Rest in peace, Sir Bobby

It was with great sadness that I learned Sir Bobby Robson passed away today at the age of 76.  For me the memories I hold of him would be as England manager when we came so close in Italia ’90.  Others will associate him with West Brom, Fulham, Ipswich, PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona or Newcastle United.

A gentleman and definite legend who has long been battling with cancer, and a fantastic ambassador for the game who only this week was present at a charity re-enactment of that infamous World Cup semi-final from 1990 – this time having a chance to perhaps imagine what might have been, as the England side triumphed in a 3-2 victory.

Condolences to his family and close friends, and of course to all of football who will surely mourn his passing.

My favourite Bobby Robson quote is semi-Forest related, as it was made after Newcastle had signed Jermaine Jenas from us back in 2003:

WHEN NEWCASTLE UNITED travel to Germany to play Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League on February 18, Sir Bobby Robson and Jermaine Jenas will share a celebration. Precisely five decades separate the two men. “The birthday drinks are on me,” the Newcastle manager, who will be 70, said. “I’ll buy him a glass of milk in the hotel after the game.” Perhaps he knows that Jenas is not quite ready to be weaned.

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  1. R.I.P. Sir Bobby Robson. You amongst others have your place in Footballing history.

  2. My favourite story about Sir Bobby was told by Shola Ameobi.

    When David Platt was U-21 Manager he asked Shola Ameobi if he had a nickname during training. Ameobi said that he didn’t so Platt asked what Bobby Robson called him at Newcastle.

    He replied “Carl Cort”.

    RIP Sir Bobby, thanks for the memories!

  3. nffc – Agreed. Someone who truely deserves the epitaph of “Legend”. RIP Sir Bobby.

  4. A true gentleman of the game.
    He will be sadly missed by all those who follow or are involved in football.
    I am old enough to remember his Ipswich side and then enjoyed (like us all) the ride that was the 1990 world cup.
    RIP Sir Bobby Robson, say hello to Brian for us.

  5. The last GREAT England manager, joins the greatest manager England never had, i hope they find each other up there.
    A true english great, football and the world are the poorer for his passing, god bless you Sir Bobby Robson, and thanks for the fantastic football all your teams served up, and for the love and passion you showed for the greatest game on earth.It is such a shame you were not able to live through your country lifting the world cup again, come on Fabio, do it for Bobbies memory.

  6. Very sad news.
    I remember a story my mate told me while he was waiting in line to get his autograph at a book signing. There was a large queue behind my mate and just as he was getting his autograph Bobby Robson enquired to his assistant how many more people were left? The assistant replied ‘oh there there are hundreds Bobby, hundreds. My mate then got his book signed. On the way out he opened it up to see what he’d written and it said ‘To Andy, Best wishes, Bobby Hundreds’

  7. ‘legend’ is a word that is too often used these days, but Sir Bobby Robson was just that. A true gent as well, right until the end. RIP

  8. He was a true football manager, he did achieve greatness with Ipswitch on limited resources. The likes of Ferguson and Wenglor can only dream of this fact.
    Bobby, Cloughie, Shankly, true legends

  9. Steady on, AlexNFFC. Ferguson won Scottish and European titles when he was in charge of Aberdeen. Ferguson is a great manager of that there is no doubt and he will go down as a legend in the same breath as the names you mentioned. In fact there a load of people that would say he is top of that list.

  10. One of footys true gents. RIP Sir Bobby.

  11. A true legend, a fighter til the end…Football will miss you Sir Bob… R.I.P

  12. Glad that NFFC honoured the great man. In a increasingly cynical game Bobby always showed dignity, honesty & respect. Rest in Peace Sir Bobby.

  13. Lovely piece nffc a true football man and a very human being amongst a very scary selfish football world.

    R.I.P sir bob

  14. I was 18 in 1990 and have many fond memories of that world cup.


  15. A great man, full of enthusiasm and a gentleman to the end. RIP Sir Bobby.

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