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It’s the first home league game and it couldn’t come against a much tougher opponent really.  Having seen their opening game against fellow big-hitters Newcastle United, it was clear to see our next opponents have retained bags of quality for this level of football – so it will certainly prove a more challenging fixture than we witnessed on Wednesday evening.

That said, a 0-0 draw away at Reading – also contenders this season according to the bookmakers – should give us some degree of confidence, and with goals beginning to flow in the midweek Carling Cup victory over Bradford City, perhaps there should be a degree of optimism too.  Probably not from me though, as I’m a right negative bugger at times!

Tyson should be fit after being stretchered off midweek, which is great news as he is looking in excellent form at the moment.  Earnie and Gunter are back from their largely fruitless pursuits with Wales, so assuming their still fit and well will be back in contention for the team – good news particularly on the Gunter front given he’s one of our three recognised senior defenders currently available!

The sick-list consists of Bennett, Perch, Wilson and Moussi – with Luke Chambers of course suspended for the red card he received at Reading for an altercation with Shane Long, which wasn’t captured with enough clarity to mount an appeal – but the evidence was apparently sufficient for Billy to refrain from fining the defender for his actions.

West Brom have a talented squad – we might see some action from their new signings Simon Cox who made a sub appearance against Newcastle, and of course Forest target Joe Mattock who opted to join the Baggies rather than Forest (assuming we actually bid for him of course).  Jonathan Greening is of course a player to watch out for.

This could be an interesting one.  Certainly the problem of a team camping in their own half like Bradford did won’t happen on Saturday, West Brom are a good footballing side who are unlikely to be daunted by their surroundings – this will mean our makeshift defence will come under more pressure, which is a worry.

On the flip-side, the likely-to-be-more-positive forward play from the visitors should inevitably give our attackers more opportunities on the counter.  I’m not holding out massive hopes for this game if I’m being honest.  Believe it or not we’ve not played them since May 2004 – they were celebrating promotion (mutedly, if memory serves!) but we won 2-0 thanks to goals from Williams and David Johnson.

I am predicting that Camp will be restored to the goal, a defence of Gunter, Morgan, Lynch and Cohen, a midfield of Anderson, McKenna, Majewski and Tyson, with Adebola and I think McGoldrick up front leaving Smith, McGugan, Davies, Garner, Earnshaw, Blackstock and possibly Mitchell on the bench.

It will be great to get back to my regular seat and take in an afternoon’s match at the City Ground though, really looking forward to it.

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  1. I’m a tad negative here too, and another draw in this game will be a suffice result I feel. Of course I hope for better, but if we can ride this early rocky patch beset with injuries and lack of a credible defensive line up, reckon it’ll put us in good stead come September and when the season is in full flow…

  2. I agree with Lawrence in that under the present circumstances a win would be fantastic,worth a few drinks,but I too would be pleased to get a draw… A full house and a good game in prospect…I wish I could be there !!!!!

  3. It’s difficult to disagree with any of the sentiments posted so far. Personally I think people have belittled Newcastle to such a point that they were expecting them to lose every game. Having seen the players they still have at the club, I think West Brom did well to get a point against them. I also think Reading are lacking a serious strike force and don’t see them doing as well as the bookies would have them do. So this game will be a real toughie and with no new defensive signings and a host of regulars out, we could look silly at the back. I can live with a loss just as long as the irons in the fire on potential defensive buys are piping hot and will actually come to pass as it’s just a few weeks away before the window closes. A draw would be very good, a win, euthoric. Good luck lads this weekend. A determined and creative performance, whatever the result might be, would be very pleasing. U reeeds!

  4. That six of your suggested bench would have been ‘first choicers’ last season can only bode well for the season – though any result on Saturday would good.
    I would be happy with giving them a good game, it could be a good benchmark for our progress so far.

  5. I dont think billy will give them any respect hes got the team fired up and i think we will give them a cracking game.

    Far too early for benchmarks but we shouldnt be scared of any team in this leage now.I think west brom if any will be wary of us

    Bodes well for a good game of football.

    U reds

  6. yep, they’ll be fired up so lets hope we dont get hit by an early goal, dam, i’m being negative again!

    thought last week we gave Reading too much respect, dont reckon we’ll be doing that tomorrow, up and at ’em! And if its nil nil at HT, thats when Billy can look down his bench and send on another couple of strikers to run their defence ragged, come on you reds!!!!

  7. The best pre season we have had in years,9 players in ,Blackstock QPRs top scorer,McGoldrick Saints top scorer,plus our Earnie and big Dele,a good keeper a good midfield,the best form of defence is attack,we have got plenty in this side to beat WBA,BOLLOX to all this negative thinking lads 3 points no problem………….

  8. Nice one Mickf !
    By the way when does the transfer window close???

  9. I actually think it’s a very good time to be playing the Albion. Joe Mattock’s narky comments towards Leicester will have delighted Forest fans, but he may have been rattled by the insuing bad publicity – and the combativeness of McKenna could prove useful against a notoriously lightweight midfield.

  10. ffs Earnshaw!

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