Who would be in your top 50? Kris Commons wouldn’t be in mine!

Number one and number three celebrate perhaps their crowning glory!

These are always good articles to stimulate a bit of debate.  Of course, there is truly no metric that you can apply to players to come up with a definitive ‘best’ player, it’s highly subjective.  However, there’s a few weird ones in this list compiled by The Times.  Personally in my limited years I have no particular issue with Pierre Van Hooijdonk making the cut, however, one selection stands out as particularly odd.

Of course, Kris Commons ain’t a popular figure, but I will admit that he’s a talented player who in all honesty I would rather we still had.  But top 50 Forest players ever? Come on!  In a list that doesn’t have (bear in mind my early 30’s age grouping!) Brian Laws, Colin Cooper, Ian Woan, Teddy Sheringham and countless other players in it.  Not to mention Andy Reid who I’d rank above Commons every time!

Despite not being fortunate enough to see him play for us, there can’t be much argument with Robbo topping the pile, nor from me giving Stuart Pearce second place.  Indeed, with highly variable time periods governing my knowledge of players on the list, it’s really only Commons that jumps out as an anomaly. 

What do you think? Who is missing, who should be a few places higher or lower?  For ease here is The Times list.

1. John Robertson
2. Stuart Pearce
3. Peter Shilton
4. Des Walker
5. Ian Storey-Moore
6. Kenny Burns
7. Joe Baker
8. John McGovern
9. Nigel Clough
10. Wally Ardron
11. Duncan McKenzie
12. Viv Anderson
13. Trevor Francis
14. Roy Keane
15. Martin O’Neill
16. Bobby McKinlay
17. Archie Gemmill
18. Grenville Morris
19. Jack Burkitt
20. Sammy Chapman
21. Tony Woodcock
22. Ian Bowyer
23. Stan Collymore
24. Garry Birtles
25. Jim Baxter
26. Larry Lloyd
27. Peter Grummitt
28. Steve Hodge
29. Sam Widdowson
30. Johnny Metgod
31. Roy Dwight
32. Henry Newton
33. Frank Wignall
34. Bryan Roy
35. John O’Hare
36. John Barnwell
37. Steve Stone
38. Barry Lyons
39. Frank Clark
40. Jermaine Jenas
41. Billy Gray
42. Michael Dawson
43. Tom Peacock
44. Neil Webb
45. Liam O’Kane
46. Lars Bohinen
47. Kris Commons
48. Terry Hennessey
49. Steve Chettle
50. Pierre Van Hooijdonk

24 Responses

  1. I would always include Peter Withe – not perhaps a popular choice, but for me an underated ‘old-fashioned’ centre forward who was instrumental in getting that fantastic 1977-78 season started!

    Others; Colin Barratt (simply for that goal against Liverpool), Jack Lester (for his equalizer against Leicester), James Perch (an unsung ‘hero’ for 10 years) and Wes!

  2. Kris Commons??? FFS!!!!!

    Brian Laws, Peter Hindley, Alan Hill, Colin Cooper and Terry Curran Jon Hjelde ALL higher on my list that fat sheep sh*gger!!

  3. Editor: “Hey Dave, how many Forest players can you name?”

    Dave: “About 50, maybe”.

    Editor: “Have it written by Wednesday”

  4. I would put lazy Woany instead of lazy Commons, He was brilliant, I think maybe a 50 worst would be good as well, Rosario, Silenzi and any Platt signing to name a few!

  5. David Johnson,Chris Bart-Williams,David Prutton,Mark Crossley,Andy Reid as already mentioned,Dave Beasant, fatty could’nt lace any of the aboves boots let alone be placed in a top 50 ahead of them plus at least 20 others = fact

  6. David Johnson?! To this day I fail to see what so many fans ever saw in him, besides his one decent season alongside Marlon. £3 million? I don’t think so!

    However, agreed that Commons should not be featured.

    • as for jonno’s one decent season – 29 goals from 46 appearances,play off semi, prolific partnership with marlon harewood 54 goals between them plus he stuck around when the going got tough even showed his love for forest when megson put him up for transfer !!! fatty – 114 appearances mostly swanning about thinking he was better than he was 28 goals deliberately let his contract expire by refusing new offers from forest so that he could f*** off to the sheep dip- no comparison daz

  7. Colin Walsh,Peter Davenport,Einar Arse,Mark Proctor,Kenny Swain,Stuart Gray, all well above Fat Ba@tard………………..

  8. charlie george, stan bowles, flip le flem , ketil osvold, calvin plummer, toddy orligson,

  9. Did we forget Brian Rice???? No, i didnt think we had!! 🙂

  10. Cannot really remember the European Cup winning years (as I was only about 3 yrs old) so I’ll have to take people word for it, but even in the early 90s when we finished in the the top half of the Premiership (old Division 1), I would have to say even Garry Parker and Franz Carr were better than Commons. He is yet to be proved even in the Championship let alone the top flight (one decent game against Tottenham doesn’t count). Plus Woany as many have mentioned. And though he left in ignominy, Van Hooijdonk was better than Commons. Even Marvellous Marlon Harewood. I would have got a kick out of it is Jason (The Pineapple) Lee was in there. Come to think of it, where’s Teddy, Lee Chapman, Nigel Jempson? All these players better than that Fat Twat.

  11. So we have Middlesboro next….Nice tie !!!

  12. I pity the fool who puts commons ahead of sir chett, pity the fool!

  13. Looking through your list is it just me or did I see you name Steve Chettle in the top 50? I must have been at a different game(s)!!! In fact bloody hundreds of them!

    • It’s not my list – as the article says, it was listed on the Times website.

      Even just based on players I’ve watched (first season 1988/89) I probably wouldn’t put Chets in my top 50. Bless him, though.

  14. some shockers in there nffc shilts and keano where world class footballers in there repective positions.And played and won things at the highest level although Robbo by merit should rank up there amongst the top 3 0r so.

    What about hans van brueklen the dutch national keeper who played for us he was brilliant.

    I also think stan the man was as good as robbo on his day what a player fast,strong,great shot ,good in the air.

    • I second that Red Ric, Van Brueklen was our very own Peter Schmiecel in his day & I beleive was the dutch national goalkeeper in the team that won the European championship in 1988. Following in the footsteps of Peter Shilton was not easy but he managed it. As for Stan what can I say?
      Fantastic 2 seasons with us – if only Clough had signed him 6 months before Frank Clark eventually did & paired him up with Andy Cole (another player we watched month after month at Bristol City but never made the move for him). Could have changed our recent history. Still we eventually signed Robert Rosario & the rest as they say IS history!

  15. I really liked Dave Phillips, Kingsley Black and Ian Woan, Not saying top 50 but better than Commons

  16. Robbo was a brilliiant (if a little lazy) player but no-one was more Forest than Pearce – he’d be my choice for no.1. Stan Collymore at no.23? Deserves a top 5 position at least.

  17. Commons, O’Hare (although I’ll never forget being crushed against the fence at Old Trafford when he jumped into the box after the trip by Thompson in the ’78 final) & Chettle
    should not be on the list – Peter Withe, Colin Cooper & Andy Reid should.

    If this is in order I believe Psycho should be first because In my opinion he was Forest’s greatest ever player. Not specifically our most skillfull player but the player you always felt would give 110% and more for the club.
    I felt that when he played it was like watching a fan who had been given a chance to play so was going to run through brick walls for the Club.

  18. surprise, although shouldnt be, at the inclusion of jenas. really really good, but he barely played for us before he moved on.

  19. Spot on ured i think after looking at the list again stuart has to be the top dog he was forest through and through england captain also and he still is forest thru and thru last time i spoke to him in nottingham.

    U reds

  20. Bryan Roy needs to be in the top 50 his partnership with collymore was awesome and Forest finished 3rd in the premiership striaght from the old division 1

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