Is this our new away kit?

Well, one source gave us a pretty good view of the home shirt before release – I’m hoping a different source (thanks for the email, you know who you are!) proves to be less reliable.  Whilst I appreciate the tip-off,  if this is the new away shirt then it’s horrible!  So I’m definitely hoping that this leaked information proves less accurate than the one we had for the home kit!


Certainly the colour-scheme and checked type fabric design is consistent with noises that have been doing the rounds for some time; but well, meh.  I don’t mind the home kit without being wowed by it, but this one is horrible, albeit, not as horrible as some we’ve seen released lately!

Whilst there’s been little to write about (aside from rumours that have proven as reliable as a, well, a not very reliable thing!) I’ve taken the opportunity to re-jig the layout of the site slightly.  Let me know if you spot anything that isn’t working like it should be!

What we can say is that Reading have signed Mills from Doncaster, and we’re now being linked with Danny Shittu – which will give us some good punning opportunities if nothing else!  As we prepare for our opener against – amusingly – Reading, we shall just have to hope that our multi-faceted strikeforce can make a monkey out of Mills!

Update: It appears that Kitbag is the source of the image, I discovered after posting.  That’s a pretty reliable source, isn’t it?  Oh dear.

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  1. I’m more impressed with the new look of your website than the new away kit NFFC!

    I bet this is the home kit of another team that umbro manufacture but with a forest badge stuck on it instead. Bring back the lime green kit I say!

  2. Quite agree, this is one disgusting kit, though not quite on a par with Newcastle’s away shirt, that truly is a shocker!

  3. I quite like it!

  4. This is the new away kit as i saw a Nottingham Forest Youth team playing in it not long ago.

  5. i really like it, you are right though someone more important than us will have it as well
    i really cannot wait until saturday,

  6. True it could have been worse, but i was hoping for the Yellow shirt with the blue trim that was doing the rounds not so long ago. Oh and Kitbag have taken the shirt off the website now so it probably is the new away shirt

  7. Have you seen that perch is out with shin splints (or similar) for 3 months- we could really do with a new defender now!

  8. Being blue would this not be the third kit? I hope this is the case, as i always preferred to see forest in a white away kit.

  9. preffered the one i saw a few weeks back ~ similar to last seasons sunderland away kit~ive got a pic on me mobile but cant figure out how to copy a link from it as i’m on the beach nr scarbrough ! ! ! Any ideas anyone

  10. This one, seanyboy?

  11. Oops, and the link…

  12. Looks alright to me, it’s a nice change. Although I am still a fan of the old fashioned method of choosing kits, Red at home, White away, black third.

  13. yes nffc ~ thought it looked superb,unlike the probable one in your latest blog

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