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Interesting rumours doing the rounds (posting on mobile so forgive the lack of links) regarding our quest to strengthen our defence. Calum Davenport was named in the Evening Post along with quotes from Billy yesterday, which would suggest there will be (or has been) contact between us and West Ham.

There are rumours doing the rounds that we’ve made a concrete offer, which all seem to agree on £1.5m ish (in some cases with less paid up front). Certainly the Hammers seem to want rid, and he fits the bill for the kind of player we need. The usually-full-of-tosh Football Rumours site has a postvthat goes as far as to suggest it might go through today, but not in time for the Watford game.

The same post on Football Rumours had the rather outlandish suggestion that we were after Tottenham’s Gareth Bale on loan with a view to buy. Admittedly there are factors in our favour, we dealt with Spurs to buy Gunter, who is by all accounts good mates with Bale – as is Blackstock. Still seems rather unrealistic to me, but then so did much if what occured during the close season!

So it’s time to stay hooked to the news feeds, I’m afraid, as ever hopefully prepared to be disappointed but hoping to be delighted! Let’s see if this picture of Davenport works from my phone…

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  1. Calum Davenport would be a good signing but Bales would be a dream. Fantastic prospect. with a wicked shot.

  2. Bale would a TREMENDOUS buy but wasnt he in the first team until fairly recently? Gunter and Bale at full backs? Wow thats some line up.

    Mind you I won’t beleive it until I see him pull a Garibaldi shirt on.

  3. I take any rumours like these with a small truckload of salt until they’re confirmed officially!

    • Oooofff!!! Chambers back on Sat, Wilson soonish but still, would a defender have helped? Yes. Let’s not kid ourselves & the defeat be a wakeup call 2 those who’ve been bleeping the promotion train.

      As always, love your truckload of salt!!! Can’t put it better.

  4. Bale would be brilliant, although I doubt it’s anything more than an outlandish rumour, like the type you get on transfer deadline day, when any Tom, Dick or Harry texts in BBC Sport claiming to have seen (insert player here) on Lady Bay Bridge!

  5. Davenport has got to have some credibility to it. It may have a bit of 2+2=5 but hasn’t BIlly come out and admitted his interest? We know West Ham are under pressure to sell players and if we are coming in for a squad player who is being forced to train with the youth academy then I’m sure all parties would jump at the chance to make the move happen. I would be pleased to see him in Red as I think he could do a very decent job at this level. Sounds like he’s lost a bit of confidence and needs a fresh start. Fingers crossed its in the bag in time for QPR as it all looking a bit thin a the back.

    As for Bale, well that would be mega. Why not get Dawson as well and we’ll nearly have Spurs reserve back 4! I remember reading the rumors about Gunter and thinking we’ll be lucky to sign him on loan yet that turned out nicely. Surely though, Bale would be wanted by at least 6-7 prem league sides if Spurs were to let him go. I just can’t see that one happening regardless of blind optimism.

  6. Davenport, indeed, would be a good signing. His lack of confidence is a concern, but a solid run in the forest back four in a lower division could be just the ticket he needs to get back to his potential. He’s young too which means he can improve and get out of this blip. Shittu would also have been nice but the rumours have gone very cold on that one. As for Bale, I agree with AD_BC, there will be many Prem clubs jumping at the chance to get him. Before he went to Tottenham, weren’t a host of top teams trying to get him, like Arsenal and Man U? Indeed he would be an excellent signing but I doubt we really have a chance. The rumours I also saw was that the possible signing of Elliot Ward from Coventry is hotting up. Two centre backs will really help if nothing else. Good luck in the game today, I’ll be listening live as usually, hoping Forest can make minced meat of Watford tonight. U reeeds!

  7. Even playing at leftback, Bale is good enough to turn a midtable championship side in to a promoted one. He’s looked unsettled ever since that injury he got when he first went to Spurs so maybe a loan move to get his head right isn’t that unreasonable. Davenport seems more likely, although he’d be my last choice behind pretty much everyone else we’ve been linked with (guess that’s why we haven’t tried to sign him before).

  8. Can’t see Bale coming, I thought Barca were rumoured to be in for him. Reckon Sol Campbell would still be good enough and he’s a free agent at the minute. Davenport would however still be a good signing and probably the only person linked likely to be donning the garibaldi

  9. Well… If that result doesn’t highlight the need for defenders then I don’t know what does. 3-1 at home is pretty shocking against a side that is pretty ordinary.

    Lets hope we get something to cheer about at QPR. I’ve been to there about 5-6 times now and never seen us win in the league so I’m not holding much hope. Just to put me in an even better mood the twots at the ticket office have only sent me 2 tickets for that game when I ordered 3. I’ve paid for 3 its on the receipt but only 2 tickets. Someone is going to get it tomorrow!

  10. At the moment just getting chambers back seems like a relief !
    We would have been better today with one of the young enthusiastic reserve backs ! They wouldn´t have stood there like dummies letting the opposition score 2 simple goals .
    Where on earth was the vocal organisation from Camp and Mckenna ??????????

  11. whats also worrying is that 4 different striker pairings in 4 games suggests he isnt sure of his best 2. Without reserve team games it means he is experimenting during vital league games and with the iffy start this isnt a luxury that we have! We all know that strikers need to be playing for form and confidence.

  12. Well post-match Billy quashed any Davenport rumours – not that this of course means anything necessarily.

    We really could do with somebody in before QPR though. I’m not convinced that Chambers is the answer (although, as ever, would be delighted to be proven wrong!)

  13. If Bale joins us I will be delighted !, however I do not think it will happen, the loan deal may be agreeable but Bale to me seems like a very hot prospect but then again so did Gunter. Ive always liked Davenport since his Tottenham days and although Bale would certainly be a much bigger signing infact probably our best of the season Davenport seems to be more like the type of player we need. Bennett when fit I believe can cover the LB position but the 35 games he isnt fit Lynch could cover or even Gunter with a when fit Perch moving out to RB. I think with a fully fit squad their is only one position thst sticks out and thats at CB.

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  15. Watched the post match interview with BD and your right NFFC, sounds like he is denying any interest in Davenport. He made it sound like Forest have spent up and will play until January at least with no new signings on the way. Wasn’t it Billy who told the evening post that Forest were looking at Davenport. A contradiction or were the post match comments just a bit of bullshit. No news this morning on any new defenders. With just thursday and friday to go, we may just be relying on Chambers this weekend. Not happy that they are not trying to get anybody new in. If the defence plays anything like last night and no new cover coming in, it could be a long old run up to January (and we all know how good Forest are at buying new players in January). Not losing confidence or hope yet, just a little disappointed that Forest aren’t trying to give solid balance throughout the whole team. They still have time to surprise me, oh I hope they do and bring in Elliot, Whitbread or better still Davenport. U reeeds!

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