McKenna confirmed as captain..

It’s no great surprise to me that Paul McKenna has been named captain for the forthcoming season.  He’s impressed me in preseason, and has peerless credentials in the Forest squad in terms of experience at this level – not to mention of course him having the role previously at Preston.  The unfortunate news that incumbent captain James Perch is out for three months with a fracture in his tibia perhaps makes the announcement somewhat easier!

Billy describes McKenna as “an outstanding captain and leader and he will take care of things on the pitch“, pointing out that “He will be pushing and pulling people around on the pitch.  He is a good communicator but he is a nasty little so-and-so as well, not only with the opposition but also with his own team-mates when they are not doing jobs properly.”  Which is definitely something I approve of, his central position on the pitch gives him a good vantage point to communicate with his team, too.

Perhaps less expected is the appointment of Lee Camp as vice captain – certainly a clear signal that he is firmly established in Billy’s mind as first choice ‘keeper (which we could derive really from the squad numbers!), the manager said that Camp “has a real strength of character and who loves the sound of his own voice. I like the way Lee goes about his business.” And, perhaps more intriguingly he adds, “He is opinionated, but I like that, and he will be great for the off-the-field things that need sorting.

What those things are that need sorting is anyone’s guess!  With Perch set to miss three months it adds additional strain to our defensive options.  Whilst he’s largely operated in midfield for us lately, certainly his best chance of snagging a first team spot would have been in his preferred role at the back.  Danny Shittu continues to be mentioned as a potential signing, I must admit I wouldn’t have any problem with us signing him from Bolton.

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  1. Though it’s a shame about Perchy, I’m pleased McKenna is captain. It wouldn’t have taken a genius to work out he would eventually have been captain but with his performances over the preseason, his qualities as a leader on the park, he is the Claude Makalele that Forest have needed, every since Neil Lennon came, saw and failed pretty badly. I would also have liked to see Perchy in central defence, or at least vying for a place in the back four.

    As for the rumours about Shittu, I agree NFFC, I would like to see him come to Forest. A decent defender at this level, more competition for the central defender role and ultimately a position we desperately need to fill. I just don’t understand what is taking so long. Bolton want rid and will probably accept 1m or so. A player who wants games and will not get while he stays at Bolton and Forest, a team needing cover in the back four. With just 2 days before kick off, I would like to see Forest get over their disappoint with regard to Mills, and pick up Shittu. We’ll see what happens though, and Forest have done pretty well in the transfer market so far. Plus I think the team is pretty good, Shittu’s signing would be a bonus.

  2. Just seen on the grapevine ( obviously) that Mattock has handed in a transfer request. That doesn’t mean to say Forest will get him or indeed that he will leave, though Pearson’s comments suggest they will listen to offers and the lad wants away from the Walker’s. Speculate we might, though Shittu and Mattock as late summer signings would be the veritable icing on the cake. One more piece of good news before 3pm on saturday afternoon, please Forest, PLEASE. Uuuu rrreeeddssss!!!!!!!

  3. Completely agree with prev comments.

    Can’t remember the last time I felt so optimistic going into a new season, roll on Saturday 3pm.

    2-1 Forest on Saturday….. I have foreseen it

    Yoooouuuu Reds!

  4. I agree NFFC.

    McKenna certainly looks the part in the games pre season and appears to have taken Majewski under his wing, giving him constant advice and encouragement. He’s definitely a leader and never shuts up and is constantly telling team mates where to go and who to cover. Bodes well.

    Of all the new players I’m actually more excited about Majewski than any of the others. Early indications to me is that he’s going to be a worthy asset to the squad with good feet and a tremendous engine and I actually think he’s bag a fair few goals along the way too.

    Mind you….I was encouraged by Silenzi and Jerkan too so its obvious I havent the foggest of what Im talking about!!!

  5. What we are all seeing is a manager worth his salt organising a young team into a solid unit.Dont be fooled tho lads it will take time to come together nffc your right mckenna has been needed at the city ground for yrs and i for one cant wait to play derby now we have a mature lineup i cant wait to ramm it right up them .

    U reds

  6. i to have forseen the outcome it will be a pegger apiece . for those that know me and know who i am they to will know the score ….kapsesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yes 2 1 to forest !!!

  8. Just a thought ahead of the big kick off. I’m a bit concerned about the lack of defensive options and cover available, especially with the injuries to Perch, Bennett, Wilson and Moussi. If you pick the team from the first team squad, theres a good chance that all 6 strikers will be in the squad due to lack of other options. Billy has banged on about not having to use kids but due to this inbalance he might have to draw from the academy squad for defensive cover?

    One thing is for sure that we certainly are going to have an attacking look about us this season, which is no bad thing. Its better than Caldewood was in charge and the team was full of defenders!

    C’mon you Reds!

  9. Yeah still can’t believe Brendan Moloney was loaned out. Definitely a capable player for the squad, with him at RB and Gunther at LB at least for now.

    Still hoping to see “breaking news on SKY re: Forest sign shit-hot defender for a snip!!” before tomorrow lunch would be good.

    Chambers is not good enough, even at CB his preferred position. However I’ll be first to apologise and change my opinion if he happens to have a decent season but his defensive awareness, or lack of, frightens me.

  10. Anyone read the telegraph today? They had Perch down as our “premier class” player.

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