Forest v West Brom BBC highlights..

View ’em and weep.  Earnie’s penalty looked pretty bad live, but it’s even worse on the replay!  Or for those of you restricted by geography you may find the below helpful!  I’ve resisted watching them as it will only leave me feeling frustrated all over again!!

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  1. After watching the highlights, nothing but sheer disappoint followed. They don’t show everything of course, but with the amount of chances the Reds had, we seemed to be much the better side, and Adebola’s goal had nothing wrong with it. Lets hope tomorrow’s game follows a similar performance and a result to accompany it. Forest look good, the best I have seen them in a long time. I hope we don’t have another spell of “bad luck” which everything eats away at the confidence. U reeeeds!

  2. I can’t see any highlights..

  3. ooh you click on the link 😀

  4. Yes, sorry 😀 I had a YouTube vid up there which the Football League duly had removed!

  5. Ooh, found some shorter ones.

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