New away kit confirmed – and it’s disgusting!

Benno: "Are you sure this isn't an April Fool?"

It wasn’t the best-kept secret in the world after Kitbag inadvertantly listed the kit early, and it was spotted on sale in a local sports shop.  Forest have also decided to make it available early too on their online web shop.  Our new away kit is indeed the black and blue checked/split abomination previously featured on here, but this time modelled (still sans sponsor) by Julian Bennett.

As with the home shirt, the badge is post-applied in a ‘patch’ form rather than directly embroidered onto the fabric (like last season’s shirt), and it also sports an out-of-date Umbro logo suggesting that this, and the home kit, are something that might have been hanging around in a warehouse for some time.  A cheap option?  They certainly look like it.

With the home shirt I was actually pleasantly surprised to see it ‘live’ in the preseason friendly against Stoke.  It didn’t look that bad on the players – but having encountered fans wearing it, as well as inspecting it up close in shops, it’s just – well – poor.  It’s shiny and horrible, it doesn’t look particularly good quality and, frankly, I’m amazed that anybody with the responsibility for decision-making thought that either of these kits were a good idea.

The shorts: A different shade of blue for good measure

For a start, last season’s home kit is excellent.  I really like it, and given that it was only ‘live’ for a year, I would have expected Forest to keep it for another season – this home kit too, thankfully, is only going to be current for the 2009/2010 season, so we won’t have to tolerate it for long.  The only positive I’ve drawn so far from this seasons kit offering is the option to have it without sponsor logos.

However, given that with or without sponsor logos they are both bloody horrible, I think I’ll just stick to my shirt from last season and hope that somebody with some taste has some input in next season’s design.  Clearly other folks do like the kit though, I’ve seen plenty in and amongst the fans this season, so maybe it’s just me – what do you think of our kit selection this season?

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  1. It could be worse… Have you seen Newcastle’s away kit? It certainly has to go some way to beat that yellow kit we had around ’95. It looked like a BBC micro computer had puked all over it. See link.

  2. FAIL

  3. It looks cheap, tacky and out of some sports clothing catologue where you buy in bulk so it makes it cheap. I hope they never get to use it. The brazil look alike shirt from a few seasons ago was much better.

  4. At last week’s watford game I tok my daughter into the Forest shop to buy the new home kit – she took one look at it and said “it’s OK, I’ll keep last year’s kit, thanks”!!

    Re; away kit – I’ve sponsored JB’s away kit again this year and having seen the photo above wonder if it is too late to change!!??

  5. looks like a sunday league pub kit

  6. The shirt doesn’t even go with the shorts – thats before I start criticising the shirt design!

  7. I went to look at it when the shop down the road was selling it early and i’m not convinced. It looks horrible close up from a distance it will probably look ok but i wouldn’t want to wear it (i’ll probably go and buy it now i’ve said that!)

  8. Its looks amazing!! Its another level of sexy…

  9. Well guys, sorry but I do like it a lot and much better than the home kit I purchased before the WBA game when I was in Nottingham. Wish it had come out some days earlier! Black and blue with a touch of our beloved red – and I don’t mind the checkers at all. Sadly (although fortunately for you all I guess!) I can’t see us wearing it before our visit to Crystal Palace in late October (I think we are going to play in red v Wednesday, Ipswich, Plymouth and Peterborough). But if all UK-based Forest fans think it’s awful hopefully its price will drop very quickly and I’ll be available to buy it at a real bargain!!! 🙂

    • vassilis – we wont wear it against palace either cos they play in claret and blue – too similar.

  10. Totally off thread- but look at this story- surely we could hijack this deal…..????

  11. I think Nike designers are the way to go. Umbro is simply too archaic in their designs and the materials used. I seriously feel the quality of our kit design and materials have regressed.

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