Reading v Forest highlights on the Beeb website..

How good is it that the BBC not only are showing Football League highlights on saturday nights, but you can get them on their website too afterwards (not to mention iPlayer having the Football League Show on there for a week too!).  We are rather spoiled for choice!  It looks to me that the Reading v Forest highlights are slightly extended over those shown as part of saturday night’s programme – although still no clarification over Chambersgate.

Much has been made of Billy Davies’ post-match comments – a little too much for my taste.  Having been quizzed (again) over the lack of defensive options, I think the frustration he showed at the reporter and indeed the situation has somehow been extrapolated to a full-blown assault on the board.  That’s not how I heard it listening at the time of his comments – but articles like this, including comments from older interviews and an unhealthy slug of assumption, don’t really help matters.

Nobody knows better than Billy that we could really do with a defender or two (or three even), even before injury and suspension issues start to bite – I can imagine that it will start to irk him when that seems to be the only question springing forth from the lips of reporters.  Lord help him if he reads sites like this, or forums etc as well because we’re all just as bad at stating what must feel like the bleeding obvious!

All in all, I’m still very pleased with a point – as I think I would’ve been before the game.  From what I’ve gleaned anything more than that would have been quite a smash-and-grab job (much like our trip to the Madejski stadium last year!).  Having taken in West Brom’s game against Newcastle, I can’t help but think they’ll provide our defence with a more rigourous challenge than Reading mustered.  At the risk of irking wee Billy further, I hope we’ve got some more defenders in by then!