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How good is it that the BBC not only are showing Football League highlights on saturday nights, but you can get them on their website too afterwards (not to mention iPlayer having the Football League Show on there for a week too!).  We are rather spoiled for choice!  It looks to me that the Reading v Forest highlights are slightly extended over those shown as part of saturday night’s programme – although still no clarification over Chambersgate.

Much has been made of Billy Davies’ post-match comments – a little too much for my taste.  Having been quizzed (again) over the lack of defensive options, I think the frustration he showed at the reporter and indeed the situation has somehow been extrapolated to a full-blown assault on the board.  That’s not how I heard it listening at the time of his comments – but articles like this, including comments from older interviews and an unhealthy slug of assumption, don’t really help matters.

Nobody knows better than Billy that we could really do with a defender or two (or three even), even before injury and suspension issues start to bite – I can imagine that it will start to irk him when that seems to be the only question springing forth from the lips of reporters.  Lord help him if he reads sites like this, or forums etc as well because we’re all just as bad at stating what must feel like the bleeding obvious!

All in all, I’m still very pleased with a point – as I think I would’ve been before the game.  From what I’ve gleaned anything more than that would have been quite a smash-and-grab job (much like our trip to the Madejski stadium last year!).  Having taken in West Brom’s game against Newcastle, I can’t help but think they’ll provide our defence with a more rigourous challenge than Reading mustered.  At the risk of irking wee Billy further, I hope we’ve got some more defenders in by then!

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  1. Oooh, someones been updating their site!! After a few days absence I come & find this. 🙂 Good work.

    As for the article itself, well with Wilson now out for 3 more weeks @ least & Gunter off to play for Wales we got v. little defence left. Chambers red must now be overturned or we’re in trouble for the cup match on Wednesday…

    Bennett & Perch also injured that makes 5 defenders absent…

    Has anyone seen this massive gaffer from the official site: “GK Shane Redmond, had a game to forget for League newcomers Burton Albion as they crashed to a 3-1 defeat at Shrewsbury Town, with the Irishman at fault for two of the GIRLS!!” roflmao says nothing!!!!

    • after reading the previous article & the article I dobt it’ll be overturned… 😦 (& I doubt any defenders will return from their loans for 1 game!! – let’s not forget they’re all out on 6 months loans)

  2. It seems there is no video evidence of the Chambers incident so I doubt any appeal will be succesful. It does open the door for Mitchell to try to impress however but similarly teams looking to offload defenders will know our situation and it will no doubt add to the cost of any potential replacements.

    Also, good upgrade to the blog NFFC, like the new layout.

  3. As is typical but completely baffling is that the highlights are only available to UK residents.
    Frustrating indeed. Anybody know of any other sites for us “foreigners”…?

    • I imagine it’s to do with broadcast rights by the Beeb (or Virgin) only being valid for the UK, with other broadcasters holding the rights elsewhere (probably Sky!).

      Have you tried using a proxy server like: ? It’s a crazy plan, but it might just work!

      • It also has got probably something to do with license fee as well. If the rest of the world can view BBC content for free why should the people in the UK pay for it? For those with no TV and just a laptop its only a matter of time before they charge a fee, and given that the internet is more trackable they will be able to tell if you’ve used iplayer.

  4. Nice update NFFC, comments as usual are top notch. I wasn’t sur what you meant though about BD’s comments being blown up out of proportion. What did he say? I thought he gave a very positive and quite accurate account of where we are at. He is a manager who, for the first time in a long time, knows what he wants and what he needs to get there. As for the defence, I keep banging on, I wish I had a hot line to the transfer committee, but sadly we will just have to wait. By the way, did anyone see Moloney’s goal on the FLS? We could get him back and then at least (when only absolutely necessary) Gunter could play left back.

    Also RedTrees, as for your dilemma, you could try I am a Brit abroad and have to rely on torrents for any British TV. Just type in Football League Show in the search and there it will be. The Pirate Bay will also work equally well. Good luck.

    Well a good point, though I think if the strikers had had just a little more time to pair up together (as in know each others games well enough), we could have won. I can’t remember who, but some commentator was comparing Reading and Forest. Reading, he said, were short of strikers but Forest have so many, the right pair is going to take a while to find. I thought Reading were for the taking, their not as good as last year and a win going into West Brom would have helped (who on Sunday’s evidence looked pretty damn good). Indeed NFFC, West Brom is going to be a lot more difficult. U reeeeds!

  5. Sorry NFFC, I’ve tried many times using a Proxy but the BBC webmasters are pretty good and don’t want anybody with a whisker outside the UK looking at their stuff. It may work, I could be wrong but if you don’t mind watching stuff a day or two late, Torrents are usually the best option.

  6. Aye, it was a long shot I suppose. Being in the UK it’s not something I have need of!

    But yes, Torrents are the way to go – there are sites out there that stream UK TV for ex-pats too, aren’t there?

  7. OS is reporting that they have found footage and are appealing which can only be good. Lets hope the appeal goes through before Wednesday!

    • I want to see the footage now!

      Eye-witness accounts from a Reds fan in the comments from the match report, and from a couple of Reading fans I know, suggested it looked deliberate.

  8. The names of Lee Naylor from Celtic and Danny Shittu are doing the rounds. Can anyone confirm or deny anything??

  9. What’s this, a sponsor on the site?

    and its Victor Chandler!

    Assume you’ll be getting the sponsors name on your new home shirt after all.

    Can’t say i blame you mate, small and unobtrusive and you certainly deserve something for keeping us all up to date all this time, good luck to ya!

    • Haha! Well spotted 🙂

      I’m only playing with the idea really – I don’t think anyone who’s clicked through has signed up yet so it’s earned me nothing so far!!

      I think I’ll still opt for a sponsorless shirt though (sorry, VC!).

      I’m certainly not adverse to trying to make a bit of cash to keep the site going, but wouldn’t ever want anything either obtrusive nor irrelevant to readers, fear not!

      • Oh now I see it!! travelling eyes u must have Dave as usualy I just read through the articles & straight down to the comments afterwards…

  10. So no appeal for Chambers so we definately need Shittu and the Leicester back in before the West brom game.Otherwise I can see McCleary at full back.Lets hope our midfield stay up and give our forwards a good supply and let west Brom worry about us ! It´s going to be a fantastic game with a full house !!

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