Reds finish friendlies with a flourish..

Nottingham Forest – 2
Birmingham City -1

Entertaining match. Started with a well deserved minute-long applause in honour of Sir Bobby Robson. Culminated in a well deserved win for the Reds, with goals from McGoldrick and Earnshaw either side of a consolation goal for Carsley (Derby reject).

More later, in the spirit of well-deservedness I’m away for a few pints this evening!

This was written on the mobile straight after the game, a more detailed report is available by clicking here.

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  1. A few questions for you NFFC as I have not seen any pre-season games…

    1) BD seems intent on bringing in another centre half and another left back. Is that justified on the pre-season games?

    2) I have not yet seen Majewski but am very excited at reports. I cant remember the last time we had a skillful creative playmaker in centre midfield (Neil Webb?!). From what you have seen so far, how good do you think this lad is?

    3) Was Tyson brought on the wing again and could this be the source of his strop?

    4) Has BD also decided that Garner is midfielder as he has played the last 2 games there?


    • I can only make assumptions, but I’ll give it a go 😀

      1. Yes, I think so. Personally the jury is out on Chambers and Wilson, and I think we need a ‘leader’ figure in the back four which we lack currently. Whether Mills (if we get him) is that leader, I don’t know. Lynch gets a hard time from some fans, I think he has potential – and Bennett has potential too. Chances are one of them won’t cut the mustard, so some cover would be nice at least!

      2. He looks excellent – composed, great control and touch, quick feet and great vision to pick out a pass. Not scared to have a shot should a chance open up, and has been involved in freekicks and corners too – clearly a confident lad. He’s pretty small though, so could be outmuscled easily – but put him in centre mid with McKenna and I’m quite excited by the prospect!

      3. Tys was on the wing. I think he had some kind of exchange with Lynch around his defensive duties. Normally Tys works really hard at getting back and defending – but given he’s a striker, it must be a bit annoying, particularly when prior to his introduction Cohen spent very little time actually on the wing leaving Lynch totally exposed.

      4. An interesting one. Garner obviously needs to work on fitness (although he clearly has been doing), I was puzzled at his inclusion on the wing against Stoke, but he could do a job there – he’s good quite good vision and creativity. There was a great moment today when he’d been clattered twice by their left back, the ref didn’t bother booking him so Garner cunningly left a knee where it found contact with something that the left back felt quite a lot. I loved it!

  2. Many thanks for your prompt answers NFFC. It all looks very promising I must say. Im sure it makes sense to add to the defence as long as they are quality additions who will improve the team.

    With 6 strikers vying for places someone is going to not even make the squad and be unhappy and it could well be Tyson. Shame because he can be such an asset but he must be our most injury prone player.

    I will miss the first couple of games as I will be on holiday but I will be hunting for an internet terminal for your reports!

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