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Forest go to Loftus Road still seeking their fourth attempt, this will be our fourth attempt having mustered a draw at Reading, and two defeats at the City Ground courtesy of West Brom and Watford.  Certainly it’s too early to panic too much, but naturally fans and club alike are keen to register our first win of the season – although an away trip to QPR isn’t necessarily the most obvious of places to go seeking one.

That said, former Hoops Lee Camp and Dexter Blackstock will almost certainly be eager to impress against the club who sold them to Forest (by all accounts for bargainous prices!), and away from the sometimes over-bearing sense of expectation at the City Ground the players may feel more confident to play their game without the customary moans and groans some of our home ‘fans’ unleash with minimal provocation.

The good news is that Luke Chambers is available for selection following his suspension – so we should at least have the opportunity to field four defenders.  The bad news is Kelvin Wilson has had a further problem with his ankle, so has gone from a possible inclusion to a definite long term injury.  I’m still not really massively convinced by our defensive unit – but well, it’s a chance for Chambers to make amends.

Another injury setback is of course Lewis McGugan’s fractured cheek following his head-on collision with the Watford goalkeeper’s knee in midweek.  He’s likely to be out for around a month and a half.  I am expecting Billy to put Chambers straight in at centreback, Lynch to left back and perhaps put Cohen straight into central midfield with McKenna – although Majewski did show promise against Watford on tuesday evening.

Bennett, Perch, Moussi, McCleary and Wilson of course remain sidelined.  Forest need to heed the advice I gave before the Watford game really – and attack from the off, because clearly we need to keep pressure off the defence – and of course, make the most of our attacking options to put QPR under early pressure.  That’s rather a challenging statement, I suppose, as the away side and underdog.

However, that’s exactly what Watford did to us from that position – and whilst we of course abetted them greatly with an appalling defensive performance – it was the endeavour and pressure our visitors created that gave rise to those frailties.  We really could do with getting a win on the board, and I must confess that I’m not spectacularly confident that we will achieve it – as ever, I’d be delighted to be proven wrong!

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  1. I’m not entirely sure we are the underdog in this one, NFFC. They are a rich club that have up to now failed to use the money effectively. And they haven’t won yet either with slightly easier games than ourselves (barring Watford of course which should have been easier but wasn’t). I agree that Chambers will go straight into the team and that Cohen could well make his first appearance in the centre. It’s his best position by far but I have liked what I have heard of Majewski. I’m more intrigued to know who will play up front. Personally I start with Adebola and Blackstock. Adebola seems a real handful and has also shown some bright sparks. And Blackstock has also been threatening and has scored a couple. Earnie is sharp too but against giant sized defenses and often with a desperate long ball approach, he just cannot compete. One thing I am not concerned about with this team is the attacking threat they pose. Our midfield is pretty solid and has a lot to offer going forward. The defense will continue to be a worry and with Perch and now Wilson out for ages, doesn’t help. I’d like to see a new signing but fear it may never come. Loftus road however is not one of our previously properous places. The only thing I’d like to see is some kind of reaction to Tuesday Night direness. Any much improved performance from the lads and we can get at least a draw. Forest should however go for the win and go for it big, turn on the style and prove that Tuesday was a one off. As ever, always behind them and cheering them on. U reeeds!

  2. Looking at Newsnow every day for news of defenders joining us either on full contract or even a short term loan….Nothing…
    I just don´t understand ,given our situation how we can risk losing more points even at this stage of the season.
    With our speedy attackers we should play better away from home attacking on the break. Normally the first thing you want is a clean sheet but at the moment we are not equipped for that.
    Lets hope for 3 points tomorrow but please lets have someone signed up before the arrival of the sheep !!

  3. forest web site is w%*k, 35 mins and still cannot get a ticket. missing boy playing football. the club always take the piss and dont give a shit

  4. Just listened to BD on Radio Nottingham and Im seriously worried about what I heard.

    Whilst he remained diplomatic, it was impossible not to pick up the frustration in his voice at the “transfer committee” and its inability to secure some quick signings, either permanent or loanees, to shore up the defence.

    As Robin Chipperfield, the radio pundit pointed out, this committee might work when time is on its side so players can be fully researched before being bought in. However in this dire situation, surely BD should be trusted to make some quick decisions and sort the leaky defence out??

    If Forest lose the next 6 games its BD who will get the chop, not the ruddy transfer committee!!

    It would appear to me hes not a happy bunny at having to try and manage with one arm tied behind his back!

  5. 1 down, bottom of the league, Tyson, Blackstock, Anderson, McCleary & Earnie on the bench… wtf!!!

  6. & it should be BD & the transfer commite getting the sack if things go on this way. Earnie is scoring & he dumps him on the bench – sounds as if we got Derby all over again…

  7. A pt to take us out the bottom 3. Was Earnie “rested” for Tuesday or is it the start of his Derby nightmare @ Forest?

    • At least Yiannaki please stop accusing others of being negative when you have this sort of attitude. Just read the match report and you will see whether the team played well or not. Earnie is scoring? Last season maybe??? Please please people stop being so negative, the team is bound to get better and start collecting points.

  8. I think BD was right not to play Earnie. QPR have two giant defenders and when we get nervous and start playing long ball, he has no chance. Also for my money, Adebola has been better and McGoldrick did well against Reading. Blackstock has played a bit and I think BD is still looking for his starting 2 so no problem if he wants to try a few things, though granted it would have been better if he knew before going into the season. According to Vital Forest, Earnie could be leaving to Middlesbrough for 5 mil. Not sure if this is true like so many things they have said (e.g. Matt Mills will definitely sign) but he may not have played as he may be leaving. A better performance against QPR, no doubt. I agree Egor, very cryptic words from Billy. Sounds like Pleat may become full time which will probably only add to the deteriating relationship between manager and committee. Forest should just let Billy do what he wants, within reason (don’t want Foerst to be undone by debt again). He is very confident and at least has shown he is an excellent manager at this level. F*ck Pleat and co right off, let the manager manage the team. U reeeds!

  9. I asked a question? The team line up was not strong & it showed. We’ve a game on Tuesday & we’ve been playing 2 games a week since the start if I rem. correctly.

    Vital Forest can stuff it’s reports up their backside & stop meddling in places they are often wrong. Wasn’t it BD saying NO PLAYERS leaving after Breckin? 6 strikers he wanted & has got.

    Earnie has been scoring in the friendlies don’t forget as was Tyson. Have they been starting?

    I trust BD but results so far are not as pre-season suggested. Am I wrong to have a little negativity or cautiousness? No & suggesting a nightmare for Earnie is remembering the past & being cautious & worried.

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