine tune’ and romp to the league championship next season, especially as it can’t be anymore challenging than this year!

    • I fully expect there to be no signings this week, followed by a couple of loan signings next week as we have a further 7 days to get players in on loan. Don’t think this is a bad thing, as Tom says a couple of fringe premiership players to come after their squads have been finalised this weekend and then these players maybe signed up in January. Not sure Earnie will go (yet!) as can’t imagine an offer of less than £4m would persuade the board to sell unless it finances a deal for some defenders.

  8. Hang on – according to you, Billy Davies said: “I don’t expect there to be.. no signings before window closes”

    Now Billy’s not one to jive talk, so that means he must be expecting to sign someone!

  9. It comes at a little bit of surprise. I didn’t hear the snippet though from your words, NFFC, it sounds like Billy has given up trying. That could be worrying. After Forest have employed such tat for managers for so long, we finally get a good one then p*ss him off by not letting him do his job properly. It may not be that severe, but the seeds of doubt are sown into our bright future. But then again, people talk a load of sh*te in football all the time. Maybe our manager is just being pessimistic in case they don’t get anybody. Secretly, I bet he has his fingers firmly crossed that Forest haven’t gone all mardy because they couldn’t get Mills. I can’t believe it’s a question money as they were prepared to pay handsomely for Mills. Oh to be a fly on the wall at the moment. I hope this is all bullshit and Forest manage to get one of their growing list of targets before the season closes, and as Paul and Alex suggest, two lonees until January isn’t a bad idea either. All in all, I’m just a bit gutted with the negativity and disappointed that the manager has given up before the season has really begun.

  10. P.S. I’m not saying it’s all Billy’s fault. Something must be going on for him to not only imply a rift in the background, but twice in a week come out and say that the prospect of new defenders is looking bleak. Though if there is a rift, I can understand his negativity. It’s just not that nice to hear that your manager has highlighted a desperate need (and all the fan’s know it too), and now he is saying that there is no chance of reducing that need.

  11. said a while back on here that one of our better players would be sold to fund billy’s transfer activities and if an offer anywhere near the £2.65m comes in for earnie he will be sold, and if it is newcastle with our former and now forest hating manager who would love to put one over on us, expect them to come knocking for some of calderwoods other better buys for forest.

  12. Rammy’s will be done on saturday – FACT!

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