New away kit confirmed – and it’s disgusting!

Benno: "Are you sure this isn't an April Fool?"

It wasn’t the best-kept secret in the world after Kitbag inadvertantly listed the kit early, and it was spotted on sale in a local sports shop.  Forest have also decided to make it available early too on their online web shop.  Our new away kit is indeed the black and blue checked/split abomination previously featured on here, but this time modelled (still sans sponsor) by Julian Bennett.

As with the home shirt, the badge is post-applied in a ‘patch’ form rather than directly embroidered onto the fabric (like last season’s shirt), and it also sports an out-of-date Umbro logo suggesting that this, and the home kit, are something that might have been hanging around in a warehouse for some time.  A cheap option?  They certainly look like it.

With the home shirt I was actually pleasantly surprised to see it ‘live’ in the preseason friendly against Stoke.  It didn’t look that bad on the players – but having encountered fans wearing it, as well as inspecting it up close in shops, it’s just – well – poor.  It’s shiny and horrible, it doesn’t look particularly good quality and, frankly, I’m amazed that anybody with the responsibility for decision-making thought that either of these kits were a good idea.

The shorts: A different shade of blue for good measure

For a start, last season’s home kit is excellent.  I really like it, and given that it was only ‘live’ for a year, I would have expected Forest to keep it for another season – this home kit too, thankfully, is only going to be current for the 2009/2010 season, so we won’t have to tolerate it for long.  The only positive I’ve drawn so far from this seasons kit offering is the option to have it without sponsor logos.

However, given that with or without sponsor logos they are both bloody horrible, I think I’ll just stick to my shirt from last season and hope that somebody with some taste has some input in next season’s design.  Clearly other folks do like the kit though, I’ve seen plenty in and amongst the fans this season, so maybe it’s just me – what do you think of our kit selection this season?

Is there a storm brewing at the City Ground?

David Pleat: Time on his hands could be time spent with Forest..

Right, I’ve had some ponder time.  Mainly I wanted to reflect on being concerned about the dischord that is clearly present backstage at the City Ground – however, before I get on to that, I found one of those holy grail things – a match report from a neutral.  You see, I know from reading my reports that I’m biased as hell – as are most ‘fan’ reporters – and newspapers generally are too, well, crap.  But this chap is a footy fan, but not a Forest or QPR one.  Interesting – and reassuring – reading.

Anyway, being homebound whilst Forest were on their travels I had Radio Nottingham on – and both before AND after the game Billy saw fit to mention the transfer acquisition panel.  And he did so with minimal provocation from BBC’s Robin Chipperfield who was conducting the interview.  Whilst he didn’t openly criticise it, his comments – to me at least – were underpinned with a more barbed sense of bitterness.

Personally I tend to side with John McGovern’s comments on air before the game – Billy Davies ultimately is the man responsible for achieving the aims of the board.  He will certainly be the one that gets the chop if things continue to not go well, and the transfer committee – the same committee who were in place with the former manager – will remain in place.  Now, my memory isn’t short enough to understand why Nigel Doughty has installed a number of checks and balances.

Two words, David and Platt.  However, it feels like we’ve created some kind of bureaucratic nightmare that allows our opponents to steal a march on us when sealing the deal for targets.  I’ve heard at least one alarming example of this – a target had discussions, agreed in principle, then delayed (by Forest) at the last minute only for another club to pop in ready with a contract all ready to be signed.  It’s no wonder he felt more wanted by the other club.

When Davies is identifying targets and putting them to the panel, and they aren’t signing them, then it’s hard to be too harsh on the manager.  Simplistically people say “Well he’s spent £5m+, what more does he want?”, but whilst it can sound like whining, he is right when he says he’s getting Forest up to standard for this level – something which Smoulderwood really did.  It’s just ironic that defense-strengthening – something Smoulders ignored completely – is proving difficult a level higher this time around.

If David Pleat ‘having more time on his hands’ means he can get his finger out and do his part of the acquisition committee quicker – then great.  But certainly Forest need to slicken up their activities in the transfer market otherwise we will continue to miss out on players.  Given some of Davies’ past signings (particularly for Derby) I can understand Forest’s caution – but let’s not make the poor fella operate with one hand tied behind his back.

In other news (okay, rumourville), apparently Earnie is attracting the interests of Newcastle.  Much of this seems to be borne from Smoulders ‘scouting’ him – given the fact he managed him for a while, that seems unlikely!  The rumoured price of £3m would seem ludicrous – I would want more if we were to sell him, and I would prefer to keep him.  Meanwhile our search for a defender has apparently seen us look to Stoke for Sonko, as well as Harley from Watford (and Dawson from Spurs on loan? Surely not!).

One former target we were looking at has undergone a horrific ordeal – West Ham United’s Calum Davenport was attacked in his home, stabbed in both legs and requiring emergency surgery.  His mother was also attacked in the same incident.  Whilst it is early to say, it is being reported that he may not play again.  Naturally my and I’m sure everybody else’s very best wishes go to him and his mother during their recovery.  Two men have been arrested, hopefully the bastard responsible is caught and punished.